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Cops: Craigslist Killer Shot Student, Returned to Work

Taylor Clark's body found in wooded area near Missouri parking lot

(Newser) - A 24-year-old man has been charged with first-degree murder after he allegedly killed a college student who was trying to sell his car for $11,000 on Craigslist. Taylor Clark, who had just taken his last exam at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, brought a soda to his girlfriend at work...

Craigslist Killers Get Life Without Parole

Miranda Barbour and husband Elytte sentenced for ambush killing

(Newser) - A married couple who met up with and murdered a Pennsylvania man who answered the wife's Craigslist ad offering "companion" services has been sentenced to life in prison without parole, the Patriot-News reports. Miranda Barbour, 19, and her 22-year-old husband, Elytte, had pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in...

Accused Craigslist Killer's Dad: OK to Execute Her

If Miranda Barbour is found guilty and jury wants death, Sonny Dean says that's fine

(Newser) - Should Miranda Barbour be convicted of killing a 42-year-old she and her husband are accused of luring via Craigslist and murdering , execution would be a fine punishment. So says her ... father. In an interview with the Daily Item , Sonny Dean says that he would actually "stand side by side"...

Satanists Disown Accused Craigslist Killer

Woman who claims to have killed at least 22 'isn't one of us'

(Newser) - The nation's devil-worshipers are scrambling to distance themselves from a teenage woman who claims to have killed at least 22 people as part of a satanic cult. "We have never had any contact from this woman, nor her accomplice," the head priest of the Church of Satan...

Accused Craigslist Killer: I Killed 22-Plus 'Bad People'

Miranda Barbour says she stopped counting victims she killed in last 6 years

(Newser) - Miranda Barbour admits killing a 42-year-old Pennsylvania man she says she and her new husband picked up on Craigslist for sex in November, but her tale only gets darker from there: In an interview with the Sunbury Daily Item , the 19-year-old says that she's killed at least 22 people...

Newlyweds Killed Guy for Kicks: Cops

Pennsylvania couple allegedly lured victim into their car

(Newser) - Another Craigslist killing ? A newly married couple in Pennsylvania allegedly lured a man into their car and murdered him for the sheer thrill of it, the Daily Item reports. Police say Elytte Barbour, 22, and Miranda Barbour, 18, killed 42-year-old Troy La Ferrara after picking him up at a...

What Craigslist Killings Say About White Men

Both killers and victims were clinging to love outside of family

(Newser) - The Ohio "Craigslist murders" may be old news, but what they teach us about America is still heartbreaking. Two years ago, Richard Beasley and his teenage accomplice Brogan Rafferty were arrested for luring Craigslist job-hunters into rural areas and killing them. In an extensive Atlantic article, Hanna Rosin looks...

Ohio Sentences Craigslist Killer to Death

Richard Beasley killed 3 men seeking farm jobs

(Newser) - A self-styled street preacher who teamed up with a high school student in a deadly plot to lure men with bogus Craigslist job offers has been sentenced to death. A judge in Akron sentenced 53-year-old Richard Beasley today; the jury that convicted him recommended last week that he be executed....

Ohio Craigslist Killer Guilty, Could Get Death

Richard Beasley masterminded plot to kill jobseekers

(Newser) - The Ohio street preacher who masterminded a plot to kill jobseekers lured to an Ohio town by ads on Craigslist has been found guilty of killing three men. Relatives of the three victims hugged and Richard Beasley, 53, slumped forward in his wheelchair as the verdict was read out, the...

2 New Bodies Could Be Linked to Craigslist Scheme

One could be man missing more than a week

(Newser) - Authorities found two more bodies in Ohio today that could be connected to a suspected Craigslist murder scheme , potentially bringing the death toll to three. One body was found in a shallow grave near an Akron mall, the other in a shallow grave about 90 miles away in a rural...

Latest Remains Not Related to LI Killer

Search for Shannan Gilbert takes to the sea

(Newser) - The serial killer that Long Island cops suspect is using a lonely stretch near Jones Beach as a dumping ground may not be the first to have done so: The latest remains pulled from the area are too old to be connected with those of four prostitutes found in December....

Long Island Serial Killer: Ninth Set of Remains Found
 Body No. 10 Found on LI Beach 

Body No. 10 Found on LI Beach

Partial sets of remains found as search resumes

(Newser) - Cops searching near Long Island's Jones Beach have made another grisly discovery on the trail of a suspected serial killer: The potential ninth and 10th sets of remains, reports the AP. "They are human remains. It’s not a complete body, they are partial human remains," says one...

Child Among Remains Pulled From LI Beach

Search resumes today

(Newser) - One of the four bodies that cops found on a desolate Long Island beach last week is that of an infant or child, reports the New York Post. "One doesn't match the others. It's a young person, possibly as young as an infant, or a child," says a...

Savvy LI Killer Used Tech to Torment Victim's Sis

Calls from victim's cell phone show awareness of cops' methods

(Newser) - After the suspected Long Island serial killer took Melissa Barthelemy's life, he likely took her cell phone and used it to torment her teenage sister—and he did so in a way that leads cops to think that he's no stranger to their investigative methods, reports the New York Times....

Cops Find 3 More Bodies on NY Beach

Brings total to eight near Long Island's Jones Beach

(Newser) - The dense brush of an isolated Long Island beach yielded three more sets of human remains today, making a total of eight recovered in the vicinity, and giving credence to investigators' suspicions that they're dealing with a serial killer. Police have not identified the remains, nor those of another body...

Long Island Killer Targeting Craigslist Escorts, Cops Fear

Four bodies identified by Long Island police as prostitutes

(Newser) - Long Island police fear they are facing a Craigslist killer, after identifying the skeletal remains of three women found dumped on a local beach last month —all were prostitutes, less than 5 feet tall, and about 100 pounds, and all three advertised on the popular classifieds site. One of...

Markoff Wrote Ex's Name in Blood on Wall

Scrawled a second word that looked like 'pocket'

(Newser) - As he lay dying by his own hand on what should have been his first wedding anniversary, the alleged “Craigslist Killer” scrawled his former fiancé’s name in blood on the wall of his cell, sources tell ABC News . Philip Markoff also tried to write a second word,...

Accused 'Craigslist Killer' Stabbed, Suffocated Himself

Reportedly used a plastic bag, pen

(Newser) - Accused Craigslist killer Philip Markoff was found with a plastic bag tied over his head and puncture wounds on his neck and both ankles. A law enforcement officer says Markoff cut one of his arteries, with sources telling the Boston Herald that he used a pen and his medical-school knowledge...

Accused 'Craigslist Killer' Found Dead in Cell

Philip Markoff committed suicide, say authorities

(Newser) - Philip Markoff, the former Boston University medical student accused of killing a masseuse he met through Craigslist, is dead in an apparent jailhouse suicide, say authorities. A spokesman for the Suffolk County sheriff's office says Philip Markoff was declared dead by emergency medical workers at about 10:15am. The body...

Craigslist's New Cash Cow: Sex Ads

Site doubled the price, stopped donating profits to charity

(Newser) - For a free site, Craigslist is doing all right: The classified-ad behemoth's profit is projected to climb 22% over last year, reports the New York Times —driven almost entirely by its controversial sex ads, which have been connected to prostitution, human trafficking, and one murder charge. In response to...

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