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Are Magazines Beyond Saving?
 Are Magazines 
 Beyond Saving? 

david carr

Are Magazines Beyond Saving?

Editorial moves may be irrelevant in fading industry: David Carr

(Newser) - Since taking the helm at Newsweek in late 2010, Tina Brown has taken heat for cover stories calling Obama "the first gay president," celebrating restaurants amid a struggling economy, and portraying Michele Bachmann with crazy eyes , among others . But regardless of her editorial choices, Brown may have been...

Oxford American Founder Out Amid Sex Harass Claims

Marc Smirnoff's defense: I'm like Ricky Gervais

(Newser) - The founder of the Southern literary mainstay the Oxford American has been unceremoniously dumped amid claims of frequent sexual harassment. Marc Smirnoff, who founded the magazine in 1992 and edited it until his ouster, was driven out by its board of directors after pushing a 19-year-old intern to ride home...

Spin Magazine Sold to Buzzmedia
Spin Magazine Sold to Buzzmedia

Spin Magazine Sold to Buzzmedia

Will expand presence of alt-rock mag online, but print fate unclear

(Newser) - A big change for Spin Media, which has been printing alternative-music magazine Spin for 27 years: It's been sold to Buzzmedia, a Web presence including such music and celebrity blogs as Stereogum, Idolator, and Celebuzz—as well as sites for Kim Kardashian and other such boldface names. Buzzmedia acquired...

Do We Really Need a New Sassy ?
 Do We Really Need 
 a New Sassy

Do We Really Need a New Sassy?

And can it survive in 2011?

(Newser) - Sassy is back. That sentence probably only means something if you're a member of "the My So-Called Life generation" who used to read Jane Pratt's iconic magazine while "wearing ringer tees and listening to Sonic Youth." But those women—and their daughters—are squarely in...

New Newsweek Not a Total Flop
 New Newsweek Not a Total Flop

New Newsweek Not a Total Flop

Newsstand sales of first three issues up over 2010 average

(Newser) - Jack Shafer may have called Tina Brown's Newsweek "a meal that a homeless person would walk away from," and the April 12 issue may have had a slim six ads , but score one for Brown: Her Newsweek isn't festering at the newsstand. Sales of Brown'...

Car Mag Tweaks Limbaugh: Driving, Oxycontin Don't Mix

'Motor Trend' picks Chevy Volt as car of year; Rush not pleased

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh really, really hates the Chevy Volt, and when Motor Trend named it the 2011 car of the year, he railed against the magazine, asking "How in the world do they have any credibility?" Now a Motor Trend editor has fired back, ThinkProgress reports. “If you can...

Berlusconi Is Sick: Catholic Media

Italian PM accused of intervening in teen girl's theft case

(Newser) - A major Catholic magazine in Italy has blasted Silvio Berlusconi for having what it calls “a disease, something uncontrollable” when it comes to women, the Daily Telegraph reports. The latest accusation in the PM’s never-dull love life: That he stepped in and helped get an underage girl out...

Death Magazine Launches
 Death Magazine Launches 

Death Magazine Launches

Monthly plans to focus on mortality issues

(Newser) - Ever wonder why there are so many magazines about weddings but none about funerals? After two sudden deaths claimed members of his family, a creative director at a British communications company did, so he decided to start one. Eulogy, Jim Thornton's newly launched monthly magazine, deals with funerals, end-of-life care,...

Newsweek Sold to Audio Magnate for $1

Sidney Harman assumes magazine's growing losses

(Newser) - Sidney Harman has agreed to buy Newsweek, Advertising Age reports . The 91-year-old stereo-equipment magnate, who is married to Democratic Rep.Jane Harman, will essentially pay nothing for the magazine—the real cost comes in assuming Newsweek's liabilities, which could top $70 million this year. The Washington Post Co. has been...

Lad Mag Columnist: 'Cut Your Ex's Face'

Magazine: Regrettable production mistake

(Newser) - File this under Shocking Advice: A columnist for Brit lad mag Zoo has urged a lovelorn reader to slice his former girlfriend's face. Go on a "rampage with the boys, get on the booze and smash anything that moves," actor Danny Dyer responds to reader "Alex,"...

