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After Sesame Was Named an Allergen, a Weird Consequence

Stringency of labeling law is causing more companies to add the ingredient

(Newser) - A new federal law requiring that sesame be listed as an allergen on food labels is having an unintended consequence: The number of products with the ingredient is increasing because of it. Food industry experts said the requirements are so stringent that many manufacturers, especially bakers, find it simpler and...

US Decides There Are Now 9 Major Food Allergens

Sesame must be specified on labels starting in 2023

(Newser) - For years now, any food that contains one of eight food allergens—milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, or soybeans—must say so on the label. Now there's a ninth ingredient on that list: sesame, reports the New York Times . President Biden late last week signed legislation...

Coroner Doles Out Blame in Death of Girl Who Ate Baguette

He found Pret a Manger's labeling inadequate

(Newser) - The 15-year-old who died after eating an artichoke, olive, and tapenade baguette from the Pret a Manger sandwich shop at London's Heathrow Airport died because a key ingredient was not listed. The coroner in the case calls the allergy labeling inadequate, saying Natasha Ednan-Laperouse was "reassured" by the...

Teen Dies After Eating Airport Baguette

It had sesame seeds, but they were not required to be listed in the London Pret a Manger shop

(Newser) - She picked out a healthy-sounding baguette: artichoke, olive, and tapenade. But what 15-year-old British teenager Natasha Ednan-Laperouse didn't realize is that the baguette from the Pret a Manger sandwich shop at London's Heathrow Airport also contained sesame seeds. The seeds were apparently baked into the baguette and thus...

Why This Bagel Is Becoming More Dangerous

Hint: hummus, sushi, and falafel often carry the same risk

(Newser) - If you often suffer a reaction soon after eating burgers or hummus, it might be time to get checked out for one of the fastest-growing allergies in the US: sesame seeds. Experts link the spike in allergies to the increasing popularity of sesame-rich foods like falafel and tahini—but the...

5 Stories