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Wildlife Experts Say Jaguars Should Roam Southwest Again

New paper argues they could be re-introduced to Arizona and New Mexico

(Newser) - Scientists and wildlife managers have united to make a pitch: They say it's time to bring back jaguars to the American Southwest. In a new paper in the journal Conservation Science and Practice , the authors say the big cat could be successfully reintroduced to a mountainous area spanning Arizona...

Woman Injured by Jaguar at Zoo Has Her Say

She disputes story of a selfie gone awry

(Newser) - A woman who visited an Arizona zoo and ended up becoming a national headline is disputing the widely reported view that she was a misguided selfie-seeker—though she does acknowledge being "in the wrong" for leaning over a barrier. In an interview with , the woman identified only...

Woman in Pursuit of Selfie Attacked by Jaguar in Arizona

Incident happened Saturday at Wildlife World Zoo

(Newser) - "Please understand why barriers are put in place. Sending prayers to the family tonight." So reads a Saturday night tweet from Arizona's Wildlife World Zoo in the wake of an incident involving a guest and a jaguar. The Litchfield Park zoo says that same evening a female...

Zoo: Before Killing Spree, Jaguar Bit Through Steel

Audubon Zoo seeking stronger materials for enclosure

(Newser) - A jaguar that killed nine other animals during a weekend escape from its habitat at New Orleans' Audubon Zoo is believed to have bitten through a steel-cable barrier that forms the roof of its habitat, the zoo's managing director said Tuesday. Kyle Burks told reporters the jaguar apparently slipped...

2 More Zoo Animals Die From Jaguar Attack

New Orleans zoo says roof was 'compromised'

(Newser) - Eight animals have now died after a jaguar escaped from its habitat at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans. reports an alpaca and fox died Sunday, the day after the male jaguar killed four alpacas, one emu, and one fox Saturday morning. The jaguar was captured and returned...

Escaped Jaguar Goes On Killing Spree in US Zoo

Creature kills six animals before it's captured

(Newser) - Staff members at a New Orleans zoo are grieving Saturday after a jaguar escaped its confines and killed six animals, the Times-Picayune reports. How the Audubon Zoo's 3-year-old jaguar got out at 7:20am is unclear, but it killed four alpaca, an emu, and a fox before being captured...

Why a Photo of a Jaguar Pelt Is Such a Gloomy Image

It's thought to be of one of just 3 jaguars recently sighted in America

(Newser) - If you thought there were no jaguars roaming the US, you'd be almost right. Their numbers are believed to have now dwindled to as few as two. The Arizona Daily Star was last week given a photo of a jaguar pelt, and the six Arizona Game and Fish Department...

Rare Jaguar Sighting Could Be Very Good News

It could mean the endangered cat is re-establishing itself in US

(Newser) - Wildlife officials say they have evidence of a rare jaguar sighting in the United States, giving conservationists hope that the endangered cat is re-establishing itself here, the AP reports. The US Fish and Wildlife Service released a photo Thursday from a trail camera that was taken in November and recently...

Using Jaguar in Olympic Ceremony Ends Up Being Terrible Idea

It was chained up during Brazil torch relay

(Newser) - Using a live jaguar at an Olympic torch relay ceremony—what could go wrong? Officials in Manaus, Brazil, discovered the answer to that question Monday when the animal was shot dead after escaping its leash and approaching one of the soldiers sent to recapture it, Reuters reports. In what the...

The US' Only Wild Jaguar Caught on Video

El Jefe lives in the mountains just miles outside of Tucson

(Newser) - America got a good look at the United States' only known wild jaguar in a 41-second video released Wednesday. "The dramatic footage provides a glimpse of the secretive life of one of nature’s most majestic and charismatic creatures," the Center for Biological Diversity states in a press...

Jaguar Gets Sent Home for Being 'Too Fat' to Mate

Salman has zero interest in lady friend at Delhi Zoo—but lots of interest in food

(Newser) - A jaguar is being sent home to Kerala, India, from a New Delhi breeding program after being accused of having a dad bod without the "dad" part. Salman had been borrowed by the Delhi Zoo to mate with Kalpana, its female jaguar, but there were problems: Salman turned out...

Jaguar Bites 3-Year-Old's Neck at Zoo

Boy in stable condition in Arkansas hospital

(Newser) - A jaguar bite to the neck left a three-year-old boy in critical condition—but he's now "stable and ... expected to improve," the Arkansas Children's Hospital says. The boy was visiting a zoo in Little Rock, Ark., when he fell into the jaguar display, USA Today reports....

Wild Jaguar Spotted in Arizona
 Wild Jaguar Spotted in Arizona 

Wild Jaguar Spotted in Arizona

Sighting is first since 2009

(Newser) - A wild jaguar has been seen in the US for the first time in more than two years. The sighting was made by an Arizona hunter using dogs to track mountain lions and was confirmed by state wildlife officials. Jaguars—the only big cat in the Americas to roar—are...

Calvin Klein's 'Obsession' Entrances Big Cats

Men's scent becomes secret weapon for zookeepers

(Newser) - Obsession for Men, Calvin Klein's musky scent for guys, may or may not work to lure the ladies, but it's a huge hit with tigers, leopards, and jaguars of both sexes. It's become the secret weapon of zoologists trying to entice big cats to linger, the Wall Street Journal reports....

Death of Last US Jaguar Sparks Inquiry

Case rife with finger-pointing among Ariz. wildlife officials

(Newser) - Amidst a federal probe, the mysterious death of America’s last known jaguar is turning into a big cat fight, the New York Times reports. Arizona wildlife officials say they mistakenly trapped Macho B in a leg-hold snare and found him to be healthy. But a conservationist working with the...

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