Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities

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Madoff Trustee Sues Relatives for Not 'Doing Their Jobs'

$199M suit spreads blame to firm's execs

(Newser) - The trustee in the Bernie Madoff case, delivering on his threat to sue the imprisoned fraudster's relatives and co-workers, filed a $199 million lawsuit today in bankruptcy court. Rather than alleging that they knew about Bernie's Ponzi scheme, Irving Picard's complaint takes issue with the way brother Peter, sons Mark...

Ponzi Loot Puts Madoff Client Among Richest Americans

Picower made $7.2B, lands on Forbes list

(Newser) - Jeffry Picower is a secretive guy, which must have made his turn in the spotlight this week all the more uncomfortable. The former lawyer, who was already being sued for $5.1 billion in alleged profits from Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, cracked Forbes’ list of the 400 wealthiest Americans...

Madoff's Beach Home Sells for More Than Asking Price

Montauk manse was on the market for $8.75M

(Newser) - Bernie Madoff's Montauk beach house is off the market, ABC reports. A buyer paid cash "over the asking price" of $8.75 million, say Realtors involved with the deal. The US Marshals Service, which is selling the home to get money back for Madoff's victims, won't divulge the buyer's...

Madoff on Fooling SEC: 'Just Be Casual'

Ponzi schemer taped giving associates tips to dodge regulators

(Newser) - The most important thing to remember if you want to fool the SEC is to act casual, Bernie Madoff told executives at Fairfield Greenwich Group. “You don't want them to think you're concerned about anything,” the Ponzi scheme mastermind said in a phone call taped in 2005, CNN ...

Madoff Lover Still Talking About Tiny Penis

Oh, and forget about her being in the clear—Weinstein says she 'had to know'

(Newser) - Sheryl Weinstein is still expounding on Bernie Madoff’s “not very large” penis, most recently to Cindy Adams of the New York Post. “It was narrow,” she says. “Tiny in terms of girth, not length.” Still, he somehow convinced scores of women to sleep with...

Madoff Dying of Cancer: Inmates

Some speculate this is why he took the fall

(Newser) - Bernie Madoff may not serve much of his 150-year sentence: The Ponzi schemer is suffering from cancer, fellow inmates tell the New York Post, and has been telling everyone he doesn't have long to live. “He’s been taking about 20 pills a day for his cancer,” one...

Get Ready for Bigger, Badder Bernies
 Get Ready 
 for Bigger, 
 Badder Bernies 
whistleblower speaks

Get Ready for Bigger, Badder Bernies

Ponzi schemer will soon look small-time

(Newser) - If you think you’re mad at Bernie Madoff, just wait. Harry Markopolos, who blew the whistle on Madoff, says there are more baddies out there who will make good ol’ Bernie “look like small time.” While speaking at a Southampton church, the fraud investigator predicted scandals related...

Madoff Lieutenant Expected to Blow Lid Off Scam

(Newser) - Investigators see yesterday's guilty plea of Bernard Madoff's right-hand man as a major breakthrough in their efforts to untangle the elaborate Ponzi scheme, BusinessWeek reports. Frank DiPascali, chief financial officer at Madoff's firm, has promised to cooperate with prosecutors and is expected to name other people involved in the scam...

Madoff Aide Pleads Guilty, Will Help Prosecutors

DiPascali will get time off his 125 years

(Newser) - Bernie Madoff's right-hand man pleaded guilty to a slew of fraud charges today and agreed to help prosecutors unravel how the multi-billion-dollar Ponzi scheme worked, the Wall Street Journal reports. In return, Frank DiPascali, 52, will get time shaved off his potential sentence of 125 years. DiPascali began working for...

SEC Did Grill Madoff...About Whether He Was Hiring

Young, inexperienced investigators awed, missed signs of Ponzi scheme

(Newser) - Bernie Madoff got nervous every time SEC investigators came around, but he shouldn't have: A new book claims the regulators were so green they were awestruck by Madoff—and even asked about job openings and dropped off resumes, the New York Post reports. “They’d send kids. I think...

