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Top NYC Hotels for Cheaters
 Top NYC Hotels 
 for Cheaters 

Top NYC Hotels for Cheaters

Five sites of well-known sex scandals

(Newser) - New York has housed many a famous cheater in its fancy hotels—the Daily News lists the top five:
  • Four Seasons: Alex Rodriguez courted prostitutes here while still married to Cynthia, alleges Manhattan madam Kristin Davis.
  • Days Inn: Gov. David Paterson went the budget route at this $150-a-night hotel during

Madonna Fumes as A-Rod Turns to Ex-Wife

Singer wants him back, bad

(Newser) - Will the drama never end? Alex Rodriguez should have known Madonna would be "pissed" when he ran back to ex-wife Cynthia as he did damage control after Saturday's steroids bombshell, the New York Daily News reports. “To Madonna, this is the ultimate dis,” says an insider, adding...

Besieged A-Rod Runs Back to Ex

Wife who dumped him for cheating is at his side again

(Newser) - Alex Rodriguez made a quick about-turn from partying to the arms of his ex-wife as the steroids scandal broke last weekend. The defamed Yankee was partying in the Bahamas when news of his steroid use broke, but arrived at Monday's confessional with Cynthia Rodriguez in tow, the Daily News reports....

Guess Where A-Rod's Spending Thanksgiving?

Wife blasts his decision to ditch kids

(Newser) - Alex Rodriguez will be spending the holiday with family—just not his own, the New York Post reports. The Yankee slugger’s wife told a friend, “My soul-less, soon-to-be ex-husband is abandoning his kids on Thanksgiving to be with Madonna.” Cynthia went on to describe the singer in...

Madge or Ex? A-Rod Can't Decide

Slugger asks wife to hang on

(Newser) - Sounds like Alex Rodriguez is caught between a rock star and a familiar place. The Yankees’ third baseman still loves ex-wife Cynthia, reports the New York Post’s Page Six, but he’s “in awe of Madonna,” says a baseball insider. He’s reportedly asking Cynthia, his “...

A-Rod Divorce Battle Ends Peacefully

Surprise speedy settlement stops mud-slinging

(Newser) - The mud-slinging A-Rod divorce battle has ended amicably, reports the New York Daily News. Alex and Cynthia Rodriquez ended their 5-year marriage with a private settlement, said the attorney for the Yankees slugger, who offered no details. Cynthia filed for divorce in July, citing her hubby's "long period of...

A-Rod Wants Prenup Enforced
 A-Rod Wants Prenup Enforced 

A-Rod Wants Prenup Enforced

Slugger's lawyers call cheating allegations 'immaterial'

(Newser) - Alex Rodriguez plans to ask the Florida courts to enforce the prenup he and estranged wife, Cynthia, signed, the Daily News reports. The Yankee slugger acknowledges their marriage is “irretrievably broken” and wants the courts to disregard his soon-to-be-ex's allegations of "extramarital affairs and other marital misconduct" because...

A-Rod's Ex-Agent Plays Peacemaker

Couple meets in Toronto as Cynthia brings daughter to see Yankees star

(Newser) - Scott Boras, fired by Alex Rodriguez over the winter, is trying to play peacemaker between the Yankees star and his estranged wife, the New York Daily News reports. Boras met with the couple over the weekend in Toronto, where Cynthia Rodriguez had brought daughter Natasha, 3, to visit her father....

Cynthia 'Not Out to Mutilate' A-Rod

Slugger's wife denies spending spree, takes high road in spilling to Post's Adams

(Newser) - Cynthia Rodriguez says she’s “not out to mutilate” husband Alex Rodriguez and while she considers her marriage to the New York Yankees star over, she’ll be there for him when he cracks up, she tells Post columnist Cindy Adams. Of reports on her escape to Paris: “...

Lenny Livid Over C-Rod Rumors
 Lenny Livid Over C-Rod Rumors 

Lenny Livid Over C-Rod Rumors

Blames ex-manager for dragging him into A-Rod-Madonna fiasco

(Newser) - Lenny Kravitz is outraged his name has been dragged into the Alex and Cynthia Rodriguez divorce drama and blames the whole mess on former manager Guy Oseary, the New York Post reports. The rocker fired Oseary after A-Rod’s former trainer told him Oseary was about to “pimp out...

