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Alien Believers Fly Swastika Over NYC Beaches

Work of alien-based religion of Raelism

(Newser) - Visitors to New York City beaches yesterday were pretty horrified when a plane flew by towing a banner with a swastika that noted, in symbols, that "swastika plus peace equals love." It also contained a swastika combined with a Star of David. The banner, which flew through Coney... More »

NYC Cabbie: Let Me Wear My Nazi Armband

But city's taxi commission suspends him for a month

(Newser) - A New York City taxi driver has been suspended for a month for proudly wearing a Nazi armband while tooling around the city, but Gabriel Diaz thinks he's getting a raw deal. "I'm a Nationalist Socialist, what you guys call a Nazi," the 26-year-old tells CBS... More »

Supporters Cover Swastikas at Mosque With Flowers

After vandals deface doors, 'quiet majority' speaks up in Sweden

(Newser) - A vandal or vandals defaced the doors of a mosque in Stockholm with swastikas, but the move seems to have backfired. Anonymous members of the community then covered the swastikas with bouquets of flowers and left a note to the Muslim congregation: "For every hate crime there is a... More »

Nazi Bus Driver Loses 'Not See' Plate

Calif. school bus driver suspended

(Newser) - The "NOT SEE" message on the vanity license plate was subtle enough to get past the DMV—but the meaning became pretty clear when San Diego school bus driver Shawn Calpito displayed it under a Nazi swastika on the back of his car. The California DMV has now canceled... More »

Tattoo Parlors Packed for Free Swastika Day

Movement seeks to 'reclaim' ancient symbol from the Nazis

(Newser) - If you ever wanted a swastika permanently inked on your body, then yesterday would have been your lucky day. More than 120 tattoo parlors around the world were offering free swastikas—not to salute the Nazis, but as part of a controversial movement to reclaim the symbol that was a... More »

Pro-Alien Group Flies Swastika Over Jersey Shore

Group trying to 'rehabilitate' symbol, members say

(Newser) - The image of a swastika entangled with the Star of David flew over Manhattan, Long Beach, and the Jersey Shore this weekend—and the organization responsible attributes concern to a "misunderstanding." Police received several calls when the symbol, and the word "proswastika," were seen on a... More »

Nazi Game Raises Furor at London School of Economics

Jewish student's nose is broken when he objects to drinking game

(Newser) - A Nazi drinking game played by students from the London School of Economics sparked a brawl and ended with a broken nose, reports the Guardian . The row occurred during a ski trip taken by 150 members of the school's athletic union to Val D'Isere in France. The confrontation... More »

NYC Store Slammed for Selling Swastika Earrings

Earrings are a Buddhist symbol, not a Nazi one, store's owner says

(Newser) - A Brooklyn jewelry store found itself under attack from city lawmakers for selling earrings in the shape of an ancient Buddhist symbol now much better known for its association with the Nazis. The swastika earrings on sale at the Bejeweled store represent "the most hateful symbol in our culture,... More »

Secret Nazi Codes Litter Germany

Secret numbers, letters express movement support: Expert

(Newser) - Swastikas may be outlawed in Germany, but that doesn't mean that neo-Nazi signs have disappeared. Coded letters, numbers, and other symbols communicate support of the extremist philosophy among those "in the know" in German society, reports Der Spiegel. The numbers 14 and 88, for example, which can be... More »

Swastika Case First to Use Hate-Crimes Law

NM defendants face 10 years to life for branding Navajo man

(Newser) - Three off-duty McDonald's workers accused of burning a swastika into the skin of a mentally disabled customer with a hot coat hanger will be charged under new hate crimes legislation, the AP reports. Under the 2009 Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, the defendants could face... More »

Swastika Branded On Mentally Challenged Victim

NM trio face hate crime charges

(Newser) - Three men in New Mexico will be charged with a hate crime for burning a swastika into the arm of a mentally-challenged man, say prosecutors. The attackers, between the ages of 24 and 28, already face kidnapping, aggravated battery and other felony charges, but prosecutors have vowed to pursue additional... More »

Judge Orders Nazi Tattoos Be Covered in Court

Swastika 'may prejudice jurors'

(Newser) - A neo-Nazi murder suspect's jailhouse tattoos are so offensive that they might prevent him from getting a fair trial, a Florida judge decided yesterday. The judge ordered that the state pay for a make-up artist to cover the tattoos, including a swastika and an obscene word, Reuters reports.The tattoos... More »

Obama Haters Carve Swastika on 18th Hole

Link to President Obama on country club green stumps police

(Newser) - The Obama-equals-Hitler folks have left us a puzzle. Vandals carved "I swastika Obama"—with the swastika facing the wrong way—on, of all places, the 18th hole of a country club golf course 40 miles north of Boston. It's unclear who did it or even when, but a... More »

Slate Scribe Gets in Syrian Street Brawl

Hitchens, two others jumped during junket

(Newser) - Three journalists—including columnist and author Christopher Hitchens—were jumped by thugs during a press junket in Beirut, reports Lawrence Osborne in a column for Forbes. Hitchens “rather gallantly insulted the swastika flag” of a “Syria-loving skinhead party called the SSNP” by scrawling an obscenity on it. He... More »

Happy Birthday, Adolf Whaaat?

Boy named for Hitler, sister for Himmler, other sibling 'Aryan Nation'

(Newser) - He's blond, blue-eyed, just 3 years old and his name is Adolf Hitler Campbell. Staff at a ShopRite in his New Jersey hometown were so offended by his name that they refused to create a cake with "Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler" written on it, reports the New York Daily ... More »

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