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Last Surviving Member of Enola Gay Crew Is Dead

Navigator 'Dutch' Van Kirk helped drop atomic bomb on Hiroshima

(Newser) - The crew of the Enola Gay bomber that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima is now only in the history books. The last surviving member, navigator Theodore "Dutch" Van Kirk, has died in an Atlanta retirement home at age 93, reports WXIA . Van Kirk was 24 when he helped...

Nuke Honcho Who Signed Hiroshima Bomb, Filmed Blast, Dies

Los Alamos director Harold Agnew helped build 75% of US' nuclear stockpile

(Newser) - Harold Agnew, a physicist who helped build the first atomic bomb and served as a director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, died yesterday at his home in Solana Beach, Calif. He was 92. Agnew, who was suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukemia, died while watching football on TV, the AP...

Truman's Grandson Meets Hiroshima Survivors

He travels to Japan for anniversary of atomic bombings

(Newser) - Japanese survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki met face-to-face today with the grandson of the man who authorized the attacks. Clifton Truman Daniel, a Chicago resident and descendant of Harry Truman, traveled to Tokyo for a ceremony marking the 67th anniversary of the bombings, reports AFP . "...

US Military Class Suggested 'Hiroshima' Answer to Islam

Officers told total war on religion may be necessary

(Newser) - A course for American military officers took a position on Islam so extreme that it sounds like the invention of al-Qaeda propagandists. Future military leaders were taught that to protect America, "total war" on all the world's Muslims may be necessary, and holy cities like Mecca may have...

Nagasaki Marks 65th Anniversary

 Nagasaki Marks 
 65th Anniversary 

Nagasaki Marks 65th Anniversary

Memorial emphasizes eliminating nuclear weapons

(Newser) - Bells tolled today as Nagasaki marked 65 years since the last time a nuclear weapon was dropped on a civilian population, reports the BBC, an attack that killed 70,000, leveled an entire city, and ultimately ended the last world war within a week. Though the US ambassador to Japan...

Japan Should Apologize for Hiroshima

Or for nation's bloody actions leading up to bombing

(Newser) - Japan will commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing today, and for the first time, the US ambassador to Japan will be present. The son of the man who dropped the first atomic bomb called that gesture “an unsaid apology” from the Obama administration. But it’s not...

US Joins Hiroshima Memorial Event for First Time
US Joins Hiroshima
Memorial Event for First Time
65 years since a-bomb

US Joins Hiroshima Memorial Event for First Time

Ambassador present as city marks 65 years since atomic bomb

(Newser) - Hiroshima marked the 65th anniversary of its atomic bombing today with an official representative from the US in attendance for the first time. Ambassador John Roos said he hoped this year's event would boost world efforts towards nuclear disarmament, the AP reports. Fellow nuclear powers Britain and France also sent...

Publisher Drops 'Fake' Hiroshima History

Veterans irked as James Cameron stands by author

(Newser) - The publisher of Last Train to Hiroshima has stopped shipping the book after it emerged that at least one of the author's sources had invented his story. Joseph Fuoco, who died in 2008, claimed to have been a last-minute replacement on board the Enola Gay on its bombing mission but...

Fashion's Issey Miyake Haunted by Hiroshima
Fashion's Issey Miyake Haunted by Hiroshima

Fashion's Issey Miyake Haunted by Hiroshima

Obama's disarmament talk inspires A-bomb survivor to speak up

(Newser) - Issey Miyake’s clothes are famous for color and exuberance, but the Japanese designer has a tragic past: He survived the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Miyake has declined to talk about the blast, “preferring to think of things that can be created, not destroyed,” he writes in...

Japanese Man, 93, Survived Both A-Bombs

Was on business in Hiroshima; lived in Nagasaki

(Newser) - At 93, a Japanese man has become the first certified survivor of both atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the AP reports. Tsutomu Yamaguchi was in Hiroshima on business Aug. 6, 1945, when the US bombed the city; after a night there, he returned home to Nagasaki, bombed Aug. 9....

Korean Hiroshima Survivors Want $$$—from Japan

(Newser) - Hapcheon residents think they live in the unluckiest town in earth. When Japan occupied the tiny South Korean farming community during World War II, it sent locals to work in munitions factories—in Hiroshima. Thousands of Hapcheon residents died instantly when the bomb dropped. The rest were shunned when they...

Crashed Subs Carried '1200 Hiroshimas'

Lawmakers demand answers after British, French subs collide under the Atlantic

(Newser) - British lawmakers are demanding to know how the flagships of the British and French nuclear submarine fleets—each carrying missiles with enough power for 1,250 Hiroshima bombings—managed to collide earlier this month, the Independent reports. Defense sources say the crash was just incredibly bad luck, but experts are...

Marine Guilty of Sex 'Misconduct' in Hiroshima

But he's acquitted of raping Japanese teen

(Newser) - A US Marine was convicted of "wrongful sexual misconduct" with a 19-year-old Japanese woman, but was acquitted of the more serious charge of rape, reports CNN. The Marine, 20, is one of four accused of attacking the woman in Hiroshima. The case was heard by an American military court...

4 Marines Face Court-Martial in Hiroshima Rape Case

Gang-rape trial to begin in spring

(Newser) - The American military has announced it will court-martial four Marines on charges of gang-raping a Japanese woman in Hiroshima last year. The first two Marines will face a general court-martial in late April or early May. Japanese prosecutors had concluded that there was not sufficient evidence to charge them in...

Hiroshima Bomb Pilot Dead at 92
Hiroshima Bomb Pilot Dead at 92

Hiroshima Bomb Pilot Dead at 92

Pilot defended his role to the last, said he had 'no regrets'

(Newser) - The commander and pilot of the B-29 that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, in 1945—the first military use of nuclear weapons—died today, the Associated Press reports. Paul Tibbets was 92, and requested no funeral or headstone for fear that they might attract anti-nuclear protesters. Tibbets always...

Japanese Pol Resigns Over A-Bomb Gaffe

Defense minister said WWII bombings were inevitable

(Newser) - Japan's defense minister has resigned in a storm of protest over remarks he made last weekend that the American bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were justified. Fumio Kyuma said he understood the US decision to drop the bombs, and that "it couldn't be helped." He also suggested that...

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