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Cops Doubt Ruffalo Russian Roulette Claim

Witness' story doesn't match evidence in actor's brother's death

(Newser) - Reports that a game of Russian roulette led to the death of actor Mark Ruffalo's brother don't match the evidence in the case, TMZ reports. Scott Ruffalo was shot in the back of the head, and police say they responded to a reported assault, not a suicide or accidental death....

Ruffalo 'Played Russian Roulette'

Ruffalo often 'played' with firearms on drugs, says suspect's attorney

(Newser) - A Saudi billionaire's daughter, accused of killing actor Mark Ruffalo's younger brother, has told police he shot himself in the head during a drug-fueled game of Russian roulette, reports the New York Daily News. Shaha Adham, 26, surrendered to Beverly Hills police Monday, the day Scott Ruffalo was taken off...

2 Stories