Hudson crash

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'Miracle on Hudson' Jet Heading to NC Museum

Exhibit to focus on the technology that made miracle possible

(Newser) - More than two years after Chesley Sullenberger crash-landed his plane into the icy waters off New York City, the Airbus A320 dubbed "The Miracle on the Hudson" is going on display at a North Carolina museum, reports the AP . The plane has been sitting in a northern New Jersey...

‘Miracle on Hudson’ Plane Up for Auction

Used Airbus for sale, some water and bird damage

(Newser) - The aircraft that hero pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger safely landed in the Hudson River a year ago has hit the auction block. The insurance company that paid off US Airways' claim in the crash is seeking to unload what's left of the Airbus 320 it took possession of, Wired ...

Capt. Sully's Top Reward: 'Hero Sex'
 Capt. Sully's Top 
 Reward: 'Hero Sex' 

Capt. Sully's Top Reward: 'Hero Sex'

Chesley Sullenberger, wife discuss sex life boost after flight 1549

(Newser) - What did expertly landing a plane on the Hudson River get “hero pilot” Chesley Sullenberger? “Hero sex,” says his wife. Lorrie Sullenberger tells Matt Lauer for Thursday’s People of the Year TV special that “the hero sex really helps a 20-year-old marriage,” the AP...

Home Video Captures Hudson Collision

(Newser) - NBC has obtained a video capturing Saturday’s mid-air collision over the Hudson River. Shot by an Italian tourist who was on a boat on the river, it’s the first known video of the crash. In it, the plane appears to come up behind the helicopter, climbing and turning....

Air Traffic Controllers Suspended Over Hudson Crash

During it, one was on phone with girlfriend

(Newser) - The two air traffic controllers on duty at Teterboro Airport during Saturday's mid-air collision over the Hudson River have been suspended and will likely be fired, the New York Daily News reports. Investigators have found that one of the men was on the phone to his girlfriend at the time...

Above the Hudson, a Chaotic Airspace

(Newser) - Above the Hudson River west of Manhattan, where a helicopter and a light plane fatally collided on Saturday, a pilot can have as many as a dozen other aircraft to monitor at busy moments. Flight instructors describe the river corridor as dangerous and tunnel-like, and government is once again facing...

7 Bodies, Chopper Pulled From Hudson

Five bodies recovered; poor visibility, currents stymie efforts

(Newser) - New York City police today spotted wreckage of the small plane that crashed into a helicopter and landed into the Hudson River yesterday, killing nine people, the Daily News reports. Crews also fished out the chopper remains and four more victims, bringing the body tally to seven. "We're continuing...

AIG Dodges Insurance Claims from Hudson Flight

Insurer accused of using goodwill towards flight crew to dodge paying up

(Newser) - Passengers from US Airways Flight 1549 are having a tough time getting its insurer, AIG, to cough up for claims, the New York Times reports. Aviation liability insurance requires a finding of negligence. But Capt. Chesley Sullenberger and his crew were universally acknowledged to have performed amazingly well in saving...

Capt. Sully: I Could Have Done Better

Pilot testifies he wishes he'd warned crew before crash

(Newser) - Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the man the New York Daily News dubs the “Hero of the Hudson,” thinks he could have done better. “I wish I had had more time,” the now-famous pilot said today, testifying before the National Transportation Safety Board. His big regret: Not...

Hero Pilot Documentary Headed for Cable in Late '09

Film to air in late 2009

(Newser) - Cable channel TLC has obtained exclusive rights to make a documentary on the story of Chesley Sullenberger, the pilot who successfully saved US Airways Flight 1549 with a daring water landing in January. The documentary will feature extensive interviews with Sullenberger discussing both his specific actions to save the plane...

Flight 1549 Pilot 'Trying to Forgive Myself'
Flight 1549 Pilot 'Trying to Forgive Myself'

Flight 1549 Pilot 'Trying to Forgive Myself'

Talks to Katie Couric for first post-crash interview

(Newser) - Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger is often called a “hero” for successfully landing US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River, but Sullenberger doesn’t feel like a hero. “One of the hardest things for me to do was to forgive myself for not having done something else....

Hero Pilot Recounts 'Sickening' Moment Engines Died

'Thank you' inadequate for speedy rescuers, says Sully

(Newser) - The moments after  the engines of US Airways Flight 1549 died were the worst of his life, hero pilot Chesley Sullenberger tells Katie Couric in a 60 Minutes interview to air Monday. Disbelief was followed by a "sickening, pit-of-your-stomach, falling-through-the-floor feeling," as an eerie silence and a disturbing...

FAA Releases Audio of Hudson Landing

(Newser) - The Federal Aviation Administration today released remarkable audio recordings capturing pilot Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger’s decision to land US Airways flight 1549 in the Hudson River. Sullenberger can be heard discussing the Jan. 15 landing with air-traffic control, CNN reports. As controllers scramble to find a runway for...

Flight 1549 Passengers Laud Pilot, Crew

Survivors embrace heroes at '60 Minutes' taping

(Newser) - The passengers of US Airways Flight 1549 thanked and embraced hero pilot Chesley Sullenberger at a meeting in Charlotte, NC, the Charlotte Observer reports. As part of a 60 Minutes episode on the crash, about 50 of the passengers and their families met the crew of Flight 1549. “There...

Library Ditches Hero Pilot's Fine for Book Sunk in Hudson

Restocked ethics tome to be dedicated to Sully

(Newser) - Hero pilot Chesley Sullenberger's local library has told him not to worry about a borrowed book stuck in the hold of US Airways Flight 1549 that crashed in the Hudson River, AP reports. After he contacted the library to ask for an extension, the staff not only waived all overdue...

Flight 1549's Pilot a Dying Breed

'Sully' from age when pilots were trained to be mavericks

(Newser) - In an era when pilots are trained to minimize risk and stick to standard procedures, Chesley Sullenberger of Flight 1549 may be one of the last of his kind, New York magazine reports. He was trained in an earlier era, one in which pilots were treated as gods, and a...

Some Hudson Passengers Say $5K Not Enough

Airline paid up for lost belongings, but some eye trauma restitution

(Newser) - US Airways paid $5,000 to each passenger aboard Flight 1549 for the baggage that the NTSB needs to keep for its investigation into the crash—but not everyone is satisfied with that payout, reports USA Today. Some say their belongings were worth more than $5,000, while others want...

Pilot Gets Hero's Welcome
 Pilot Gets Hero's Welcome 

Pilot Gets Hero's Welcome

(Newser) - The small town of Danville, Calif., welcomed home its resident celebrity pilot, Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, the Los Angeles Times reports. Thousands filled the town green to cheer the man who landed Flight 1549 safely in the Hudson River. "I know I can speak for the entire crew when...

Hudson Survivors Relive Nightmare, Relish Survival

Passengers amazed to still be alive cope with crash's emotional aftermath

(Newser) - Passengers who cheated death in the Hudson River crash are seeing the world through a fresh set of eyes, they tell the AP. They are celebrating the simple joy of still being alive, but many are also haunted by recurring nightmares. Experts say such reactions are normal after such an...

Second Engine Recovered From Hudson River

Couric lands first interview with Flight 1549's hero captain

(Newser) - The left engine of Flight 1549 was pulled from the Hudson River this afternoon, days after it was located with sonar, NY1 reports. Divers had held off on the recovery because of cold weather; warmer temperatures today allowed them to reach the engine and hoist it out of the water...

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