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Trump: 25th Amendment Ploy Is About Biden, Not Me

President accuses Pelosi of plotting to replace Biden with Kamala Harris

(Newser) - House Democrats followed through on their promise to raise the profile of the 25th Amendment on Friday, introducing legislation that would create a 17-member panel to judge a president's fitness for the job. Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, a former professor of constitutional law, reintroduced a version of the... More »

Democrats to Consider 25th Amendment

Speaker complains about lack of information on Trump's health

(Newser) - Nancy Pelosi told reporters Thursday that she didn't want to shift the focus from the coronavirus stimulus package under negotiation. But it happened anyway when the House speaker said Democrats plan to meet Friday to discuss the 25th Amendment, which spells out presidential succession and the process for removing... More »

Graham: Senate Will Probe 'Stunning' McCabe Claim

He denounces 'attempted bureaucratic coup'

(Newser) - Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham has promised a Senate investigation of former acting FBI chief Andrew McCabe's "beyond stunning" claim that officials discussed invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office. Graham, a Republican, said that if they wouldn't testify voluntarily, he would subpoena... More »

Report: Rosenstein Wanted to Record, Oust Trump

But deputy attorney general denies 'New York Times' report about 25th Amendment

(Newser) - The New York Times is out with quite a story: It says Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein proposed secretly recording President Trump last year and using the recordings to have Trump ousted from office. Rosenstein, however, flatly denies it, calling the story "inaccurate and factually incorrect" in a statement.... More »

Report: Yale Psychiatrist Spoke With Lawmakers About Trump

Politico reports Yale psychiatry professor Dr. Bandy X. Lee was in DC for 2 days

(Newser) - Yale University psychiatry professor Dr. Bandy X. Lee has President Trump's mind on her mind. She entered the spotlight in the fall with the October release of The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, a book she edited that collected assessments from 27 psychiatrists and mental health experts on the... More »

New Theme in Trump Stories: Mentions of the 'I-Word'

Talk of impeachment circulates, even as most say there's almost no chance

(Newser) - President Trump's latest troubles have even Republicans such as John McCain drawing comparisons to Watergate . An assessment at NPR notes that the "'I' word is creeping its way into the mainstream," but the piece emphasizes, twice, that the chance of a GOP-controlled Senate impeaching Trump is... More »

Desperate Times Call for Jump Starting Next Presidency

Here's how to dump Bush in Nov., not Jan.

(Newser) - In the current economic morass, the US cannot afford to wait 9 weeks to install the new president after he is elected in November, Richard Tedlow and David Ruben write in the Boston Globe. But wait—doesn’t the Constitution dictate the date of the inauguration? “Changing that would... More »

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