Jiverly Wong

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Shooter's Parents Put NY Home on Market, Move to Fla.

(Newser) - Jiverly Wong’s parents are selling their upstate New York house and moving to Florida, fearing retaliation for their son’s community-center shooting spree, neighbors tell the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin. “He was very paranoid,” said one neighbor of Henry Voong, Jiverly Wong’s father. The house where... More »

Shootings Fail to Ignite Gun Control Efforts

Poll shows support for handgun ban at its lowest level ever

(Newser) - The recent spate of mass shooting has done little to inspire gun control efforts despite the fact that almost all the shooters held licenses, the AP reports. Lawmakers—including Democrats—say there is no appetite for a divisive fight over guns when the country is in economic crisis. Recent efforts... More »

NY Gunman Fired 98 Shots in a Minute

Barrage from Wong's 2 handguns killed most of 13 victims instantly

(Newser) - Jiverly Wong unleashed 98 shots within a little more than a minute in his shooting spree last week at the American Civic Association in Binghamton, NY, police said today. The Vietnamese immigrant carried a 9mm Beretta and a .45-caliber handgun, and a bag of full ammunition clips. Nearly all of... More »

Letter Indeed From NY Gunman: Police

Message's authenticity backed up by photos, driver's license

(Newser) - A letter allegedly from the gunman who killed 14 last week in Binghamton, NY, is likely authentic, the Press & Sun-Bulletin reports. Police said today they had “no reason” to doubt the letter’s authorship despite a claim from the gunman’s sister he lacked the vocabulary to write... More »

Binghamton Victims 'Died Seeking Better Lives'

Victim of civic center massacre hailed from 8 different countires

(Newser) - The immigrants gunned down in Binghamton on Friday were from all corners of the world, the New York Times reports; they came together in the classroom where they, along with the killer, had been studying English. Two Americans—a teacher and a receptionist—were killed in the rampage. Four of... More »

Officials Defend 43-Minute Delay in Binghamton

Victims couldn't have been saved, testy DA tells journos

(Newser) - Testy officials in upstate New York today defended police officers' 43-minute delay at the Binghamton shootings crime scene, the AP reports. The fatal wounds of 14 victims on Friday were so severe, "nobody could have been saved if the police walked in the door that first minute," Broome... More »

Friends 'Not Surprised' by Killer's Rampage

Gunman felt maligned, told co-worker that 'America sucks'

(Newser) - Confidantes of Jiverly Wong weren’t shocked by his murder of 13 people at a New York immigrant services center, saying he was was enraged by humiliation he suffered as a result of his broken English and recent firing, reports Reuters. “From the people close to him, this action... More »

Binghamton Police Chief: 'He Must Have Been a Coward'

(Newser) - Jiverly Voong, the 41-year-old gunman who took 14 lives including his own at an upstate New York immigrant center, was wearing body armor during the attack, the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin reports. Binghamton’s police chief said the armor indicated Voong may have intended to take on police, but he... More »

Police Hail Receptionist as 'Hero' in NY Shooting

(Newser) - The gunman burst into Binghamton's American Civic Association community center, and before the receptionists really had time to react, he’d shot them both. He probably believed he’d killed them both, too. But one of them was only playing dead, and she was the one to call 911, MSNBC... More »

NY Gunman Called 'Angry Loner'

Investigators believe killer of 13 may have been recently laid off

(Newser) - Investigators trying to piece together a motive for the massacre at a Binghamton, New York, immigration center believe gunman Jiverly Voong may have been recently laid off, the Press & Sun-Bulletin reports. The Vietnamese-American, 41, worked at an assembly plant in the town until November, where colleagues described him as... More »

NY Survivor: 'I Thought My Life Was Finished'

Students hid in storage rooms as Binghamton gunman killed 13

(Newser) - Students hid in storage closets when the shooting began at an immigration services center in Binghamton yesterday, a survivor tells CNN. "I heard shootings, very long time, about five minutes, and I was thinking when it will be stopped, but it was continued," she said. "No screaming,... More »

Upstate NY Shootings 'Obviously Premeditated': Cops

(Newser) - Today’s shooting at an immigration center in Binghamton, NY, “was obviously premeditated,” the city’s police chief said during an evening press conference, confirming that 14 were dead. He said he “was not 100% sure” the shooter was among them, the New York Times reports, and... More »

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