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Ahmadinejad to UN: What Nukes?

In 'predictable' speech, president denies Iran is developing weapons

(Newser) - Mahmoud Ahmandinejad took the stage of the UN today to slam the US for "not only (using) nuclear weapons," but also threatening "to use such weapons against other countries, including Iran." As usual, he sparked a mass exodus by the US, French, and British delegations. The...

Press Corps to White House: Loosen Up!

Reporters' gripes about Obama pile up

(Newser) - The right likes to say the media is in love with President Obama; if so the affair has gone sour. White House reporters find Obama's administration thin-skinned, vengeful, and unfairly stingy with information, they tell Politico . "The White House seems to imagine that releasing information is like a tap...

Supreme Court Short List Looks Like America

It includes the first black female chief justice in US history

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton may not be on Supreme Court short list—assuming Robert Gibbs isn't fibbing—but those who are make up a diverse bunch. Of the eight names offered by the White House, maybe four are serious candidates (Elena Kagan, Diane Wood, Merrick Garland, and probably newcomer Sidney Thomas), with...

Afghan President Threatens to Join the Taliban

Under pressure, Karzai becomes increasingly erratic

(Newser) - Hamid Karzai has told Afghan lawmakers he will join the Taliban if his western backers kept pushing him to reform. The legislators said the Afghan president's comments shouldn't be taken at face value—he was pandering to pro-Taliban members of parliament, and he seems unconcerned about losing western support. The...

Obama Leans on Karzai to Beef Up Cooperation

Surprise visit to Afghanistan spotlights emphasis on civilian cooperation

(Newser) - President Obama's surprise visit to Afghanistan today is in large part intended to impress upon the Afghan government the necessity of fighting crime and corruption in preparation to govern without American intervention. After meeting with Hamid Karzai, Obama said he was happy with the military accomplishments in the country, "...

Oh, Joe: Biden Drops F-Bomb
 Oh, Joe: Biden Drops F-Bomb 

Oh, Joe: Biden Drops F-Bomb

VP reminds president health care reform is a big deal

(Newser) - Get out the equipment you used to break down the Zapruder film, and set it to "lip-read"—did Joe Biden really remind President Obama that signing health care reform bill is "a big f---ing deal"? Talking Points Memo asks—and White House press secretary Robert Gibbs...

Rove: Obama 'Detached,' 'Aloof' on Health Care

 Rove: Obama 
 'Aloof' on 
 Health Care 

Rove: Obama 'Detached,' 'Aloof' on Health Care

President 'outsourced' leadership to Congress

(Newser) - Never a fan of change you can believe in, Karl Rove lit into Barack Obama today, calling the president's lead on health reform "outsourced to Congress," making him appear "aloof and disengaged." And not to put too fine a point on it, but asking the House...

Robert Gibbs Settles Up, Dons Canada Jersey
 Robert Gibbs 
 Settles Up, 
 Dons Canada 

Robert Gibbs Settles Up, Dons Canada Jersey

Press secretary lost twice to Canadian counterpart over Olympic hockey

(Newser) - White House spokesman Robert Gibbs came to his daily on-camera briefing today wearing a red-and-white Canadian hockey jersey—the result of not one, but two losing bets on the US-Canadian rivalry at the recent Winter Olympics.

Rush Limbaugh: I'm No 'Champion' of Eric Massa

He pulls back as Steny Hoyer and Robert Gibbs blast ex-congressman

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh says the mainstream media has it all wrong about his opinion of former Democratic congressman Eric Massa. “They think I'm a big supporter,” the talk show host said today, perhaps because yesterday he promised to make Massa’s ordeal “a national story,” reports Politico...

Obama Should Keep Rahm, Fire Gibbs

 Obama Should 
 Keep Rahm, 
 Fire Gibbs 

Obama Should Keep Rahm, Fire Gibbs

Dana Milbank: President should have listened to Emanuel

(Newser) - President Obama should ignore the rising sentiment to fire Rahm Emanuel, writes Dana Milbank. He needs him desperately. Emanuel has become the whipping boy for the first year's failures mostly because he's good at making enemies. Truth is, if Obama had taken Emanuel's advice on everything from health care (go...

