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Amazon: NYT Takedown Was a Mistake-Filled Mess

Rep Jay Carney insinuates piece wouldn't have passed Journalism 101

(Newser) - Jeff Bezos took umbrage back in August at a New York Times takedown of Amazon's supposedly toxic work environment. Now Jay Carney—President Obama's former press secretary and now chief spokesman for Amazon—is on the offensive, via a lengthy response to the Aug. 15 piece that was...

Jay Carney Leaving White House

President's chief spokesperson is stepping down

(Newser) - President Obama had a second high-profile departure to announce today: Press secretary Jay Carney is resigning, reports the Washington Post . Obama called Carney one of his closest friends and advisers, notes NBC News . "Today the flak jacket is officially passed to a new generation," he said, referring to...

White House to Help Health Insurers Bypass Website

Jay Carney: It's about the ends, not the means

(Newser) - Agreeing to another ObamaCare concession, the White House said today it is helping insurers to bypass HealthCare.gov and directly enroll customers who qualify for tax credits, the Wall Street Journal reports. "It's the end here that matters, not necessarily the means," said White House spokesman Jay...

High Schooler Ticks Off Jay Carney
High Schooler
Ticks Off
Jay Carney

High Schooler Ticks Off Jay Carney

Daily Caller intern asks about protection for Zimmerman

(Newser) - Maybe the first hint that the questioner wasn't your typical White House correspondent came after his exchange with Jay Carney: "Just angered Obama's press secretary," read the tweet . "Word." Turns out, the questioner is a 16-year-old junior in high school and intern at the...

GOP to Darrell Issa: Calm Down
 GOP to Darrell Issa: Calm Down 

GOP to Darrell Issa: Calm Down

Politico says top Republicans think he's making White House fight personal

(Newser) - When Darrell Issa called White House press secretary Jay Carney a " paid liar " on Sunday, House Republican leadership was aghast. They immediately called Issa's staffers, sources tell Politico , and their message was simple: Tell your boss to calm down. The staff agreed that the remark was out...

Salaries of White House Staffers

$172K is a common one

(Newser) - White House staffers have to take an unpaid day off starting with the May 1 pay period thanks to the sequester, and Politico uses the opportunity to round up some high-profile salaries. (It's not clear how many total days the staffers will lose.)
  • Jay Carney, press secretary: $172,

Carney on Jay-Z Lyric: 'I Guess Nothing Rhymes With Treasury'

White House shoots down song's line about Obama blessing Cuba trip

(Newser) - The flap over Jay-Z and Beyonce's trip to Cuba resulted in what has to be one of the odder exchanges in Jay Carney's tenure as White House spokesman. In this afternoon's news briefing, Donovan Slack of Politico noted that Jay-Z released a rap today in which he...

US Can Fend Off N. Korea Attack: White House

But South Korea, Japan may have more to worry about

(Newser) - The White House's take on North Korea's threats against the US? Pshaw. The US is "fully capable of defending against" a North Korean ballistic missile attack, said press secretary Jay Carney yesterday. Though it's still in development, a US missile defense system known as the Ground-Based...

White House: Immigration Deal Sounds Good

But Obama's wary of border security provisions

(Newser) - The White House offered a tentative endorsement of the bipartisan immigration deal that a group of senators offered today. "We are seeing a consensus building here," spokesman Jay Carney said, adding that the deal appears to "mirror" President Obama's principles. But Roll Call reports that Carney...

The GOP Needs a Voice
 The GOP Needs a Voice 

The GOP Needs a Voice

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner won't cut it, Daniel Henniger argues

(Newser) - President Obama's press conference this week drew front-page coverage from all the major papers, but Mitch McConnell and John Boehner's responses were buried. "Media bias? No, media reality," writes Daniel Henninger in the Wall Street Journal . "It isn't that no one is listening to...

White House: Piers Morgan Gets to Stay

Except Jay Carney didn't use words 'Piers' or 'Morgan' in statement

(Newser) - Let's say you're the White House. You're obligated to reply to any petition that gets enough signatures on the "We the People" site—even the one to deport Piers Morgan over his gun-control stance. What do you do? Well, you could issue a statement that never...

White House: If 25K Sign, We'll Release Beer Recipe

Jay Carney agrees to make home brew public if petition succeeds

(Newser) - Voters have demanded more White House beer transparency, and if enough people get on board, they'll get their way. After home brewers requested a much-ballyhooed White House ale recipe, press secretary Jay Carney agreed to release it on one condition: At least 25,000 people must first sign the...

White House Mocks McCain's Call to Dump Biden

McCain shouldn't give advice on VPs, spokesman quips

(Newser) - Joe Biden's "put y'all back in chains" comment has sparked plenty of calls—from Republicans including John McCain and Sarah Palin—for President Obama to boot Biden off the ticket and replace him with Hillary Clinton. But the White House insists there will be no such switcheroo,...

Obama Won't Push New Gun Laws

Romney banned assault rifle in question in Massachusetts

(Newser) - The Dark Knight shooting certainly has people talking about gun control again. The AP and New York Times are both running reports on the largely unregulated nature of Internet gun sales; James Holmes was able to order 3,000 rounds of assault rifle ammunition and 3,000 rounds of handgun...

White House: Walker Win No Big Deal

Don't read into it, says Jay Carney

(Newser) - Scott Walker's success in Wisconsin isn't worrying the White House, press secretary Jay Carney says. "I certainly wouldn't read much into (the) result beyond who is occupying the governor's seat in Wisconsin," he told reporters, reports the Chicago Sun-Times . "What you had...

Obama's Next Singing Gig: Inauguration Day?

White House press secretaries joke about what that means, though

(Newser) - President Obama has been singing a lot lately—first soul , then the blues —so when can we expect him to bust out in song again? White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has one cheeky theory, USA Today reports: "at the inauguration next year." Of course, that drew...

Obama to Empty Congress: End FAA Shutdown

But there's no one in town to do it

(Newser) - The White House called on Congress to end a standoff over the FAA that has put 74,000 people out of work—but there were absolutely no signs it would do so, in part because everyone’s left town. Press Secretary Jay Carney said Obama was “looking at different...

White House, Fox News Feud Plays Out in Press Room

Jay Carney snipes with Ed Henry for second straight day

(Newser) - The frosty relations between the White House and Fox News have played out on two consecutive days via testy exchanges between Jay Carney and Fox correspondent Ed Henry, reports the Huffington Post . Today, when Henry pressed Carney on why the White House hasn't presented a debt plan to the...

No Debt Compromise In Sight
 No Debt Compromise in Sight 

No Debt Compromise in Sight

One top Democrat says things getting 'very, very scary'

(Newser) - Exasperation is high on Capitol Hill, as the House and Senate barrel ahead with unrelated debt ceiling plans, neither of which resemble the “grand bargain” President Obama wanted. Today, John Boehner will hold a vote on his so-called “Cut, Cap, and Balance” bill, which calls for $5.8...

What the CIA Is Doing in Libya
 What the CIA Is Doing in Libya 

What the CIA Is Doing in Libya

Obama secretly authorized spies to arm rebels

(Newser) - CIA and British MI6 agents are on the ground in Libya , working covertly to help the rebels defeat Moammar Gadhafi’s forces—and they've been there for weeks, reports the New York Times . Spies from both countries have been scouting the locations of military targets like munitions depots for coalition...

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