British terror attacks

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Accused Soldier-Stabber Testifies: I Love al-Qaeda

Michael Adebolajo says he's a soldier in a war

(Newser) - One of two men who allegedly killed British soldier Lee Rigby has proclaimed his support for al-Qaeda in court: "I love them; they're my brothers," Michael Adebolajo said, per the BBC . But "I have never met them." He called himself a soldier in a "...

2nd Man Charged With Murder of British Soldier

Michael Adebolajo formally charged after release from hospital

(Newser) - Michael Adebolajo, the second suspect in the brutal killing of British soldier Lee Rigby , has been charged with murder. The other suspect in the slaying, Michael Adebowale, had already been charged, but Adebolajo was in hospital receiving treatment for injuries suffered in the attack, and wasn't released until last...

UK Slaying Suspect Detained in 2010 —in Kenya

Over suspicion of seeking to train with al-Qaeda-linked militants

(Newser) - Yesterday we learned that London slaying suspect Michael Adebolajo may have been questioned by Britain's domestic spy agency, MI5, last year. Today, more questions about just how much UK authorities knew (or should have known) about the man are emerging, with news that he was detained in Kenya in...

3 More Arrested in UK Soldier Slaying

Detained on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder.

(Newser) - British police today arrested three more suspects in connection with the savage killing of an off-duty soldier that has raised fresh concerns about terrorism. Scotland Yard said counter-terrorism officers arrested two men, aged 24 and 28, at a residential address in southeast London. A third man, 21, was arrested separately...

Brits Tried to Recruit Slaying Suspect, Says Friend

Man is arrested immediately after BBC interview

(Newser) - Britain's spy agency was not only aware of one of the suspects in this week's savage London murder , it tried to recruit him just six months ago, a friend tells the BBC . In an interview, Abu Nusaybah said the MI5 questioned Michael Adebolajo about a trip he made...

Police Nab 'Conspirators' in UK Terror Killing

Meanwhile, reports identify second alleged stabber

(Newser) - The plot to kill a soldier in the streets of London may have gone deeper than the two men who hacked Lee Rigby to death . Police yesterday arrested two more people, a man and a woman, both 29, as suspected conspirators in the attack, the Wall Street Journal reports. They...

One Reason Clip of London Attacker Is So Jarring

It's the woman with a shopping cart walking by, writes Anthony Lane

(Newser) - It almost looks like something out of a movie, but the video from London yesterday in which a man holding a cleaver with bloodied hands explains why he and an accomplice just butchered a man is unfortunately not. (You can see it in this story .) "There is a...

Female Bystander Confronts London Attackers

One tells her, 'We want to start a war in London tonight'

(Newser) - The two men accused of butchering a UK soldier in broad daylight today on a London street—one talks about it in video broadcast on British TV—remain hospitalized with gunshot wounds from police, reports AP . The Telegraph , meanwhile, speaks with a woman who jumped from a bus when she...

Brits Missed Chances to Nab Leader of London Attacks

But he was never called a threat: report

(Newser) - UK authorities crossed paths with the top planner of the 2005 London bombings six times, but never labeled him a threat, a parliamentary report out today concludes. Almost every time Mohammad Sidique Khan appeared on police and MI5 records, it was in connection with possible extremists, the Guardian reports. But...

Policeman's Funeral Unites Northern Ireland

Killing by IRA splinter group provokes defiant display in favor of peace

(Newser) - Northern Ireland's Catholics and Protestants united yesterday to mourn a policeman killed by an IRA splinter group, the New York Times reports. In what some mourners described as the most improbable gathering of old enemies in modern Irish history, IRA veterans stood side by side with loyalists and security chiefs...

IRA Splinter Groups Likely Coordinated Attacks

Security forces fear loyalist paramilitaries may respond to killings

(Newser) - The IRA splinter groups responsible for two separate attacks in Northern Ireland within 48 hours most likely coordinated the attacks, security officials tell the Times of London. Officials say the two attacks point to an unprecedented level of cooperation between the Real IRA and the Continuity IRA—which have no...

Brits Launch Classroom 'Terror Watch'

Teachers asked to watch out for extremist students

(Newser) - British teachers will be asked to monitor student behavior and report any suspected extremists to police under new government guidelines, the Guardian reports. A "tool kit" for teachers sets out how they should conduct classroom debates to smoke out any possible Islamic extremist  or far-right racist views across all...

Brown Hangs Tough to Win Terrorism Vote

UK PM denies buying support for increase in detention time

(Newser) - Prime Minister Gordon Brown prevailed in a crunch vote last night to extend Britain's period of detention without trial for terror suspects to 6 weeks, the BBC reports. Brown avoided defeat by convincing a small Northern Ireland party to support him after 36 members of his Labour Party joined the...

Ex-PM Blasts UK Government on Civil Liberties
Ex-PM Blasts UK Government on Civil Liberties

Ex-PM Blasts UK Government on Civil Liberties

Major blasts proposal that OKs 6-week detention without trial

(Newser) - The British parliament is set for a nail-bitingly close vote on a law that will allow the police to hold terror suspects without charge for 42 days—by far the longest in the free world. As Gordon Brown pushes the law and attempts to prevent his first Commons defeat, John...

'Osama bin London' Convicted
'Osama bin London' Convicted

'Osama bin London' Convicted

Preacher organized training camps, touted murder

(Newser) - An extremist preacher who called himself "Osama bin London" has been convicted of organizing terrorist training camps and promoting murder, the London Times reports. Mohammed Hamid trained five of the terrorists who undertook a thwarted attack at outdoor sights in suburban London. He mocked the death toll from the...

Saudis: We Could Have Stopped 9/11
Saudis: We Could Have Stopped 9/11

Saudis: We Could Have Stopped 9/11

No bombings if they'd been consulted in a 'credible manner'

(Newser) - Saudi Arabia’s Prince Bandar bin Sultan claims the 9/11 attacks could have been prevented if the US had consulted the kingdom in a "credible" way. The claim mirrored remarks earlier in the week by King Abdullah that the Saudis could have helped the British stop the September 2005...

Glasgow Bomb Suspect Dies in Hospital

Brother of alleged attacker faces charges in botched airport attack

(Newser) - A man who cops say crashed a Jeep full of explosives into a Glasgow airport a month ago has died of his injuries, the AP reports. Kafeel Ahmed suffered critical burns during the attack and died without emerging from a subsequent coma at a local hospital. Police say he attacked...

Aussie Police Blame Scotland Yard for False Terror Arrest

Doctor back home, talks of 'trauma'

(Newser) - Australian police yesterday blamed Scotland Yard for sending them inaccurate information that led to the arrest of an innocent Indian doctor in the failed British bomb plots. Mohammed Haneef was detained for 27 days before being freed; he was welcomed by cheering crowds in Bangalore.

Brown Visits US Amid Talk of Cooling Ties

New PM walks political tightrope over relations with White House

(Newser) - Gordon Brown embarked today for his first call on President Bush, while the press at home speculated on whether the green PM's relationship with his counterpart was cooling or too warm. Brown's predecessor, Tony Blair, had a close relationship with Bush—too close for some UK observers. Iraq, a potential...

Cleared Terror Suspect to Leave Australia

Going home to India; but his work visa won't be restored

(Newser) - An Indian doctor cleared of involvement in the failed UK bomb attacks is flying home to India to be with his family, but his Australian work visa won't be restored, the immigration minister announced today. Lawyers for Mohamed Haneef are demanding that his name be cleared completely and will mount...

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