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She Chased Her Wooded Bliss, Found It's Really Boring

'Plenty of people have believed that nature would save them; fewer have the guts to admit when it doesn’t'

(Newser) - The question posed to an advice column for Outdoor magazine comes with a twist. The writer explains that six months ago, she did what a lot of people only fantasize about: She quit her job, dumped her boyfriend, and moved to a remote cabin in Montana (complete with outhouse) so...

Amanda Knox Is Ready for Your Questions

She's to write an advice column for 'Westside Seattle'

(Newser) - Have a question for Amanda Knox? Now's a good time to ask. The 32-year-old Seattle native is getting her own advice column in the weekly newspaper Westside Seattle, which the Guardian reports is published by family of her husband. Already listed as a contributing writer and photographer with the...

Walt Whitman Has Some Advice on Manly Living

Meet the Ron Swanson of the 1800s

(Newser) - A newly discovered work positions famous American poet Walt Whitman as the Ron Swanson of the 19th century. The New York Times reports University of Houston graduate student Zachary Turpin found a long-lost advice series titled Manly Health and Training written by Whitman under the pen name Mose Velsor for...

Reclusive Author Is World's Newest Advice Columnist

Japan's famously shy Haruki Murakami to offer tips on anything readers want to ask

(Newser) - Who better to offer advice to the lovelorn, the beleaguered, and the downtrodden than a hermit-like Japanese novelist? That's the plan for Haruki Murakami, known recluse and one of Japan's most famous writers, his publisher said today, per the Guardian . According to Shinchosha Publishing , the 65-year-old surrealist author...

'Dear Abby' Dead at 94
 'Dear Abby' Dead at 94 

'Dear Abby' Dead at 94

Pauline Phillips had been suffering from Alzheimer's

(Newser) - Pauline Phillips, perhaps better known as the popular "Dear Abby" advice columnist, died yesterday at age 94, a rep confirms to TMZ . Phillips, who founded the column in 1956 and eventually handed it over to her daughter Jeanne, had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease. "I have lost...

America's Ethicist: Sex Columnist Dan Savage

Profile: He's gone beyond how-to columns into modern morality

(Newser) - Dan Savage has been writing his Savage Love sex column for 20 years now, much to the horror of chaste readers who stumble upon it at its original home at Seattle weekly the Stranger or one of its many syndicated sites. Given his ever-widening media reach—an MTV show is...

Lad Mag Columnist: 'Cut Your Ex's Face'

Magazine: Regrettable production mistake

(Newser) - File this under Shocking Advice: A columnist for Brit lad mag Zoo has urged a lovelorn reader to slice his former girlfriend's face. Go on a "rampage with the boys, get on the booze and smash anything that moves," actor Danny Dyer responds to reader "Alex,"...

Bathroom Is for Texting, Not Talking: Pitt
 Bathroom Is 
 for Texting, 
 Not Talking: Pitt 
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Bathroom Is for Texting, Not Talking: Pitt

Brad doles out etiquette tips for the Internet age

(Newser) - The times, they are a-changin’—and that calls for new rules of etiquette. To help out, Brad Pitt addresses issues ranging from inter-Rock Band dynamics to texting in the bathroom for Wired:
  • Problem: Your Rock Band bassist sucks. Solution: “Fire his ass. Bonus: It'll put the others on

Dear Ann Landers: Advise Your Successors

Feud over the "new Ann Landers" name—kind of inane

(Newser) - Who’ll advise the advice columnists? Margo Howard—daughter of Ann Landers—wrote a nasty open letter yesterday to Amy Dickinson of the Chicago Tribune, accusing Dickinson of trying to usurp her mom's name. “Well, you are not the ‘new’ Ann Landers because there is no ‘new’...

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