North Pole

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Trump's Plan for the Poles: an Icebreaker Fleet by 2029

Memo asks for review of possible locations, icebreaker capabilities

(Newser) - Countries including China and Russia are increasing their military presence in the high Arctic, and US President Trump is looking to follow suit. Trump has ordered an assessment of possible US bases at the North and South poles along with plans for a fleet of icebreakers to be ready by...

Want to Stalk Santa? Here's Where He's at Right Now

Fire up NORAD's Santa Tracker to keep tabs on the bearded one

(Newser) - "He's on his way" can sound ominous without context, but for millions of kids around the world on Christmas Eve, those words are gold. CNN reports that the North American Aerospace Defense Command's Santa Tracker is officially up and running, keeping tabs on where jolly old St....

Barbara Hillary Reached Poles in Historic First
Barbara Hillary Made
History: 'It Was So Cold'

Barbara Hillary Made History: 'It Was So Cold'

Nurse and community activist was the first black woman to get to the poles

(Newser) - "There were still so many things she wanted to do," a friend said of Barbara Hillary after her death in New York on Saturday at 88. But Hillary did plenty, CNN reports, as a nurse, community activist, editor, and adventurer. At age 75, she skied into the North...

This Is a Hotel. If You're Brave Enough

The Finnish travel company Luxury Action offers heated domes in the Arctic

(Newser) - Want a unique vacation? Try going to sleep with the northern lights and waking up to polar bears. Yep, a Finnish travel company has devised a way for people to vacation in the Arctic, the Washington Post reports. Called North Pole Igloos , it will allow travelers to sleep in one...

Earth's North Magnetic Pole Is Acting Screwy
For Earth's Magnetic Field,
a Rare Update
in case you missed it

For Earth's Magnetic Field, a Rare Update

Northern pole is moving faster than expected, forcing change in navigational models

(Newser) - Attention anyone who navigates by compass, be they shipping companies, aircraft, or uber-serious hikers: North may not be where you think it is. The magnetic north, that is. Nature reports that the Earth's northern magnetic pole has moved so quickly since the last update of an official guide known...

Scientists Plan to Strand a Ship in Arctic Ice

Polarstern will drift across North Pole so researchers can get info on climate change

(Newser) - The nearly 400-foot-long Polarstern is designed to break through ice in frigid waters—but for an upcoming trip to study climate change, Germany is going to purposely let its ship become stuck in the middle of the floes, per the BBC . In what the Telegraph paints as a "daring...

Famous Shipwreck in Canada Finally Floats Again

Norwegians have spent 6 years recovering Arctic explorer Roald Amundsen's ship

(Newser) - For six years, a small team of Norwegians has worked tirelessly to recover a famous shipwreck in the remote hamlet of Cambridge Bay in Nunavut, a northern territory of Canada—and as of Saturday, they were finally able to lift it off the ocean floor thanks in large part to...

14-Year-Old Adventurer Aims to Make History With Triple Trek

Jade Hameister departing for first leg of 'polar hat trick'

(Newser) - Jade Hameister might soon become the youngest person to travel to the ends of the Earth. The 14-year-old from Melbourne, Australia, is about to embark on a three-week trek to the North Pole that will see her skiing 140 miles across sea ice while pulling a sled that weighs as...

This Is the Year's Weirdest Weather Moment Yet

North Pole could be warmer than Southern California today

(Newser) - It's been a bizarre winter, and Wednesday might just bring the weirdest moment yet: It could be as warm as 40 degrees at the North Pole. That, as Discovery explains, is a good 50 degrees warmer than usual, and means that a place now engulfed in darkness 24 hours...

North Pole Elects Santa Claus
 North Pole Elects Santa Claus 

North Pole Elects Santa Claus

He plans to help at-risk Alaskan kids

(Newser) - Santa Claus has been chosen to represent the people of North Pole. The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports that a man whose legal name is Santa Claus won a write-in campaign for an open City Council seat in the 2,200-person Alaska town. He began campaigning in his red velvet suit...