Sarah Palin Magazine Tells Story 'In Her Own Words'

Except she had nothing to do with it

(Newser) - Sarah Palin joins the ranks of Michael Jackson and the stars of Twilight, having finally scored her very own supermarket glossy. Sarah Palin: Faith, Family, Freedom is a 100-page single-issue magazine published by a veteran of gossip rag In Touch, and it promises to reveal "the untold story…in...

Demi Moore: That's Really My Hip!

W mag cover not photoshopped, she says, even if unbelievable

(Newser) - The latest Photoshop scandal to hit the magazine world involves Demi Moore, who is apparently missing a portion of her hip on the cover of W—but she says the image was not touched up. A close-up courtesy of the Huffington Post shows that a chunk of her leg appears...

Lagerfeld Slams 'Fat Mummies'
 Lagerfeld Slams 'Fat Mummies' 

Lagerfeld Slams 'Fat Mummies'

Karl Lagerfeld won't be joining the real women revolution anytime soon...

(Newser) - Karl Lagerfeld is not a fan of Brigitte magazine’s recent decision to stop using models in its pages. The 71-year-old designer tells Focus magazine the decision is “absurd” and “no one wants to see round women,” the Guardian reports. The women who complain about models, Lagerfeld...

How to Keep Gourmet Alive
 How to Keep Gourmet Alive 

How to Keep Gourmet Alive

(Newser) - Cookie and Modern Bride are getting the ax, but it's Conde Nast's shuttering of Gourmet that has floored and disappointed readers and non-readers alike. That includes Fast Company's Kate Rockwood, who shares a few ideas for keeping America's oldest food magazine alive—in some form.
  • Move to television: One show

Condé Nast Axing Gourmet, 3 Other Titles

Magazine publisher could lose $200 million this year, industry sources say

(Newser) - Condé Nast will shut down iconic foodie magazine Gourmet as well as newer title Cookie and Brides offshoots Modern Bride and Elegant Bride, CEO Charles Townsend announced today. Hundreds of jobs will be lost in the company’s biggest single day of closings, the New York Post reports. The publishing...

Fall Fashion Mags Shed a Few Pounds

Advertisers slowly turn to the Internet

(Newser) - Fashion magazines’ typically beefy September issues are nearly a third skinnier this year as advertisers drift away from print, the Wall Street Journal reports. Vogue, for example, boasted 840 pages in September 2007; this year, it’s just 429 pages, a 36% drop from last year. Advertisers are trying out...

Roseanne Poses as Hitler: Cue Controversy

Publisher defends magazine's choice

(Newser) - Roseanne Barr, always good for a controversy, recently dressed up as a “Nazi domestic goddess” for Jewish magazine Heeb, causing quite a flap. “Yes, the story of this infamous satirist/Jewish grandmother pulling a tray of burnt ‘Jew cookies’ out of an oven has been making its way...

New Fashion Mag Takes Web by Storm

User-generated content brings visitors; next step: profit

(Newser) - The newest magazine to make a splash in the fashion world isn’t sold in stores, but it is a head-turner. Online-only Polyvore lets users act as fashion editors, putting together “sets” of clothing and accessories other users can then click to purchase. The site is growing in popularity...

Quincy Jones Wants Vibe Back—Online

'They just messed my magazine all up,' former owner says

(Newser) - Don’t count out Vibe, Quincy Jones tells Ebony. Despite this week's announced end to its print edition, Jones says the hip-hop publication he founded 16 years ago will continue online. “I’m trying to buy my magazine back now,” Jones said. “They just messed my magazine...

Ad Slump KOs Vibe
 Ad Slump KOs Vibe 

Ad Slump KOs Vibe

(Newser) - Hip-hop magazine Vibe is ceasing operations today, the New York Times reports. The publication has been in dire financial straits, and its chief said it had sought new investors or a plan “to restructure the huge debt on our small company” to no avail. Though Vibe reported healthy circulation...

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