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Napolitano: 'The System Worked'
 'The System 

Napolitano: 'The System Worked'

GOP piles on White House over near-bombing on Detroit flight

(Newser) - The Detroit terror incident took center stage on the Sunday talk show circuit today, with Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano coming out swinging as the GOP blamed the White House for the lapse. "The system worked," she told State of the Union, and there was "no...

Gibbs on Dean: Nobody 'Rational' Would Kill the Bill

'I don't know what legislation he's reading,' says press chief

(Newser) - White House press secretary Robert Gibbs fired back at Howard Dean today for encouraging progressives to kill the health care reform bill. Dean thinks the bill, without a public option, is now too compromised to deserve further support. "I would ask Dr. Dean, how better do you address those...

Secret Service Agents Face Firing for Salahi Slip

Two agents on leave, face disciplinary action

(Newser) - The two Secret Service agents who let Michaele and Tareq Salahi crash last week’s state dinner have been placed on administrative leave and may be fired, agency chief Mark Sullivan told Congress today. Testifying before the House Homeland Security Committee, the Secret Service director took full responsibility for the...

White House Piles on Rummy Over Afghan Troop Gripe

'You go to war with the defense sec you have'

(Newser) - Donald Rumsfeld would prefer President Obama not disparage the previous administration by suggesting it ignored troop requests by US commanders in Afghanistan, as he did in Tuesday’s speech. That’s a “bald misstatement,” the former defense secretary says in a statement. “At least as it pertains...

Tareq Salahi: 'We Did Not Party Crash'
 Tareq Salahi: 'We 
 Did Not Party Crash' 

Tareq Salahi: 'We Did Not Party Crash'

Scandal is 'devastating' to him, wife Michaele, he tells Today

(Newser) - The so-called White House party crashers gave their first interview today, telling the Today Show that they are cooperating with the Secret Service and the case will soon take a dramatic turn. "We did not party crash the White House," says Tareq Salahi. "The truth will soon...

Obama Issues Orders for More Afghan Troops

Briefed military last night, will reveal number and other details tomorrow

(Newser) - After weeks of deliberation, President Obama has settled on a new strategy for the war in Afghanistan and ordered the military to carry it out. The exact size of the troop escalation has not been announced, but sources put the number in the neighborhood of 30,000 more troops. The...

White House: UN Nuke Vote a 'Clear Message' to Iran

International community united against Tehran's nuclear program

(Newser) - The IAEA vote demanding that Tehran stop its nuclear enrichment demonstrates a broad international consensus against the nation’s nuclear program, the White House said today. "Our patience and that of the international community is limited, and time is running out," said press secretary Robert Gibbs. Gibbs noted...

White House, Fox News Reach a 'Truce'

Analysts skeptical about how long it'll last

(Newser) - The White House and Fox News appear to have called a “truce” in their war of words after a meeting today between Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs and Fox exec Michael Clemente. Clemente then returned to the channel’s DC bureau and asked staff to remain “fair and...

Public Option a Go: Reid
 Public Option a Go: Reid 
health care reform

Public Option a Go: Reid

Senate bill will include government health plan, with opt-out

(Newser) - Harry Reid will include a public insurance plan in the pending health care reform bill, with a provision allowing individual states to refuse to participate. The Senate majority leader’s bill is likely to include an “opt-out” version of the public plan, taken from the Senate health committee, as...

Chuck Todd Chickens Out on Goatee Bet

Dodger-loving reporter donates to charity rather than shaving

(Newser) - Chuck Todd isn’t shaving off his goatee, despite having lost a baseball bet to Jake Tapper. The NBC talking head has taken the coward’s way out and will donate to charity instead. Todd was supposed to shed his trademark goatee if the Dodgers lost the NLCS; had they...

White House: Cheney's the Irresponsible One

He helped get us into mess, Pelosi adds

(Newser) - What  Dick Cheney calls dithering, "President Obama calls his solemn responsibility to the men and women in uniform and to the American public," White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said yesterday, rejecting Cheney's charge that the Obama adminstration is taking too long to decide its Afghanistan strategy. "...

Sources: Obama Will Send 40-45K More to Afghanistan

White House denies a decision has made, but UK's move would make more sense

(Newser) - President Obama will announce a troop surge in Afghanistan next week, sources tell the BBC, with Afghanistan’s ambassador to the US saying Obama will commit as many as 45,000. The White House says there’s been no decision, with spokesman Robert Gibbs sniffing that the BBC wouldn’t...

Gibbs Woke Up 'Humbled' Obama With Nobel News

(Newser) - It wasn't quite the 3am phone call Hillary Clinton envisioned, but still big news in the White House. Robert Gibbs had to wake up the president before dawn today with news that he'd won the Nobel Peace Prize. "The president was humbled to be selected," said Gibbs, who...

Obama Disagrees With Carter on Racism Charge

(Newser) - Sorry, Jimmy Carter: The White House doesn't think hostility toward President Obama is motivated by race, the Washington Post reports. “The president does not believe that the criticism comes based on the color of his skin,” said Robert Gibbs. Carter started a firestorm by asserting just that—the...

Wilson Wins: Obama Beefs Up Illegal Immigrant Ban

President will exclude illegals from new health-care purchasing exchanges

(Newser) - Looks like Joe "You Lie!" Wilson scored a direct hit: The White House denied the charge, saying illegal immigrants wouldn't be covered under his health plan, but moved yesterday to beef up measures to exclude them. The Senate Finance Committee looked ready to follow its lead. Obama press...

Opposition to School Speech 'Silly': Gibbs

Obama press secretary also hints at possible racially-driven censorship

(Newser) - Robert Gibbs fired back today at critics of President Obama's planned address to school children, calling it "a little bit of the silly season," the Hill reports. Noting that that Ronald Reagan and the elder President Bush both made school addresses, he painted Obama's critics as censors,...

Sebelius: Public Option Not Essential

 Public Option 
 Not Essential 

Sebelius: Public Option Not Essential

Also, Dem sen. calls Obama's health care pitch a 'wasted effort'

(Newser) - Liberal lawmakers are demanding that a public option be included in a final health care reform package, but top Obama administration officials seemed to hedge on the subject today, Politico reports. On Face the Nation, Robert Gibbs said “thus far” President Obama sees a government-funded system as the best...

The First Handicap: 'Between 16 and 24'

(Newser) - Bill Clinton on the golf course was notorious for cursing into the wind and rehitting balls until he was happy with his shot. But Barack Obama golfs like he governs, reports Time. The president—handicap somewhere between 16 and 24—never takes mulligans or gimme putts, rarely shows any excitement...

Time May Be Right to Talk Raising Taxes

In poll, less than half of Americans say they pay too much

(Newser) - If the administration must raise taxes, now could be its big chance, NPR reports. Only 46% of Americans in a recent Gallup poll said their taxes were too high—the smallest fraction since 1961. “Americans, relatively speaking, are more satisfied with the amount of taxes they pay than they...

Obama Redeems Himself, Bowls 144

(Newser) - Maybe he’s been practicing, or maybe becoming president has boosted his confidence, but Barack Obama has apparently become a much better bowler. The president spent Saturday night relaxing at Camp David to celebrate his upcoming birthday today, Robert Gibbs revealed yesterday. Gibbs says Obama was with friends “playing...

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