Santa Claus Is Running for North Pole City Council

A vote against him gets you on the naughty list

(Newser) - Apparently tired of working just one night a year, Santa Claus is running for North Pole city council. OK, so it's just a man whose legal name is Santa Claus living in the tiny Alaska town of North Pole and not the actual Father Christmas. The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner ...

Russia Has Just Claimed a Chunk of the Arctic

Including the North Pole

(Newser) - Russia, the US, Canada, Denmark, and Norway all want to grab a part of the Arctic, and Russia in 2001 became the first to submit its claim to the UN—a claim that was sent back due to lack of evidence. The country now says it has that evidence, reports...

We May Never See Another 'True' Trek to the North Pole

Climate change, logistics may do in human-powered 90N travel

(Newser) - The good news: There are hearty adventurers in this world wiling to endure the multimonth trek to the North Pole across nearly 500 miles of frozen tundra while pulling a 300-pound sled in the name of exploration. The bad news: None of them may ever get the chance to do...

Denmark: North Pole Is Ours
 Denmark: North Pole Is Ours 

Denmark: North Pole Is Ours

Country is latest to claim portion of Arctic Circle

(Newser) - The latest country to make a claim for the North Pole: Denmark. Back in 2007 , Danish scientists surveyed a 1,240-mile-long underwater mountain range beneath the Arctic Ocean north of Siberia, and by 2012 they concluded that Greenland's continental shelf is connected to the ridge, the AP reports. As...

Putin's 2014 Goal: Station Lots of Military in Arctic

BBC terms it 'one of his most direct orders yet' regarding the region

(Newser) - Canada is planning to claim the North Pole as part of its territory, and Russia has something to say about that: Oh, heck no. President Vladimir Putin has ordered the Russian military to boost its presence in the Arctic, and though he's discussed the idea before, the BBC calls...

Canada to Claim North Pole
 Canada to Claim North Pole 

Canada to Claim North Pole

Move sets up clash with Russia, Denmark

(Newser) - Santa better be a hockey fan—Canada is gearing up to claim the North Pole, along with a vast surrounding area of the Arctic, according to the Globe and Mail . The country is due to submit a territorial claim to the UN this week and sources say Prime Minister Stephen...

North Pole Has Become a Lake, Again

It's about a foot deep

(Newser) - Thanks to rapidly-melting ice, Santa Claus now has his own swimming pool: The North Pole is currently a lake, reports. The shallow lake—it's about a foot deep, according to LiveScience —isn't the result of sea water overtaking the ice; it consists entirely of the...

Inside Russians' 6mph Road Trip to Canada

Journey took 70 days, passes through North Pole

(Newser) - Talk about a road trip: Russian explorers spent the past two-and-a-half months driving from Russia to Canada via the North Pole. But instead of car bingo and the alphabet game, they passed their time clearing the route with a pickaxe, gazing upon the aurora borealis, and spotting the occasional polar...

1st Guy to Fly By North Pole, Er, Missed By 80 Miles
1st Guy to Fly Over
North Pole Actually ... Missed
study suggests

1st Guy to Fly Over North Pole Actually ... Missed

Explorer Richard Byrd probably wasn't first, though he got within sight: study

(Newser) - American explorer Richard Byrd gained renown 87 years ago when he became the first guy to fly over the North Pole, but a new report thinks he might have missed the mark by as much as 80 miles. As LiveScience reports, there's long been doubt cast on Byrd's...

Open by 2050: North Pole Shipping Lanes

 Open by 2050: 
 Shipping Lanes 
 in North Pole 
in case you missed it

Open by 2050: Shipping Lanes in North Pole

Climate change opening up China-Europe shortcut

(Newser) - Climate change has got its upside if you happen to own a shipping company. Researchers say that by 2050, the Arctic ice sheet will be weak enough for cargo ships to take the northern route between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans without the aid of icebreakers, the Guardian reports. Ships...

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