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Octomom Doctor Michael Kamrava Loses License
 Octomom Doc Loses License 

Octomom Doc Loses License

Calif. decides Michael Kamrava presents danger to the public

(Newser) - If Nadya Suleman ever decides that 14 kids isn't enough, she won't be able to turn to Beverly Hills fertility doctor Michael Kamrava for help. Kamrava, who helped Suleman conceive octuplets when she already had six children, and implanted seven embryos in a 49-year-old woman who only wanted...

Calif. Board Calls Octomom Doc Grossly Negligent

Repeat fertility procedures show Michael Kamrava's bad judgment

(Newser) - The Beverly Hills doctor whose repeated fertility treatments turned Nadya Suleman into the mother of octuplets was accused by California’s medical board today of gross negligence. Michael Kamrava went beyond the bounds of reasonable judgment in authorizing the series of procedures, the board said today, and wants his physician’...

Octomom Talks Gosselin Crush

 Octomom Talks 
 Gosselin Crush 

Octomom Talks Gosselin Crush

Nadya Suleman gives her thoughts on Michael Kamrava—and Jon Gosselin

(Newser) - Hey, look, Octomom is back! Upon learning that  her fertility doctor is being expelled from a national medical association, Nadya Suleman told Radar, "I’ve always thought from the beginning Dr. Michael Kamrava was a good doctor," adding that—since other cases were involved—"I don’t...

Professional Group Expels Octomom Doc

Reproductive medicine society says Kamrava was out of line

(Newser) - Michael Kamrava, the fertility doctor who twice implanted six embryos into octomom Nadya Suleman (two embryos reportedly split into twins), has been kicked out of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. The society recommends no more than two embryos for women under 35, to reduce the risk of multiple births;...

Octuplet Doc Implanted 7 Embryos in Woman, 49

Woman who wanted on baby is now pregnant with quadruplets

(Newser) - A 49-year-old woman who went to the controversial fertility specialist responsible for Nadya Suleman's octuplets is now pregnant with quadruplets, even though she wanted only one baby, the Los Angeles Times reports. Dr. Michael Kamrava transferred at least seven embryos—made from eggs donated by a woman in her late...

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