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Climate Change Could Cause Cancer, UN Warns

As glaciers melt, toxic chemicals released into food chain

(Newser) - Climate change is doing more than just harming our environment—it could also be harming you, scientists say. Toxic chemicals that have been linked to cancer, tumors, heart disease, and infertility are being released into the air and water via melting glaciers, reports the Daily Mail , pointing to a new... More »

Toxin Plagues Brockovich Town, Again

Cancer-causing material spreads through wells

(Newser) - A toxic plume of chromium continues to trouble the California desert town that Erin Brockovich put on the map—and the pollution is getting worse, reports the AP . High levels of the material, which can cause cancer, have spread through wells near Hinkley. “Because of the widespread nature of... More »

Hungary Arrests Toxic Sludge Boss

PM wants state to take over the firm

(Newser) - The head of the company behind Hungary's toxic sludge spill has been arrested, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has asked parliament to take over. "The company should be put under state control and its assets under state closure," he said. Zoltan Bakonyi, of aluminum firm MAL Co,... More »

Burning Trash Made Us Sick: Troops

Hundreds sue contractors running burn pits

(Newser) - Hundreds of service members and employees of Kellogg Brown & Root have filed lawsuits against the contractor, which burns vast amounts of trash on US bases in Afghanistan and Iraq, saying the thick smoke from the burn pits has made them sick. KBR operates more than two dozen of the... More »

Don't Touch That Receipt! It May Be Toxic

40% of receipts tested were slathered with bisphenol A

(Newser) - Sheesh: The same toxic chemical—bisphenol A—that's shown up in baby bottles and canned goods is apparently also all over the receipts you get from stores and restaurants, and in much greater amounts. BPA was found in the coating used on cash register receipts in 40% of businesses tested,... More »

Beware Toxic Beauty Products

Attention finally being paid to potentially unsafe cosmetics

(Newser) - With all the fervor over organic food, it’s surprising that so little attention has been paid to the many chemical ingredients we put on our face each day—until now. A February protest by a group of students in Maine was one of a number that have been recently... More »

Cancer Risk From Chemicals 'Grossly' Understated

Carcinogens in food, water systematically ignored

(Newser) - Environmental factors play a much bigger role in causing cancer than currently acknowledged, and President Obama needs to do something about it, the President's Cancer Panel concluded today. “The true burden of environmentally induced cancer has been grossly underestimated,” the authors found after two years of testimony and... More »

Feds Plan Cell Phones That Can Smell Biochem Attack

Detector chip could save lives: Homeland Security

(Newser) - Ever wish that your cell phone could double up as a poison gas detector? If so, you'll be thrilled to learn that Homeland Security's science division is working to make your somewhat unusual dream become reality. The scientists are in talks with cell phone manufacturers about inserting a chip into... More »

Dozens of iPhone Factory Workers Seriously Ill

Chinese workers hospitalized with nerve damage

(Newser) - Dozens of Chinese workers have spent close to a year in hospital after sustaining nerve damage in a factory making iPhone components. The workers, mostly young women, were exposed to a toxic solvent they used to clean iPhone and iTouch screens, GlobalPost finds in part of a series of investigations... More »

Green Nail Salons Smell a Trend

Workers suffer through long exposure to toxic chemicals, carcinogens

(Newser) - The booming nail salon business has a booming subcategory: green salons. Besides helping the planet, the ecofriendly establishments are healthier than traditional salons for manicurists and other workers, who are exposed to a multitude of toxic chemicals used in their work. “The cost of course is more,” says... More »

Feds: Zhu Zhu Pets OK

Chemical levels don't violate standards

(Newser) - Zhu Zhu Pets robotic hamsters—one of the holiday season's hottest toy crazes—do not violate safety standards, federal toy regulators say after a consumer group raised concerns over the presence of a heavy metal on one model. The toy "is not out of compliance," says a spokesman... More »

CPSC Links Chinese Drywall to Toxic Fumes

Owners of some 100K homes told to spend more time outdoors

(Newser) - Americans who live in homes containing Chinese-made drywall should start spending more time outside in the fresh air, the Consumer Product Safety Commission warned yesterday. The commission's investigators found "a strong association" with the imported drywall and the corrosion of metal and wire in homes, and with raised levels... More »

Calif. Strawberries May Turn Toxic

(Newser) - California appears close to producing strawberries that induce side-effects such as neurological damage and fetal loss, Gourmet reports. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is under industry pressure to approve a fumigant called methyl iodide, which rids soil of all living organisms without hurting the ozone layer. But a group of 50 scientists... More »

Toxic Drywall May Be Sickening Homeowners

Chinese-imported materials used in more than 500,000 homes

(Newser) - Something’s rotten in the state of American homes: Chinese-imported drywall, which emits a sulfurous odor and could sicken homeowners, AP reports. More than 500 million pounds of the material was imported during America’s housing boom, when domestic supply was scarce and expensive, and it could line over 100,... More »

Bush's EPA Gutted Toxic Chemical Protections

Military-use substances were deemed less toxic, key reviews stalled

(Newser) - The Environmental Protection Agency program that rates the toxicity of chemicals used in the US, and around the world, has been manipulated in favor of industry and the military under the Bush administration, Rebecca Claren reports in Salon. Budget-cutting directives from the White House have allowed outside organizations, including the... More »

Congress Moves to Ban Toxin Found in Toys

Bush could yet veto bill including measure to keep phthalates away from children

(Newser) - Congressional negotiators have agreed to ban a group of toxins common in children’s toys, part of a consumer-protection bill, the Washington Post reports. The ban mirrors tougher standards at big retailers like Wal-Mart and Toys R Us, and, like those bans, wouldn’t take effect until after the holiday... More »

Artists Are Making Junk—Literally

Despite greenie claims, they flush chemicals, abandon art pieces

(Newser) - Beware the scruffy artists at the corner cafe—they may be serial polluters and not even know it, Laurie Fendrich writes in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Many painters, tree-huggers by claim, will flush chemicals down the drain, and ignore the carbon footprint of their synthetic pigments. They just "... More »

Pollution Decreasing Off US Shores: Study

Past 20 years have seen general contaminant decline

(Newser) - Levels of pesticides and other toxic chemicals in US coastal waters are generally decreasing, McClatchy reports. A 20-year study by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's Mussel Watch looked at levels of 140 chemicals and found decreasing trends. Laws banning many of the chemicals were passed in the 1970s, but... More »

When Green Doesn't Mean Safe

Americans rush to eco-friendly cleaners, but dangers remain

(Newser) - Americans are increasingly buying eco-friendly cleaning agents, the Los Angeles Times reports, in an attempt to limit exposure to toxic chemicals. But consumer advocates urge caution in embracing the “green” label on cleaners, which is more marketing lingo than strict scientific criteria. A recent study found a common carcinogen... More »

Lawsuit to iPhones: You're Toxic

(Newser) - A California environmental group has announced it's filing a lawsuit against Apple's popular iPhone, demanding the company eliminate "dangerous" toxic chemicals from the gadgets or include a warning label on the product as required by state law. At issue are phthalates, suspected of causing birth defects, that are used... More »

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