Election 2010

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Gaffes Squash GOP Bid to Rule Senate—Again

Akin, Mourdock stumbles reminiscent of 2010 struggle

(Newser) - In 2010, the GOP looked poised for a potential Senate takeover—but losses by Tea Party favorites to Democrats in Nevada, Delaware, and Colorado helped Democrats maintain control. Now, a similar scenario is playing itself out, notes the AP . Once again, Republicans should have had the Senate locked up this...

Energy Dept. Asked Solyndra to Delay Layoff Announcement

...until day after 2010 midterm elections

(Newser) - More bad Solyndra press for the Obama administration: Emails released yesterday show that the Energy Department pushed the struggling solar company to delay announcing employee layoffs until after the 2010 midterm elections. On Oct. 25 of that year, Solyndra’s CEO sent the agency an email explaining that layoffs would...

Photo Scandal Lands Krystal Ball a Gig as Pundit

Former Congressional candidate now a political pundit

(Newser) - Remember Krystal Ball? She was last year's wackily-named congressional candidate who became well-known only after finding herself in the center of a sexy photo scandal . She lost the election by 29 percentage points, but also found a new career—as a professional pundit, the Washington Post reports. Ball, who...

Yes, There Are Tea Party Democrats

Not many of them, but they do exist

(Newser) - Think "Tea Party" and you'll probably think "Republican"—but it turns out Tea Party Democrats do, in fact, exist. But it's hard to say just how many, and harder still to gauge how much of an impact they have on elections, the Washington Post reports....

Miller Concedes in Alaska
Miller Concedes in Alaska

Miller Concedes in Alaska

No more lawsuits, Alaskan says

(Newser) - Joe Miller's fight to keep Alaska's Senate race alive ended with 2010. After nearly 2 months of working full-time on legal challenges to Lisa Murkowski's write-in victory, the Republican nominee told supporters yesterday that he plans no further action, Politico reports. Murkowski had been officially certified as winner the day...

Miller Won't Block Murkowski Certification, But...

He also isn't giving up without a (longer) fight

(Newser) - Joe Miller won't block Lisa Murkowski's Senate certification, he announced last night … but that doesn't mean he's giving up. Miller also said that he will continue to pursue his legal challenge of Murkowski's write-in victory, the Anchorage Daily News reports. The US district court judge hearing Miller's federal challenge—...

The Top Moments in 2010 Politics
The Top Moments
in 2010 Politics

The Top Moments in 2010 Politics

The Tea Party really made things interesting this year

(Newser) - From a January special election right up to the unexpectedly-productive lame duck Congress that just finished, 2010 was an incredible year in politics. Here's the rundown of Politico's top moments:
  • Jan. 9, Scott Brown surges—The Republican took the lead in polls, sending uneasy Democrats into full-fledged panic mode. Just

These Predictions for 2010 Were Way Off

They said iPads wouldn't make it, but Google Wave would

(Newser) - The media gave us plenty of predictions for 2010, and plenty of them simply didn’t come true. AOL News lists some of the most glaring:
  • Job growth will begin again. Newsweek predicted it unemployment would fall “below 9%,” but it was never less than 9.5%.
  • Republicans

Most Productive Congress Since 1960s Adjourns

111th passed vast legislation in 'dysfunctional' environment

(Newser) - The 111th Congress adjourned last night, after passing more key legislation that affected more Americans than any since Lyndon Johnson’s 1960s “Great Society,” Bloomberg reports. That included $1.67 trillion spent to save the economy, health insurance for 32 million people, and new regulations on Wall Street;...

Soft Fundraising, Waste Leaves RNC $25M in Hole

Operating costs ate up majority of donations

(Newser) - The Republican National Committee is deep in the hole—the organizing body will enter the 2012 election cycle between $20 million and $25 million dollars in debt, the Washington Times reports. That's possibly the biggest running deficit a national committee has had going into a major election, says one operative....