Madoff Crafty but Dumb: New Book

Pals surprised he pulled Ponzi scheme off

(Newser) - Bernie Madoff was a swindler from a young age—but many acquaintances also considered him “the dumbest man on earth," says an upcoming exposé. Jerry Oppenheimer’s new book, Madoff With the Money, also reveals that the Ponzi schemer skirted 2 years of Army Reserve duty during the...

Madoff Won't Appeal
 Madoff Won't Appeal 

Madoff Won't Appeal

Conman resigned to life in prison

(Newser) - Bernie Madoff will do his time, his lawyer said today. The 71-year-old con man sentenced to 150 years in prison on a slew of fraud charges related to his massive Ponzi scheme won’t file an appeal, Bloomberg reports. “In terms of the appeal, done, over,” Madoff’s...

Madoff May Have Paid Off Austrian Banker

She's accused of sending him investors' cash, getting kickbacks

(Newser) - The head of Bank Medici is being probed by authorities in the US, the UK, and her native Austria over alleged kickbacks she received from Bernard Madoff, the Wall Street Journal reports. Sonja Kohn is believed to have pocketed $40 million in return for turning three funds she managed into...

SEC Staffer Was Waved Off Madoff Probe

Investigator's questions could have exposed Ponzi scheme in 2004

(Newser) - An SEC investigator whose questions could have exposed Bernard Madoff's fraud in 2004 was shifted to an unrelated case after raising the alarm, the Washington Post reports. One of the supervisors who told the staffer to focus instead on a mutual funds investigation later married Madoff's niece, and the relationship...

10 More to Be Charged in Madoff Scam

Source: Disgraced financier may get plenty of company during his century-and-half inside

(Newser) - At least ten more people are likely to be charged as the probe into Bernard Madoff's massive fraud continues, an insider tells AP. The only other person charged so far has been Madoff's accountant. The source declined to say whether the other people likely to face federal charges are relatives...

Brits Hit Court to Battle Yanks for Madoff Assets

UK liquidators have already seized $235K Aston Martin

(Newser) - The Madoff liquidators are turning on each other, reports the Times of London. The trustees handling the London arm of the Ponzi schemer's imploded business recently seized several American assets, including a $235,000 vintage Aston Martin, that were acquired with London money. UK liquidators will argue tomorrow in a...

Madoff Yanked $165M from London Branch Just Before Bust

Cash transferred to scammer vanished

(Newser) - A month before he came clean on his Ponzi scheme, Bernie Madoff sold $165 million in UK bonds from his London office and the money disappeared, the Independent reports. Madoff ordered a director of the London arm to transfer the money to his New York office so Madoff could use...

Madoff Clients to Get $100M Back Soon

Funds address fraction of 9,000 claims: trustee

(Newser) - It's a start. Some of Bernie Madoff's clients will get back at least a portion of the money that he stole. Trustee Irving Picard says he expects to approve at least $100 million of investor claims—mere hundreds out of nearly 9,000 filed claims—by May 25, Bloomberg reports....

$12B Withdrawn From Madoff Accounts Before Arrest

(Newser) - Operators of so-called feeder funds withdrew $12 billion from Bernie Madoff's accounts in the year before his arrest, nearly half of it in the final three months, reports the New York Times. The analysis of financial records offers hope that defrauded investors will be able to recoup at least some...

Madoff Victims' Advocate Sues Ezra Merkin

Trustee wants $558M back from feeder-fund withdrawals

(Newser) - The trustee representing investors who lost their savings with Bernie Madoff is suing Ezra Merkin, the feeder-fund manager who withdrew $558 million from Madoff's shop before the collapse of his Ponzi scheme. Irving Picard, who is responsible for winding down Madoff's defunct company, alleges that Merkin should have known from...

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