Khaled el Masri

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CIA Kept Man in Secret Prison Despite Knowing He Was Innocent

New report details the 'outrageous' case of Khaled al Masri

(Newser) - German citizen Khaled al Masri was held and interrogated in a secret CIA prison in Afghanistan for five months in 2004—during which time he was kept in a “small cell with … a bucket for his waste”—despite the CIA being fairly certain he wasn't a...

Euro Court Slams CIA for Sodomy, Torture of Innocent

Meanwhile, Senate committee OKs report on CIA's interrogation program

(Newser) - The European Court of Human Rights ruled yesterday against Macedonia for allowing the torture of an innocent German man of Lebanese origins by the CIA in 2004—but the real brunt of the ruling hit the CIA's post-9/11 "war on terror" strategies, with the court explicitly calling them...

Supremes Won’t Hear CIA Torture Suit

Earlier dismissals rested on concerns about national security

(Newser) - The Supreme Court declined today without comment to hear the case of a German citizen who claims he was kidnapped and tortured by the CIA. Lower courts had dismissed Khaled el-Masri's case on the grounds that a trial would expose state secrets. German authorities have said the US acknowledged abducting...

Extradite CIA Kidnappers, Germans Demand

Crackdown strains US-German relations

(Newser) - Germany is demanding the extradition of 10 CIA agents for the kidnapping of suspected terrorist Khaled el-Masri in 2004, Der Spiegel reports. The German citizen was flown to Afghanistan in what is known as as "extraordinary rendition." The case is similar to one in Italy in which 26...

4 Stories