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China Says Its Boys Are Too 'Weak,' Has Plan to Fix That

'Proposal to Prevent the Feminization of Male Youths' is getting pushback

(Newser) - If you're wondering about the meaning of the "Proposal to Prevent the Feminization of Male Youths," the newest initiative from China's Education Ministry, the title pretty much explains it. The New York Times reports that the plan, unveiled last week with scant detail and no word...

OITNB Star: I Won't Make My Face More Feminine

'This is the face that God gave me,' says transgender icon Laverne Cox

(Newser) - Sophia Burset is back on Netflix, making over inmates at Litchfield Penitentiary in the new season of Orange Is the New Black . But Laverne Cox, the transgender actress who plays her, says she personally won't get any makeover: Though she used to crave "highly invasive surgical procedures" to...

'Cuddle Spray' Turns Men More Feminine

 'Cuddle Spray' 
 Makes Men Girly 
in case you missed it

'Cuddle Spray' Makes Men Girly

Hormone induces emotion, empathy

(Newser) - Watch out macho men: German researchers have found a way to make males more sensitive. A hormone-laced potion called "cuddle spray" shot into men's noses can make males more emotional, empathetic and snugly. The active ingredient is oxytocin, a so-called "trust hormone" that is released during orgasm and...

Chemicals Hitting Males Where It Hurts

Toxins triggering sex changes across species, research finds

(Newser) - Common chemicals are speeding the pace of evolution and having a feminizing impact on males across several species, reports the Independent. New research reveals that baby boys whose mothers have been exposed to more "gender-bending" chemicals—endocrine-disrupters like many pesticides—have smaller, feminized genitals. "This research shows...

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