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'Inexcusable' Assignment at Middle School Spurs Outrage

'Blatant racism,' remarks one parent who's publicizing the Spanish homework at NY school

(Newser) - A Western New York middle school is making headlines for a Spanish homework assignment that's drawing cries of "blatant racism." CNN reports that the assignment distributed last month to sixth graders at the Williamsville Central School District's Mill Middle School, located in a suburb of Buffalo,...

Judge Delivers Bad News to Teen Detained Over Homework

Michigan 15-year-old has to stay in juvenile detention center for several more months

(Newser) - A Michigan teen placed in juvenile detection after failing to do her homework won't be getting out in the near future, despite claims that the case represents "the criminalization of Black children," per NBC New York . The 15-year-old identified as Grace told Oakland County Judge Mary Ellen...

Parents Appalled by Homework Mentioning Rape, Sperm
Parents Outraged Over
'Absolutely Appalling'
Homework Question
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Parents Outraged Over 'Absolutely Appalling' Homework Question

Assignment focusing on DNA mentioned rape and sperm samples

(Newser) - A Texas school district says it has taken "corrective action" after a question about rape appeared on a ninth-grade homework assignment. About 90 biology students at Klein Collins High School near Houston received the assignment focusing on DNA, which included what the Klein Independent School District calls an "...

8th-Grade Slavery Homework Leaves Folks 'Flabbergasted'
8th-Grade Slavery Homework 
Leaves Folks 'Flabbergasted'

8th-Grade Slavery Homework Leaves Folks 'Flabbergasted'

'Create a list of expectations for your family's slaves,' read Tenn. assignment

(Newser) - Thursday's headlines revolved around Virginia's first lady asking African-American students to imagine being slaves ; Friday's headlines center on asking students to imagine they were the slave owners themselves. Per the Tennessean , that ask came via an 8th-grade homework assignment at Sunset Middle School in Williamson County, Tenn....

Florida County Has Banned the Bane of Kids' Existence

The superintendent wants nightly reading instead of homework

(Newser) - The superintendent of Marion County schools in Florida has just issued a "no homework" mandate for the district's 31 elementary schools starting this fall, reports WESH 2 . Superintendent Heidi Maier cites research that nightly homework assignments haven't been shown to directly impact a child's academic advancement,...

Cop Saves 10-Year-Old Girl ... From Homework Emergency

Lena Draper went to the police with a tough math question last week

(Newser) - When you're 10 years old, a tough math question can definitely feel like a life-or-death emergency. So when Ohio fifth-grader Lena Draper couldn't figure out the answer to (8 + 29) x 15, she turned to the Marion Police Department. "I'm having trouble with my homework,...

Mass. School Bans Homework for Entire Year

But Kelly Elementary School now has 8-hour day

(Newser) - Some 550 children in Massachusetts might now be the envy of students everywhere: A new policy at Kelly Elementary School in Holyoke means they won't be given a single homework assignment all year. But before you file your child's transfer papers, know this: The school—under state receivership...

Texas Teacher's Homework Policy Has Gone Viral

No homework, kids, but you have to eat dinner with your family and go to sleep early

(Newser) - As the school year kicks off to a staggered start around the country, parents everywhere are bracing themselves for lengthy school-supply lists and soon-to-come homework battles—unless they have a child in Texas teacher Brandy Young's class. KTRK reports on the second-grade teacher's homework policy, which has gone...

Mom Upset About Son's Homework on Drinking, Sex, Herpes

Her 13-year-old son thought it was funny

(Newser) - A New Jersey mother said she was shocked when her eighth-grade son showed her a homework assignment that asked him to consider what he would do if he contracted herpes after drinking and having a one-night stand. Amy Loper said her son was given the assignment in his language arts...

Teacher's Summer Homework List Goes Viral

Tasks include walking on the beach, dancing

(Newser) - Thankful your school days are over? An Italian teacher's summer homework list might make you want to get back to class. Though most Italian students put pen to paper for scholarly pursuits through their summer holidays from mid-June to mid-September, Cesare Cata—a secondary school teacher at the Don...

Teacher Asks Sixth-Graders to Compare Bush, Hitler

DC school district sorry about homework assignment

(Newser) - The DC school district has apologized to parents over a doozy of a sixth-grade homework assignment: A teacher asked the kids to compare and contrast Hitler and George W. Bush, NBC Washington reports. With Venn diagrams, of course. It seems the class was studying war and peace, and the unidentified...

Swedish City May Ban Homework

Backers say kids should cover all material during school hours

(Newser) - For most kids, it's a dream that can never come true—but in one Swedish city, the idea of a ban on homework could become a reality. The Left Party in the city of Hallstahammar says kids should be able to learn everything they need during the school day,...

French President Promises to Outlaw Homework

Move is part of Francois Hollande's education reforms

(Newser) - French President Francois Hollande has been making good on a slew of campaign promises since taking office—like this , and this , and this —and now he's making headlines as he turns to education. The reason? He pledged this week to ban homework, reports France24 . "Work should be...

Maryland School Nixes Homework

Kids read 30 minutes per night instead

(Newser) - It's every schoolkid's dream come true: There's no more homework at a Maryland elementary school. The new assignment for students: Read a book of their choosing for 30 minutes per night, Fox 5 reports. After becoming principal two years ago, Stephanie Brant and her colleagues "really...

Teen Burglar Leaves Homework at Crime Scene

Police arrest 18-year-old in connection with break-in

(Newser) - Pro tip for the world's burglars: Try to avoid leaving incriminating evidence, like fingerprints, DNA, or a backpack containing your schoolwork at the scene. Utah police responding to a burglary this weekend found a backpack left behind in the targeted home's backyard, the AP reports. Inside was a...

LA Schools: Homework Can't Exceed 10% of Grade

New rule aims to help kids facing after-school pressures

(Newser) - The nation's second-biggest school district is entering the debate over homework: A new policy dictates that it can't be worth more than 10% of a student's grade, reports the LA Times . The Los Angeles Unified School District wants to ease the after-school burden on its largely low-income,...

Hey Kids, Stop Asking Me to Do Your Homework
Hey Kids, Stop Asking
Me to Do Your Homework

Hey Kids, Stop Asking Me to Do Your Homework

Meghan Daum is sick of 'entitled' children who don't think for themselves

(Newser) - Not surprisingly, Los Angeles Times columnist Meghan Daum gets quite a few emails. But perhaps more infuriating than the ones "telling me I'm a moron and the reason print media is dying" are the ones asking her to do some kid's homework. "Not a week goes...

Kids Outsource Homework to Indian Tutors

Cultural divide an issue, but tutors far cheaper overseas

(Newser) - Big corporations aren’t the only ones going to India for cheap help; a growing number of parents are having their kids call overseas for help with their schoolwork. For just $99 a month, students can get unlimited help with English, math, or science from TutorVista, a network of Indian...

Teachers Fret as Students Flock to Study Sites

Online answers spark cheating fears

(Newser) - Offering class notes, old exams, and homework answers, study websites are a big hit with students, but teachers are less excited about the technology, the Wall Street Journal reports. Instructors worry sites like Cramster, which has sold twice as many $10 monthly subscriptions in 2009 compared to a year ago,...

UK Teachers: Ban Homework for Kids Under 11

(Newser) - A British teachers’ group thinks homework for children under 11 is a waste of time for all involved, the Telegraph reports. It can “damage parents and children's relationships when trying to get it all done, and ends in tears all round,” the Association of Teachers and Lecturers said....

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