GOP Win a Mixed Bag for Israel
 GOP Win a Mixed Bag for Israel 

GOP Win a Mixed Bag for Israel

Election results could be good ... or not

(Newser) - The midterm elections brought both good news and bad for Israel, and both come from the GOP. While rising Republican stars like incoming House Majority Leader Eric Cantor are eager to show their support for Israel, many Tea Party candidates entering Congress aren't so likely to do the same, thanks...

Norm Coleman to Joe Miller: Give Up Already

Alaska candidate should realize it's time to quit, former senator says

(Newser) - Norm Coleman knows a thing or two about fighting close elections, and he has a message for Joe Miller: Give up. "I think that race is over. I think the counting’s been done. I’m not sure there’s anything that would change that," the former Minnesota...

Joe Miller Files State Lawsuit Contesting Election Results

Court ordered that suit be moved from federal to state

(Newser) - Joe Miller has moved his lawsuit from federal to state court, following a court order requiring him to do so. The lawsuit challenging Alaska election results is basically the same as the one he filed in Anchorage's US District Court Nov. 9, with a few additions, reports the Anchorage Daily ...

Angle's Campaign Like a Dumb and Dumber Sequel
 Angle's Campaign Like  
 a Dumb and Dumber Sequel 
says insider

Angle's Campaign Like a Dumb and Dumber Sequel

Not 'one good thing' about campaign manager

(Newser) - The fat lady may have sung and left the building, but Politico returns to the topic of Harry Reid's win—arguing that he got a helping hand from Sharron Angle’s disastrous Senate campaign. It reports that Angle's campaign was plagued from within by disorganization and misguided management. It began...

Elections Show Urban Coasts & Mid-America Divided
 Political Divide Gets Wider 

Political Divide Gets Wider

Midterm Republican sweep wasn't consistent across US

(Newser) - Unlike the midterm election victory in 1994 when Republican gains were consistent across the US, the 2010 GOP sweep shows a widening of the gulf between large urban areas on the coasts and the less populated areas in the middle of the country. Analysis in the Washington Post finds GOP...

Pelosi: I Don't Cry Over Politics (Unlike Boehner)

Speaker defends her communication skills

(Newser) - Outgoing House speaker Nancy Pelosi takes questions (and some parting shots) in the New York Times Magazine. Asked about successor John Boehner's tearful election night speech, she said he's "known to cry," even during House debates. Pelosi contends that, "If I cry, it's about the personal loss...

Obama Goes Head-to-Head With GOP on Arms Treaty
Obama Goes Head-to-Head With GOP on Arms Treaty

Obama Goes Head-to-Head With GOP on Arms Treaty

Pushes for lame-duck vote ... with big political implications

(Newser) - By urging a lame-duck vote on a new arms-control treaty with Russia, President Obama is setting up a face-off with Senate Republicans that could set the political tone for the next two years, writes Peter Baker in the New York Times . If the treaty is ratified, Obama will prove his...

Angle: Dictators Can Have Good Ideas

...and other tidbits from a typically dysfunctional campaign

(Newser) - When she wasn't busy needling Joy Behar or confusing Asians and Latinos, Sharron Angle liked to talk policy: Specifically, that of dictators, reports the Las Vegas Sun. Asked during her campaign about privatizing Social Security, Angle, against the advice of staffers, brought up the example of Chile's Pinochet, saying, "...

Tea Partier Joe Walsh Wins in Illinois

Democrat concedes 8th District

(Newser) - Republicans' historic House win just got bigger. Democrat Melissa Bean has conceded Illinois' 8th district to Tea Party-backed Republican Joe Walsh, the Huffington Post reports. Bean, an incumbent who had been widely expected to win, called to congratulate Walsh after the counting of absentee ballots today left her nearly 300...

New GOP Rep: I Have to Wait to Get Health Care?

Maryland's Andy Harris can't understand why benefits don't kick in for a month

(Newser) - For a Republican who campaigned on repealing ObamaCare, Andy Harris had a rather unusual question at a meeting on congressional benefits yesterday: Dude, where's my health care? Harris, an anesthesiologist and newly elected Maryland rep, demanded to know why his federal health insurance takes a month to kick in. “...

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