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Dutch Prince Who Fought the Nazis Was a Nazi Himself
Dutch Prince Who Fought the
Nazis Was a Nazi Himself
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Dutch Prince Who Fought the Nazis Was a Nazi Himself

Prince Bernhard's original Nazi party membership card surfaces

(Newser) - The Dutch government has confirmed that the grandfather of King Willem Alexander was a Nazi. Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld, a German nobleman, married the future Queen Juliana in 1937, three years before he would escort the Dutch royal family to exile in England as the Nazis invaded the Netherlands, reports...

Security Threat Ruins Princess' University-Life Plans

Dutch heir Princess Amalia, 18, is reportedly a target of criminal gangs

(Newser) - It's not always easy being a princess, a fact the 18-year-old heir to the Dutch throne was just painfully reminded of. Last month, Princess Amalia moved into a shared student house in the heart of Amsterdam's historic canal district as she enrolled at the University of Amsterdam. But...

Royal Family: Sorry for Princess's Birthday Bash

Dutch heir Amalia welcomed 21 guests for celebration amid rising COVID-19 cases

(Newser) - The Dutch royal family says it regrets hosting an 18th birthday party for future queen Princess Amalia amid rising cases of COVID-19. Prime Minister Mark Rutte says 21 people attended Saturday's party in the gardens of the Huis ten Bosch royal palace in the Hague, where canopies were erected...

Dutch King Secretly Kept Pilot Job for 21 Years

He flew incognito for KLM

(Newser) - Dutch passengers on KLM flights might have recognized the co-pilot's voice when he introduced himself on the airline's Cityhopper services. It was not just their co-pilot telling them weather conditions and estimated time of arrival. It was their king. King Willem-Alexander told national daily De Telegraaf in an...

Dutch Freak Over 'Imbecilic' New Royal Song

Composer withdraws piece for new king

(Newser) - So much for a beloved new royal anthem. As the Netherlands' crown prince, Willem-Alexander, prepares to ascend the throne, a British-born composer wrote an official song to mark the occasion. But instead of celebrating, some 38,000 people have signed an online petition utterly rejecting the tune, performed by 51...

New York, Age 400, Looks Back to Holland

Exhibition features letter signaling founding of Manhattan

(Newser) - Today is an unhappy date in New York, but tomorrow is a much more joyous anniversary—on Sept. 12, 1609, Henry Hudson sailed up the river that now bears his name, leading to the founding of New Amsterdam. The Dutch royal family will visit for the anniversary, and two historical...

Dutchman Dies After Attempted Attack on Queen

Assailant killed 5 by ramming his car into crowd

(Newser) - The man who drove his car into a crowd at a parade in an attempted attack on the queen of the Netherlands died of his injuries today. Five people were killed and 12 injured after 38-year-old Karst Tates rammed his car through two police barricades and careened toward an open-top...

Possible Assassination Try Kills 4 Near Dutch Royals

Car zooms through crowd at Queen's celebration; 13 injured

(Newser) - Four people were killed today and 13 injured in a possible assassination attempt at a celebration honoring the Dutch queen, Radio Netherlands reports. A car broke barriers and zoomed through a crowd, crashing into a monument just as the royal family was passing in an open-topped bus; they were sped...

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