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Justice Dept. Strikes Down Texas Voter ID Law

Obama administration says it discriminates against Hispanics

(Newser) - The Obama administration has stepped in to block a controversial Texas law requiring voters to have a special ID card, on the grounds that it discriminates against minorities, particularly Hispanics. The Justice Department concluded that there was little evidence of voter fraud that would justify the law, and that it... More »

Ala.: OK, Kids Don't Need to Show Birth Certificate

State education dept. relaxes rule after thousands don't show

(Newser) - Alabama issued a statement yesterday imploring parents to send their children to school even if they don’t have a birth certificate, after thousands of Hispanic students failed to show up for classes this week. Alabama’s strict new immigration law requires all enrolling students to present a birth certificate,... More »

Hispanics Now the Majority Sent to Federal Prison

Big demographic shift attributable to immigration offenses

(Newser) - With immigration offenses on the rise, more than half of those sent to federal prison for felonies this year are Hispanic. Though Hispanics already outnumbered other ethnic groups in that category, this is the first year they have been the majority of such offenders, the AP reports. A new government... More »

Obama Makes Push for Latino Voters

Speaks today with largest Hispanic advocacy group

(Newser) - President Obama will speak today to La Raza, the country’s top Hispanic advocacy group, as he aggressively pursues the Latino vote in 2012. He’s already been the first sitting president since JFK to visit Puerto Rico, nominated the first Hispanic Supreme Court justice, given a major speech on... More »

'Jose' Falls From Top 50 Names in US

It might be a sign of Hispanics' assimilation, says one professor

(Newser) - A milestone of sorts from last year's federal survey of US baby names: "Jose" has dropped out of the top 50, something that has happened only once since 1972, notes the New York Times . Jose has long been the most popular name for Hispanic boys born in the... More »

US Hispanic Population Exceeds 50M

Latinos account for 16% of the nation

(Newser) - The latest Census Bureau numbers mark a milestone for the Hispanic population in the US—the figure exceeds 50 million for the first time. The total (50,477,594 to be exact) is a 43% increase from a decade ago, reports CNN . Related stats:
  • Hispanics, now the nation's second largest
... More »

Census: California Power Shifting Inland to Hispanics

Minorities fuel most of state's growth

(Newser) - California's census numbers confirm the rise of the state's Hispanics: Latinos now make up 37.6% of the population (or 14 million), just a shade below the 40.1% of whites (15 million). And the trend is clear—that's a 28% increase for Hispanics over the last decade and a... More »

SC Lawmaker Under Fire for 'Brothers' Remark

Jokes that we need immigrants because blacks, whites don't work hard enough

(Newser) - A black state senator in South Carolina has caused a ruckus with his argument against a law curbing illegal immigration. The US needs these immigrants, said Robert Ford, because they're willing to do hard work that ordinary Americans won't. Except he used far more colorful language: "I know brothers—... More »

Angle Ad Campaign's Most Racist: Maddow

Spot makes Latinos look menacing

(Newser) - Rachel Maddow has deemed an ad by Sharron Angle the most "overtly racist" spot of this down and dirty political season. Maddow blasted Angle on Meet the Press yesterday, criticizing the candidate for a television commercial that shows "a group of white college students being menaced by... More »

Sharron Angle to Hispanics: You Look Asian

Nevada candidate in bizarre defense of ads attacking illegal immigration

(Newser) - What does a Latino look like? Apparently, Sharron Angle hasn't a clue. When questioned about her campaign ads that show images of Latinos while blasting Harry Reid over illegal immigration, the Nevada candidate told a Hispanic group that the ads don't necessarily show Latinos and that they themselves looked a... More »

US Hispanics Outlive Whites, Blacks

And women outlive men among all three races

(Newser) - Hispanics in the US can expect to live more than two years longer than the average white person and more than seven years longer than the average black person, according to new figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The report is the strongest evidence yet for the... More »

Obama's Secret Weapon on Immigration: Evangelicals

Pro-reform Hispanic evangelicals a growing political force

(Newser) - President Obama's push for immigration reform has brought him some allies he's not likely to partner with on many other issues: evangelical Christian leaders, many of whom embrace a path to legalization for illegal immigrants. Growing evangelical support for immigration reform reflects the recent work of politically active Hispanic pastors,... More »

Immigration Law Giving Unions a Boost

Labor leaders increase organizing, see more interest

(Newser) - Another unintended consequence of Arizona's immigration law: a shot in the arm for unions. With Hispanic workers worried about discrimination, labor leaders are ramping up organizing efforts and seeing a surge in interest. “They’ve stepped it up big-time,” an immigration and labor attorney tells the Phoenix Business ... More »

Arizona Cop Sues Over Immigration Law

His is among the first two lawsuits to be filed

(Newser) - The first two lawsuits against Arizona's immigration law are already on the books. One comes from a Tucson cop who patrols in a heavily Hispanic area and the other from a coalition of Latino church groups. At least one more major suit—from three groups, including the ACLU of Arizona—... More »

GOP Is Doomed in Arizona

Hispanics are turning against the party in droves

(Newser) - Arizona's immigration law is going to make the state a safe haven for Democrats in the long term, blogs kos at Daily Kos . For proof, check out the latest Public Policy Polling survey of the governor's race, which shows Democrat Terry Goodard increasing his lead among Hispanics over GOP incumbent... More »

Target Blasted Over 'Illegal Alien' Costume

(Newser) - Target has apologized for an "illegal alien" Halloween costume that comes complete with green card and orange jail suit. The company is removing the costume from its website after Hispanic groups complained. "It's very disturbing," an official with the League of United Latin American Citizens tells... More »

Stimulus Cash Isn't Making It to Hard-Hit Minorities

African-Americans, Hispanics pummeled by recession

(Newser) - With unemployment at 14.7% among African Americans and 12.2% among Hispanics, the recession is hitting minority communities particularly hard. But as is often the case with so-called “colorblind” spending, stimulus funds, intended to be equal-opportunity, aren’t making it to these groups. The government must “start... More »

GOP Unsure How Big of a Brawl It Wants

Sotomayor battle could be jolt the party needs —or invite backlash

(Newser) - To fight, or not to fight—that is the question for the fractious GOP on the matter of Sonia Sotomayor's Supreme Court nomination, and one that may not be easy to answer. On the one hand, taking a united stand against the Democratic nominee could energize the Republican base and... More »

For Hispanics, Sotomayor Cause for Cheers, Musing

Some call her 'Jackie Robinson'; others, no 'superhero'

(Newser) - For many Hispanics watching yesterday as one of their own was nominated for the nation's highest court, it was what one New York assemblyman calls “a Jackie Robinson moment" long overdue such a sizable voting bloc. For others, though, Sonia Sotomayor's Hispanic background doesn’t necessarily make her a... More »

Latino Disconnect Worries GOP

But little action taken to staunch the flow

(Newser) - The Republican Party is facing falling Latino support, but little is being done to reverse the trend, Politico reports. Some Latinos have been disillusioned by Republican rhetoric on illegal immigration, attacks some heard as swipes at Hispanics themselves. “If we don’t figure out a way to open our... More »

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