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40% of Households in This City Have Just 1 Person

Gainesville leads the ranking of cities by 24/7 Wall St

(Newser) - Roommate getting on your nerves? Bustle reports more Americans than ever are living alone, and 24/7 Wall St. has ranked the US metro areas where it's most common. Leading the way is Gainesville, Florida, where four in 10 households have but a single resident. Most of the cities atop...

1 in 4 Americans Lives Alone
 1 in 4 Americans Lives Alone 
census bureau report

1 in 4 Americans Lives Alone

Census Bureau issues new report

(Newser) - In 1970, roughly one in every six Americans lived alone. That number now stands at slightly more than every one in four, according to a new Census Bureau report out yesterday. Some 27.5% of American households are solo households, reports USA Today , which notes that the figure stood at...

Lonely? You May Not Live as Long
 Lonely? You May 
 Not Live as Long 
in case you missed it

Lonely? You May Not Live as Long

Those who live alone also at risk of early death: studies

(Newser) - Loneliness and living alone may actually affect your longevity, according to two new studies in the Archives of Internal Medicine. The first found that participants ages 45 and up who had or were at risk of developing heart disease were more likely to die from heart complications if they lived...

Living Alone Can Kill You
 Living Alone 
 Can Kill You 

Living Alone Can Kill You

Death rate 21% higher for people under age 65 who live by themselves

(Newser) - Upside to living alone: Your leftover pizza won't go missing. Downside: You have a greater risk of dying, or so says a four-year study of 45,000 people from 29 countries. Researchers found that those living solo under age 65 had a 21% greater chance of dying; in their...

Single City Dwellers Are Often Happier, Healthier

Social scientists say New Yorkers defy that lonely stereotype

(Newser) - Our stereotype of the single, lonely urban dweller is all wrong. City folk who live alone often lead happier, healthier lives than married couples do in suburbia, Jennifer Senior writes in New York. “There was a time when living alone meant you were a hopeless shut-in," writes...

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