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Why You Can't 'Freeze to Death'

Semantics: Hypothermia will get you long before then

(Newser) - The phrase may be a common one, but it's not that easy to "freeze to death," explains LiveScience . In fact, it's a bit of a misnomer: Hypothermia will almost certainly get you before the body freezes. For the record, the body has two helpful reactions when the temperature...

American, Japanese Climbers Die on Mt. Fuji

(Newser) - An American climber and his Japanese colleague have been found frozen to death on Mount Fuji, AP reports. Authorities believe the men, reported missing last weekend, perished on their way down from the summit. The deaths on the famous mountain follow those of ten elderly hikers who died of exposure...

93-Year-Old Left to Freeze Leaves $500K to Hospital

Estate may be worth more than $500K

(Newser) - The 93-year-old Michigan man who froze to death last month after his electricity was cut off was a World War II medic who left his estate—possibly more than $500,000—to a local hospital, CNN reports. Despite the savings, Martin Schur was $1,000 behind on his utility bill....

Elderly Man Freezes to Death Over Unpaid Bill

Mich. neighbor finds 93-year-old in house after city cut power

(Newser) - A 93-year-old Michigan man who failed to pay his electricity bill froze to death in his home after the city cut his power supply, the Bay City Times reports. Marvin Schur suffered what a pathologist called "a slow painful death" from hypothermia several days after city workers installed a...

At Obama Swearing-In, Watchers Will Swear at Cold

Though temps could be in the 30s, officials warn of long exposure

(Newser) - The presidential inauguration is shaping up to be a trying event, what with huge crowds, restrictive security measures, and now, a chilly forecast, USA Today reports. Contingency plans range from the prudent—heated tents for the unwell—to the desperate. Organizers are trying to have "as many tour buses...

Passengers Rescued From Frigid Hudson

 Passengers Rescued 
 From Frigid Hudson  

Passengers Rescued From Frigid Hudson

(Newser) - It appears all 155 passengers and crew survived today’s crash of a US Airways flight from LaGuardia Airport into the Hudson River off Manhattan, WINS-AM reports. For photos of the the remarkable rescue, as the plane drifted down river and took on water, click on the image control; for...

Dad Charged After Girl Dies on Cold Walk

Children walked miles after truck broke down on Christmas

(Newser) - The father of an 11-year-old girl who died, likely of hypothermia, after trying to walk 10 miles in the snow Christmas Day has been charged with second-degree murder. Robert Aragon banged his head on the defendant's table during the short hearing. Authorities allege the 55-year-old Idaho man let Sage Aragon...

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