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He Survived a Mass Shooting. The Bullets Are Poisoning Him
He Survived a Mass Shooting.
Now He's Being Poisoned

He Survived a Mass Shooting. Now He's Being Poisoned

Bullet fragments can wreak havoc

(Newser) - Colin Goddard was shot multiple times during the Virginia Tech massacre , but doctors assured him he would eventually be "fine." Twelve years later, the now-33-year-old has discovered that's far from the case, and the reason is an unexpected one: The dozens of bullet fragments left in his...

San Diego Zoo Finds Cause of Rhino's Trouble: a Bullet

'Wallis' was apparently shot by a poacher in South Africa

(Newser) - A resident at the San Diego Zoo came within inches of becoming a poaching victim instead of part of a conservation program. Zoo authorities say that after southern white rhino Wallis came to the zoo from South Africa in November 2015, evidence including a wound near her heart that wouldn'...

Trump Son: David Duke 'Deserves a Bullet'

'These are horrible people,' Eric Trump says

(Newser) - There was no hesitation or ambiguity from Eric Trump Thursday when 630 KHOW Denver host Ross Kaminsky asked him about Senate candidate and former Klansman David Duke: Trump's second son said the "disgusting" Duke "deserves a bullet." Trump agreed when Kaminsky suggested the Louisiana candidate "...

Lone Bullet Backs Up Lawrence of Arabia's Story

Scientists have unearthed evidence that aligns with tales from Great Arab Revolt

(Newser) - Ten years into a broader hunt throughout the Arabian desert, archaeologists have unearthed a bullet they are "almost 100% certain" is the one Lawrence of Arabia claimed to have fired in 1917 in a guerrilla attack on the Hallat Ammar train. Many, including his own biographers, have suspected that...

$5M Gun Database Never Solved a Single Crime in 15 Years

Maryland program finally nixed

(Newser) - Since 2000, more than 300,000 bullet casings have piled up in an old fallout shelter in Pikesville, Maryland, the result of an ambitious program launched to catalog the casings in a database, which would then be used to help solve crimes, per the Baltimore Sun . But 15 years and...

Doctors Find Source of Woman's Pain: Stray Bullet

She thought firecracker hit her days earlier

(Newser) - A Florida woman says she was shot in the leg while sitting at a café on Independence Day, but she didn't realize it until doctors found the bullet five days later. Heather Charlebois tells the Daytona Beach News-Journal that after days of pain from what she initially thought was...

Insane New Bullet Corrects Own Course in Mid-Air

Pentagon shows off 'EXACTO' technology in video

(Newser) - An incredible superbullet dreamed up in 2008 is now a reality. The Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency reveals it has created a self-steering bullet that can change its own course in mid-air to hit a moving target. In a DARPA video , a sniper fires at a target that...

Teen's Headache Turns Out to Be Bullet Fragment

Juanye Jones thought he was just grazed; apparently not

(Newser) - There was a shooting at Florida's Bethune-Cookman University Monday, and 19-year-old Juanye Jones thought he was grazed on the ear by a bullet. He didn't go to the hospital then, but he changed his mind Wednesday night, the Orlando Sentinel reports. The Palm Beach Post explains that he...

Bullet Shortage? Just Make Your Own

 Bullet Shortage? 
 Just Make Your Own 

Bullet Shortage? Just Make Your Own

Ammo shortage inspires new DIY hobby: 'reloading'

(Newser) - The latest DIY craft trend is not being led by mustachioed 20-somethings in Brooklyn, Austin, or Portland. It's the hot new thing amongst gun owners, who have taken to making their own bullets due to a nationwide shortage. With gun control featuring heavily in current political discourse, Americans are...

'Military' Ammo Burns Down Texas Gun Range

Shooter probably won't face criminal charges

(Newser) - Whoops: A guy firing military-style bullets sparked a four-alarm fire yesterday that burned down a gun range in Dallas, KVUE reports. About 50 people escaped the range unharmed, but the one-story building was toast and a firefighter suffered from smoke inhalation. Witnesses heard stored ammunition "popping" inside as fire...

Social Security Orders 174K Bullets

'Routine' buy fuels conspiracy theories

(Newser) - A routine purchase request from the Social Security Administration has caused a flood of conspiracy theories, reports AP . The agency posted a notice that it's buying 174,000 hollow-point bullets, causing some to believe that it was stockpiling ammo to put down civil unrest. A retired major-general at the...

Pilot Spots Bullet Hole in Plane

Jet is grounded as FBI investigates

(Newser) - The FBI is investigating what appears to be a bullet hole spotted in the fuselage of a US Airways jet after it landed in North Carolina. The Boeing 737 was taken out of service when the nickel-sized hole was found by a pilot during a pre-flight inspection Monday at Charlotte...

Guy Shot in Head, Notices 5 Years Later
 Guy Shot in Head, 
 Notices 5 Years Later 
that right there is a bullet

Guy Shot in Head, Notices 5 Years Later

This can happen when drunk on New Year's Eve

(Newser) - Not news: A man in Germany got drunk on New Year’s Eve, and wakes up the next day not remembering the night before. News: That included the part where he got shot in the head. He remembered getting hit in the head, but didn’t realize he had a...

Size D Breast Implants Saved Woman From Bullet: Doc

Bullet fragments slowed by implant missed Lydia Carranza's heart

(Newser) - A woman shot point blank in the chest during a California shooting spree last summer may have survived thanks to less than natural means: her size D breast implants. That’s the contention of Lydia Carranza’s plastic surgeon, who hopes the unlikely story will spur implant suppliers to donate...

BlackBerry Takes Bullet for Ohio Woman

Boyfriend's gun fires accidentally, and device is there

(Newser) - Having a smartphone can save your life—an Ohio woman's BlackBerry took a bullet for her when her boyfriend's concealed handgun accidentally went off in a diner. Anthony Holtvogt, 24, and his girlfriend were preparing to leave a diner after some beers, when a .32-caliber handgun caught in his sleeve,...

Shot Fired at Dobbs' Home
 Shot Fired at Dobbs' Home 

Shot Fired at Dobbs' Home

Bullet struck siding but didn't penetrate

(Newser) - A gun was fired at CNN commentator Lou Dobbs’ home while his wife and chauffeur talked outside earlier this month, New Jersey state police said today. Dobbs said the shot came after “weeks and weeks” of threatening phone calls—which he had not reported to police because of their...

Photogs Say Gisele Guard Opened Fire

Bullet allegedly hit paprazzi's Jeep at second wedding

(Newser) - Two paparazzi say Gisele Bundchen's guards shot at them for snapping pics of her Costa Rica wedding to Tom Brady this weekend, the Boston Globe reports. After a stand-off with security, the paps scrambled back to their Jeep, where a bullet pierced the back and front windshields. "I could...

Shooting Spree, Standoff May Be Linked: Dallas Cops

Ex-Utah trooper suspected in robbery may have shot motorists during rush hour yesterday

(Newser) - Dallas authorities are comparing bullets to see if an former Utah state trooper who shot himself during a standoff with police early this morning was also responsible for a rush-hour shooting spree that left two people dead yesterday, the Dallas Morning News reports. Brian Smith, also suspected in a pharmacy...

Student's Hefty Handbag Takes Bullet for Her

Stuffed tote saves life during struggle with mugger

(Newser) - A 22-year-old Tennessee college student has her overstuffed, oversize handbag to thank for escaping unscathed from a struggle with an armed mugger, she tells NBC’s Today Show. After stealing her cell phone, the attacker fired at Elizabeth Pittenger from 4 feet away. The junk in her handbag—including an...

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