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11 Celebrities Who've Tried Rainbow-Colored Hair

From Kylie Jenner to Pete Wentz

(Newser) - Rapper Chris Brown and his "Fruit Loop" colored hair may be the latest example of a celebrity sporting rainbow-colored locks, but he's far from being the first in Hollywood to try this beauty trend:
  • Kylie Jenner: The youngest Kardashian sister debuted long, turquoise locks (which may or may
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11 Celebrities You Didn't Know Play Tennis

Kate Middleton, Scarlett Johansson among those who love playing

(Newser) - Part of the fun for US Open fans is spotting celebrities in the crowd: Notables like Michael Jordan, Anna Wintour, and Alec Baldwin have already been spied watching early matches, reports RadarOnline . But many fans don't know that these celebs love hitting the court as well. Here's a... More »

11 Celebs Attending College This Fall

Emma Watson, Hannah Dakota Fanning among the studious

(Newser) - Celebrities may like guns and have weird addictions , but they enjoy speaking in full sentences too. So let's salute those who are heading to college this fall (and not include James Franco, for once, if possible). From the Huffington Post :
  • Hannah Dakota Fanning: The actor seen in The Twilight
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Don't Sprint to See The Runaways

Dakota Fanning-Kristen Stewart vehicle divides critics

(Newser) - Critics praise the performances in The Runaways, about Joan Jett's seminal '70s band, but whether the flick succeeds is up for debate. Some takes:
  • "Say what you will about the Runaways," Peter Travers writes in Rolling Stone , but "they never played it safe. The movie does."
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Dakota Fanning Dishes on Kissing Kristen Stewart

Twilight co-stars get hot and heavy for Runaways

(Newser) - “Really close” Twilight co-stars Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart lock lips in next year’s The Runaways, and it is indeed a passionate kiss, says Fanning. “We were so into the scene and into the script and the characters,” the 15-year-old tells Access Hollywood . “We’re... More »

Barbie, He-Man Flicks Launch Casting Rumors

As two more toy franchises head to the big screen, speculation starts

(Newser) - Now that Barbie and He-Man are joining fellow toy franchises Transformers and GI Joe on the big screen, who can play the iconic characters? The Independent has some ideas. For Barbie:
  • Anna Faris, Heather Graham, or Katherine Heigl: Would be perfect if not for the fact that they’re in
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Push All Style, No Coherence

(Newser) - Push, the latest would-be superhero franchise, “has vibrant cinematography and decent acting,” writes Roger Ebert, “but I’m blasted if I know what it’s about.” Oh, he gets the basics: Movers are telekinetic, Watchers are psychic, and Pushers control minds. There are also Stitchers, Wipers,... More »

Coraline Scares in Stunning 3-D

Dazzlingly creepy stop-motion animation conjures up children's worst fears

(Newser) - Coraline is an eerie marvel of stop-motion animation guaranteed to give little kids nightmares, say critics. The story of a young girl—voiced by Dakota Fanning—who stumbles into a strange parallel universe where life seems almost too good to be true is a "dazzling, delightfully dark children's movie,... More »

Ex-Child Star Fanning Weighs Villainous Twilight Role

Actress, 15 next month, in talks to play bad vampire in sequel

(Newser) - Dakota Fanning: adorable child star or sadistic teen vampire? The actress, 15 next month, is in talks to star as vamp villain Jane in Twilight sequel New Moon, scheduled for a Nov. 20 release, E! reports. “There were no auditions. They just offered it to her outright, and now... More »

Celebs Take Prez Service Pledge

More love, humor, volunteering and trees among star-studded promises

(Newser) - An army of celebrity Barack Obama supporters have joined a MySpace video vowing to serve the new president in a way inspired by his campaign. The video, launched by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, includes A-listers such as Cameron Diaz, Dakota Fanning, Nicole Richie, Eva Longoria Parker, and Courteney Cox,... More »

Bees More Honey Than Sting

Sweet Southern coming-of-age story could be one for Oscar buzz

(Newser) - The Secret Life of Bees is a pretty sweet story, critics agree, but all that honey proved a little cloying for some. The story of a troubled South Carolina teen (Dakota Fanning) set in 1964 is "an affecting ensemble piece that's destined to generate a fair share of awards-season... More »

11 Stories
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