C-Rod to A-Rod: Payback's a $100K Paris Shopping Spree

Pal: Cynthia got loose with Yank's credit card

(Newser) - Whatever the intricacies of Alex Rodriguez's maybe-affair with Madonna, soon-to-be-ex Cynthia Rodriguez didn't get mad—she went shopping. “She's been spending wildly," one of A-Rod’s friends tells the New York Daily News. "She spent close to $100,000 on her jaunt to Paris." While she...

Wife: A-Rod, Madonna Had 'Affair of the Heart'

Betrayed spouse's lawyer says infidelity wasn't physical

(Newser) - Alex Rodriguez’s relationship with Madonna amounted to “an affair of the heart,” not physical infidelity, his estranged wife's lawyer tells People. A-Rod had dinners with his sweetie, constantly listened to her music, and dumped his agent for her Kabbalah-loving manager, the New York Post reports.

A-Rod's Wife Files for Divorce, Citing Infidelity

Yankees star 'emotionally abandoned his wife and children,' petition says

(Newser) - Alex Rodriguez's wife filed for divorce today, calling her husband an adulterer who "emotionally abandoned his wife and children," but naming no names. "The marriage of the parties is irretrievably broken because of the husband's extramarital affairs and other marital misconduct," claimed Cynthia Rodriguez's petition for...

Miffed Madonna Denies Divorce, A-Rod Affair

Material Girl scoffs at hunky Yank rumors as his wife files for divorce

(Newser) - Madonna has blasted reports that she’s having an affair with Yankees star A-Rod and divorcing Guy Ritchie. “My husband and I are not planning on getting a divorce,” she said in a statement to People. “I am not romantically involved in any way with Alex Rodriguez....

How to Avoid Mr. Wrong
 How to Avoid Mr. Wrong 

How to Avoid Mr. Wrong

As wacky breakups abound, Dowd goes in search of rules of engagement

(Newser) - Celebrity couples aren't always models of marital stability, but as Christie Brinkley, A-Rod, and Madonna join forces to hold the planet hostage, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd goes off in search of those telltale signs of who to avoid ending up at the altar with. She finds her answers...

Jilted Wife: Madonna Cast Spell on A-Rod

Spouse accuses Material Girl of luring slugger with Kabbalah

(Newser) - Cynthia Rodriguez thinks that Madonna has broken up her marriage with the power of mysticism, friends of Yankee Alex Rodriguez's wife tell the Daily News. She apparently found a note in which the slugger calls Madonna his “true soulmate” and is convinced they're having an affair—and that dark...

Wife Ditches A-Rod for Lenny Kravitz

Cynthia Rodriguez at rocker's Paris pad

(Newser) - While rumors swirl over Alex Rodgriguez's late nights with Madonna, the Yankee's wife has ditched him for rocker Lenny Kravitz, the New York Post claims. Cynthia Rodriguez, who has yet to file divorce papers, has spent the past four nights shacked up with the Grammy-winner at his pad in Paris,...

A-Wuss Fainted at Baby's Birth: Wife

A-Rod 'real wimpy' when it comes to medical situations

(Newser) - A close-up look at childbirth when his first daughter was on the way knocked slugger Alex Rodriguez out cold, AP reports. "One nurse had a cloth on his head. The other nurse had the blood pressure cuff on his arm, and I'm there, in the middle of labor,"...

A-Rod Scores Baby-Rod No. 2
 A-Rod Scores Baby-Rod No. 2 

A-Rod Scores Baby-Rod No. 2

It's a house of ladies as his wife gives birth to a second daughter

(Newser) - Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez and his wife welcomed the birth of their second daughter Monday in Miami, reports. The couple, who did not release the newborn's name, already has daughter Natasha, 3.

Mrs. A-Rod Flips Bronx Fans The Bird

Sassy spouse sports 'obscene' shirt at game

(Newser) - The wife of All-Star third-baseman Alex Rodriguez has got some fans calling foul: Cynthia Rodriguez attended the Yankees' 11-5 Sunday loss donning a tank top that read "F— You." Spectators disturbed by the message notified Yankee Stadium security officials, who were reluctant to cause a stir and took...

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