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CEO Says US Is 'Blessed' to Have Trump, Spurs Boycott

#Goyaway started trending soon after Robert Unanue's remarks at White House

(Newser) - President Trump held a roundtable at the White House Thursday, which included a signing of an executive order on his Hispanic Prosperity Initiative. Among the Latino supporters in attendance was Robert Unanue, CEO of Goya Foods, said to be the largest Hispanic/Latino-owned food company in the US—and it's... More »

White Progressives, Enough With 'Latinx'

Giancarlo Sopo says it's actually offensive to many Latinos

(Newser) - "Latinos" and "Hispanics"? OK. "Latinx?" We'll pass. That's pretty much what Giancarlo Sopo argues in USA Today about an increasingly popular progressive term. "What began in the 2000s among activists has now gained currency among marketers, media personalities and progressives," he writes.... More »

Lowe's Exec in 'Reflection' After Comment on Hispanics

He said drill was 'perfect' for Hispanics 'with smaller hands'

(Newser) - An executive at Lowe's is apologizing after claiming a cordless drill is "perfect" for Hispanic customers with small hands. Executive VP of stores, Joe McFarland, touted a $99 DeWalt 12-volt cordless drill in a pre-recorded video shown to Lowe's employees across the country on Monday. "The... More »

Tom Brokaw Apologizes After Hispanic Comments

He said they need to 'work harder at assimilation'

(Newser) - Tom Brokaw found himself backpedaling Sunday night after comments he made about Hispanics came under fire. "(I) am sorry, truly sorry, my comments were offensive to many," the longtime anchor tweeted . He added that "the great enduring american tradition of diversity is to be celebrated and cherished.... More »

Google's Top Election Day Search Term Isn't in English

It's in Spanish: 'Dondé votar'

(Newser) - Google's top trending search term on election day? "Where to vote"—but not in English, Quartz reports. Google tweeted Tuesday that the top trending search is "dondé votar," or "where to vote" in Spanish. Traffic for the search has apparently spiked 3,350%, but... More »

Why JCPenney Shopper Has Been Banned for Life From Mall

2 Hispanic women in Kentucky were objects of her rant

(Newser) - Last-minute holiday shopping is usually stressful, but for two Hispanic women in Kentucky, a trip to the local mall proved even more so—and now everyone's watching the video of what happened. Per NBC News , a shopper at JCPenney in Louisville's Jefferson Mall laid into the women Tuesday... More »

15 Most Common US Surnames May Surprise You

6 of top 15 are traditionally Hispanic

(Newser) - You're almost as likely to come upon someone with the last name "Garcia," "Rodriguez," or "Lopez" as you are to find someone with the surname "Jones." That's according to 2010 Census data released Thursday, which shows six of the 15 most... More »

Obama Immigration Defeat Could Help Dems Win

Democrats plan to mobilize Hispanic vote

(Newser) - The Supreme Court's tie vote on President Obama's immigration pla n yesterday killed off that part of his legacy—but it may have made it more likely that Hillary Clinton will be his successor. Democrats say the ruling, which blocks a plan to shield more than 4 million... More »

Trump Attempts Latino Outreach With Taco Bowl

'I love Hispanics!'

(Newser) - Would Donald Trump use Cinco de Mayo to shore up his historically awful favorability numbers with Latino voters? You better believe it! The presumptive Republican nominee tweeted a photo of himself eating a taco salad Thursday along with the message "Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are made in... More »

US' Biggest Immigrant Group Won't Be Hispanics for Long

US population will jump to 441M by 2065: Pew

(Newser) - The face of America changed drastically in the last 50 years, and will look quite different in another half-century. Before the Immigration and Nationality Act passed in 1965, white Americans made up 84% of the population, followed by African Americans at 11%, Hispanics at 4%, and Asians at less than... More »

In Census, 2.5M Hispanics Change Race to White

Shift follows pattern of Irish, Italian immigrants

(Newser) - The racial make-up of America is changing—even among individual Americans. Census forms reveal that a larger proportion of Americans of Hispanic origin are declaring themselves to be white, for a net shift of 1.2 million between 2000 and 2010, the New York Times finds. Some 2.5 million... More »

Spanish ObamaCare Site Also a Headache

Like it's not written in proper Spanish, for one thing

(Newser) - Welcome to ObamaCare's website woes, part two: the Spanish version. Americans who visit CuidadoDeSalud.gov to enroll for ObamaCare say it's slow, has links to English-speaking pages, and poor translations—like using "prima" for "premium" even though the Spanish word is commonly used for "female... More »

40% of US Whites Lack Non-White Friends: Poll

And 25% of non-whites have only friends of own race

(Newser) - When it comes to friendship, a vast chunk of Americans are stuck within their own racial communities, a Reuters/Ipsos poll of 4,170 people finds. Some 40% of US whites have no non-white friends, while 25% of non-whites have only friends of their own race. Even if coworkers are thrown... More »

NYPD's Kelly Tried to 'Instill Fear' in Minorities: Ex-Cop

State senator Eric Adams testifies over stop-and-frisk laws

(Newser) - As controversy continues over New York City's stop-and-frisk law, a state senator—and former cop—has testified in federal court that the police commissioner aimed to "instill fear" in the black and Hispanic communities. State Sen. Eric Adams, a police officer for 22 years, said that during a... More »

Eva Longoria: Political 'Power Player'

She helps Obama on immigration, he helps her on tattoos: WSJ

(Newser) - The Wall Street Journal today anoints none other than Eva Longoria—she of Desperate Housewives and Hottest Woman of the Year honors—as a DC "power player" given her role as Hispanic activist. The profile notes that she has hired one of Bono's advisers, hoping to duplicate his... More »

Dear GOP, Learn Spanish

Kathleen Parker: Republican message to Latinos has been disastrous

(Newser) - Kathleen Parker has two words of advice for Republicans today in her Washington Post column: "Learn Spanish." She doesn't mean it literally—nothing's worse, she writes, than hearing a US politician "pandering" to Latino voters with a brutal fake accent—but rather "metaphorically."... More »

Whites No Longer Majority by 2043

By 2060, 57% of US will be non-white

(Newser) - By 2043, white people will cease to be the majority in the US, Census data suggests; at that point, there will be no single ethnic majority. That's actually a year later than had been predicted, the New York Times notes. With a still-higher birthrate among minorities than among whites,... More »

Arizona Ruling a Quagmire for Romney, GOP

Hispanic vote needed for swing states, but GOP loves tough policies

(Newser) - With Republicans and Mitt Romney struggling to get Hispanic votes, yesterday's Supreme Court ruling mostly striking down Arizona's tough immigration law has just muddied an already difficult dilemma, reports the Washington Post . Getting tough on illegal immigration fires up the GOP base, but Romney needs upward of 40%... More »

Hispanics Key to 2012 Electoral Map

And things aren't looking good for Mitt Romney

(Newser) - If he wants to win in November, Mitt Romney will need to make giant strides among Hispanics, and he knows it. A failure to do so "spells doom for us," he was caught saying at a fundraiser. President Obama already appears to have a large electoral-vote lead—247... More »

Justice Dept. Strikes Down Texas Voter ID Law

Obama administration says it discriminates against Hispanics

(Newser) - The Obama administration has stepped in to block a controversial Texas law requiring voters to have a special ID card, on the grounds that it discriminates against minorities, particularly Hispanics. The Justice Department concluded that there was little evidence of voter fraud that would justify the law, and that it... More »

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