Obama Meets Dalai Lama
 Obama Meets Dalai Lama  

Obama Meets Dalai Lama

The two have a low-key meeting at the White House

(Newser) - President Obama met with the Dalai Lama at the White House today, engaging the Tibetan leader over the objections of the Chinese government. The Dalai Lama said he was "very happy" with the meeting, during which Obama "commended the Dalai Lama's 'Middle Way' approach, his commitment to nonviolence...

Laughter Fades at Gibbs' Press Briefings

Transcripts reveal a less jovial group

(Newser) - After a year in office, the Obama administration has less to laugh about—literally. In a novel measure of the administration's shifting fortunes, Politico's Patrick Gavin analyzed the number of times Robert Gibbs' press briefings were marked by laughter. While the first 6 months Obama's presidency were downright jovial—with...

Robert Gibbs Pokes Fun at Sarah Palin

Press chief writes grocery list on his hand

(Newser) - Robert Gibbs made fun of Sarah Palin's new memory aide by writing notes of his own on his palm, notes CNN . "I wrote eggs milk and bread, but I crossed out bread just so I can make pancakes for Ethan if it snows," the press secretary said at...

Shelby Drops Holds on Obama Nominees

Alabama Republican says he was just trying to get the president's attention

(Newser) - Richard Shelby has decided to release the holds he's been using to block more than 70 Obama nominees in hopes of scoring two lucrative projects for his home state. The Alabama senator, who was hammered by Democrats for obstructionism, said he used the holds "to get the White House's...

Obama Readies $3.8T Budget With Record $1.6T Deficit

Record shortfall in current fiscal year would shrink to $1.3T in 2011

(Newser) - President Obama's proposed budget predicts the national deficit will crest at a record-breaking $1.6 trillion in the current fiscal year, then start to recede in 2011 to $1.3 trillion, a congressional official said today. The new budget, out tomorrow, says deficits over the next decade will average 4....

'I'm a Scott Brown Republican'
 'I'm a Scott Brown Republican' 

'I'm a Scott Brown Republican'

Mass. senator emphasizes pro-choice stance, won't toe GOP line

(Newser) - Massachusetts' soon-to-be junior senator Scott Brown made his debut on the Sunday morning talk scene today, Politico reports, emphasizing his pro-choice stance, calling for the health bill to be scrapped, and warning fellow Republicans he'll "make his own decisions in Washington." Asked about his 2012 ambitions on This ...

GOP to Dems: Start Over on Health Care
 GOP to Dems: 
 Start Over on Health Care 

GOP to Dems: Start Over on Health Care

Not so fast, say top senators as White House pushes ahead

(Newser) - President Obama's elite advisers poured onto the Sunday shows to beat the health reform drum today—and ran right into a wall of Republicans, euphoric from Tuesday's victory in Massachusetts. Even as David Axelrod emphasized that Americans "want Brown to work with us and not be obstructionist," GOP...

State of the Union Set for Jan. 27

President Obama schedules speech with health reform still up in the air

(Newser) - President Obama has scheduled his first State of the Union address for Wednesday, Jan. 27. The White House had hoped health care reform would be passed before the speech, but the tight timeline makes that unlikely, CBS News reports. The date confirms White House spokesman Robert Gibbs' assurances that the...

State of the Union Won't Preempt Lost: Gibbs
 State of the Union 
 Won't Preempt 
 Lost: Gibbs 
the world can exhale

State of the Union Won't Preempt Lost: Gibbs

Date for speech not set, but it's not Feb. 2: Gibbs

(Newser) - The date isn't set yet, but couch potatoes can relax: President Obama's State of the Union address will not muscle out the 3-hour premiere of the final season of Lost on Feb. 2. "I don't foresee a scenario in which the millions of people who hope to see a...

C-SPAN Asks Dems to Keep Talks Open

But health care negotiations begin behind closed doors

(Newser) - C-SPAN is begging Congress to let it record and televise the last phase of the health care bill’s journey, but Democrats seem intent on negotiating behind closed doors. C-SPAN’s CEO sent a letter to Democratic leaders asking them to open “all important negotiations” to cameras, pledging to...

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