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Mauling Chimp's Owner Dead
 Mauling Chimp's 
 Owner Dead  

Mauling Chimp's Owner Dead

Sandra Herold was being sued for $50M

(Newser) - The owner of the chimpanzee that mauled and blinded a Connecticut woman in 2009 has died, her lawyer tells the Stamford Advocate . Sandra Herold, 72, suffered an aortic aneurysm. She was being sued for $50 million by the family of mauling victim Charla Nash, and "her heart, which had...

Chimp Victim Leaves Hospital After 15 Months

Charla Nash hopes to undergo additional reconstructive surgery

(Newser) - Charla Nash, who was mauled and blinded by a friend’s chimpanzee in February 2009, left the Cleveland Clinic yesterday. She “has made great progress in her recovery,” the hospital said in a statement. Nash will continue rehabilitation at a Boston-area assisted-living center and hopes to undergo more...

Mauling Chimp's Owner Won't Face Charges

Charla Nash must pursue justice in civil court, Conn. prosecutor says

(Newser) - The woman whose pet chimpanzee mauled her friend, leaving her blind and disfigured, will not face criminal charges, a prosecutor said today. To win its case, 'the state would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person was aware of and consciously disregarded a substantial and unjustifiable risk,...

Conn. Chimp Was on Xanax During Attack

Necropsy reveals that he was on drugs, overweight

(Newser) - The chimp that mauled a Connecticut woman in February, rendering her blind, had a small dose of antidepressant Xanax in his system, a necropsy has revealed. At 200 pounds, Travis was also severely obese. Police haven’t ruled out criminal charges against the owner, who is embroiled in a legal...

Family of Chimp Victim Sues for $50M

They say primate's owner should not have owned 'wild animal'

(Newser) - Relatives of a woman mauled by a pet chimp are suing the primate's owner for $50 million, the New York Post reports today. The family of Charla Nash says Sandra Herold had no business owning a "wild animal with violent propensities" because she didn't have the skill or strength...

Crazed Chimp's Mom Also Killed in Rampage

Shot in '01 dog attack; victim in unrelated mauling reaches out

(Newser) - The mother of the crazed chimpanzee killed last week after critically injuring a Connecticut woman was also shot dead after a rampage, reports the New York Daily News. Suzy the chimp was shot by a Missouri teen in 2001 after she attacked a dog. Meanwhile, another victim of a chimp...

Crazed Chimp Had Troubled History

(Newser) - Travis, the Connecticut chimpanzee who was killed after he viciously attacked his owner’s friend, had a history of violence, the AP reports. A woman says he bit her hand in a 1996 incident, and then tried to pull her into a car. Leslie Mostel-Paul says she contacted police, to...

Crazed Chimp, Owner Acted Like a Couple

Animal was surrogate spouse for his owner

(Newser) - Sandra Herold and her chimp, Travis—who viciously mauled her friend—were unusually close, sharing wine and lobster and exchanging gifts, the New York Post reports. “What she had with that monkey was not normal,” one friend said. But Herold said outsiders don’t understand: “Until you've...

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