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MSU Physicist Charged With 'Crime Against Nature'

He's accused of molesting a basset hound

(Newser) - After the Larry Nassar case and rape allegations involving basketball players , the last thing Michigan State University needed was a bestiality scandal—but here we are. Joseph Hattey, a 51-year-old MSU physicist, has been charged with two counts of "committing a crime against nature," the Lansing State Journal...

You Can't Have Sex With Animals in Ohio Anymore

State becomes most recent to make bestiality illegal

(Newser) - It's now illegal in Ohio for people to engage in sexual conduct or related acts with animals; the state didn't have anti-bestiality laws until the change took effect last week, the AP reports. According to the Dayton Daily News , the measure gained enough votes to pass in December...

Ohio Just Used Bestiality to Fight a Higher Minimum Wage

We're pretty sure 'Schoolhouse Rock' never covered this

(Newser) - It is currently legal to have sex with an animal in nine states, but it seems Ohio may want off that list. The Guardian reports Ohio's state legislature passed a bill this week that would outlaw bestiality and the selling of animals for sex. Gov. John Kasich has 10...

Denmark Shuts 'Animal Brothels' With Bestiality Ban

Law passed with a narrow 91-75 vote yesterday

(Newser) - Up until recently it was legal, in certain circumstances, to have sex with an animal in Denmark, but the country passed a law officially prohibiting bestiality with a 91-75 vote yesterday, Mashable reports. Sex with an animal had previously been allowed as long as the animal wasn't harmed, which...

Flight Attendant Sues Leno—Over Bestiality Jokes

Flight attendant wants world to know she did not have sex with rats

(Newser) - A segment from earlier this year has landed Jay Leno in hot water, and it's all thanks to a couple of bestiality jokes. Former American Airlines flight attendant Louann Giambattista sued the airline back in June over a bizarre situation: The 55-year-old said her co-workers lied and said she...

Hopkins Doc Ditches Grad Speech in Gay Marriage Storm

Bestiality comparison enraged students

(Newser) - Neurosurgeon and rising conservative star Ben Carson is following through with his offer to step down as commencement speaker at Johns Hopkins medical school, where he works. Students launched a petition after Carson's comments regarding gay marriage, bestiality, and pedophilia. "Given all the national media surrounding my statements...

Conservative Star Apologizes for Remarks on Gay Marriage

Ben Carson made reference to bestiality

(Newser) - Dr. Ben Carson is a renowned neurosurgeon fast becoming a favorite in conservative political circles, and with that higher profile comes extra scrutiny. Exhibit A: Carson yesterday offered to bow out as commencement speaker in May at Johns Hopkins after a brouhaha erupted over his comments on gay marriage. While...

Scalia Spars With Student on Gay Rights

Duncan Hosie asks justice how he can equate sodomy and murder

(Newser) - A Princeton freshman took Antonin Scalia to task yesterday, asking the Supreme Court justice how he can compare sodomy to bestiality and murder in his writings. "I don't think it's necessary, but I think it's effective," Scalia told the student during a question and answer...

Sweden Mulls Ban on Sex With Animals

Bestiality law would forbid nookie with horses, cows

(Newser) - Any Swedes with a thing for barnyard animals had better start thinking twice about it. Swedish lawmakers are talking about criminalizing bestiality again due to societal changes that make animal hookups easier. ”Today it is very easy, on the Internet and other places, to encounter animals for sexual intercourse...

CDC Official Accused of Child Molestation, Bestiality

Senior scientist, boyfriend arrested

(Newser) - A senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control at Prevention was up to some pretty sick stuff, investigators say. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey has been arrested on charges of child molestation and bestiality, and her boyfriend, CDC night watchman Thomas Westerman, is also facing charges. Investigators say the couple included...

Florida May Have Accidentally Banned Sex

Poorly worded bestiality ban picked apart

(Newser) - Florida lawmakers with a poor grasp of taxonomy appear to have accidentally outlawed all sex in the state, according to the Southern Fried Scientist . The recently passed law banning bestiality outlaws "knowing sexual conduct or sexual contact with an animal"—and since humans are technically animals, consenting adults...

Florida Cracks Down on Bestiality, Saggy Pants

Bills go to governor's desk

(Newser) - Two bills of note have been sent by Florida lawmakers to the desk of Governor Rick Scott: One makes kids who wear droopy pants at school subject to suspension, and the other makes bestiality a misdemeanor. The latter is the work of a state legislator upset about publicized cases of...

Aussie Rugby Star Quits Over Dog Sex Photo

Joel Monaghan leaving country after drunken prank

(Newser) - How shameful is it to be photographed in a compromising position with a teammate's dog? For Canberra Raiders rugby star Joel Monaghan, it's embarrassing enough for him to leave not just the team, but the country. The rugby player resigned from the club after a photo of him simulating a...

NY Gov Hopeful's Emails Feature Racism, Porn, Bestiality

Tea party candidate Carl Paladino blames Democrats for 'smear'

(Newser) - One week after announcing his candidacy for governor of New York, Carl Paladino was on the hot seat today after an upstate political blog released racist, sexist, and pornographic emails the wealthy developer allegedly sent. The tea partier issued a statement today saying the messages were "just another liberal...

Alaska and Florida Move to Ban Bestiality

Shocking cases spur legislators to protect Fido

(Newser) - When a man in Klawock, Alaska, was spotted luring a Labrador into the woods, where he allegedly tied it to a tree and had sex with it, the authorities didn’t have much to charge him with. The DA settled on criminal mischief and theft. But that case, and others...

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