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After 24-Hour Treatment, Frogs Started Regrowing Lost Limbs
After 24-Hour Treatment, Frogs
Started Regrowing Lost Limbs
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After 24-Hour Treatment, Frogs Started Regrowing Lost Limbs

Scientists say they triggered dormant regenerative abilities

(Newser) - Regeneration science has taken a big step—or hop—forward with an experiment that allowed frogs to regrow lost hind limbs. African clawed frogs lose their ability to regenerate limbs after they are tadpoles but scientists managed to get them to regrow a functional hind limb after a treatment that...

Researchers Discover Animal That Can Shed Its Whole Body

It's the ultimate case of regeneration

(Newser) - Scientists have discovered the ultimate case of regeneration: Some decapitated sea slugs can regrow hearts and whole new bodies. Biology researcher Sayaka Mitoh explains the genesis of the study published in Current Biology on Monday: She saw something bizarre in her lab one day. A sea slug had decapitated itself...

Scientists Borrow From Popeye for Heart Tissue Breakthrough

They use spinach leaf to create vascular network for beating human heart tissue

(Newser) - Popeye knew a thing or two about building muscle, maybe even more than we realized. Per National Geographic , scientists have appropriated the cartoon character's favorite snack—a spinach leaf—to help create new human heart muscle. In doing so, they circumvented a tissue issue that's plagued this type...

Creatures Grow Heads, Brains of Other Species
Creatures Grow Heads,
Brains of Other Species
new study

Creatures Grow Heads, Brains of Other Species

Flatworms regenerate in shocking ways

(Newser) - Worms can grow the head and brain of another species? Then maybe we can do better at regenerating our own organs and tissues. That's the thrust of a new study by researchers who got flatworms to grow the heads of other flatworm species without any alteration to the worms'...

Moon Jellyfish Shock Scientists With This Trick

'Symmetrization' has never been observed before

(Newser) - When Caltech biologist Michael Abrams cut two arms off a young jellyfish in 2013, he figured it would do what many marine invertebrates do—grow new ones. But no. "[Abrams] started yelling... 'You won't believe this, you've got to come here and see what's happening,...

Pig Bladder Hormone Allows Vet to Re-Grow Leg Muscles

Right thigh muscles regenerated after experimental treatment

(Newser) - Marine Isaias Hernandez lost 70% of the muscles in his right thigh in a mortar explosion in Afghanistan. Such extreme damage usually requires that the leg be amputated. Not in Hernandez's case. Instead, he was injected with a growth hormone that comes from pig bladders—and his leg muscle...

Scientists Find Secret of Regeneration

Boosting cancer risk might allow humans to regrow limbs

(Newser) - Researchers think they’ve found a trick that could allow humans to someday regrow limbs or heart tissue in much the same way some lizards do. The scientists say humans gave up much of their regenerative power as part of an evolutionary trade-off: Our genes suppress cell growth, and with...

Contrary to Opinion, Human Heart Regenerates

(Newser) - In a result defying popular opinion, the human heart regenerates about half of its cells over the course of a normal lifespan, the New York Times reports. A study used levels of a radioactive isotope in the earth’s atmosphere released by aboveground nuclear tests, and found in our bodies,...

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