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83-Year-Old Yacht Wins Trans-Pacific Race

...a feat it last pulled off in 1936

(Newser) - The boat that won this year's Transpacific Yacht Race was a feared competitor on the cutting edge of sailboat design … back in 1936, when it won the race for the first time. This time, the Dorade was a much less likely winner. When he bought the boat for... More »

US Schooner Vanishes Off New Zealand

The last eerie call came in June 3

(Newser) - Six Americans and a Brit have vanished without a trace on the high seas between New Zealand and Australia, aboard the 70-foot vessel the Nina, CNN reports.The crew was last heard from on June 4 while battling rough conditions—68mph gusts and waves as high as 26 feet—about... More »

HMS Bounty Crew Member Found Dead

Tall ship's captain still missing

(Newser) - The Coast Guard has recovered the body of one of two crew members missing from the HMS Bounty, a tall ship that sank off the North Carolina coast after running into Hurricane Sandy. The replica sailing ship was built for the 1962 movie Mutiny on the Bounty, and Claudene Christian,... More »

85-Year-Old Sails Atlantic ... on a Raft

Two-month journey for charity completed

(Newser) - Anthony Smith was in high spirits as arrived in St. Maarten yesterday, and why not? After all, he’d just realized a boyhood dream, sailing a 40-foot raft on a two-month journey across the Atlantic with the help of three of his friends—at the ripe young age of 85.... More »

BP's Hayward: If Only I Had an Acting Degree

And so what if I went sailing, he harrumphs in first in-depth interview

(Newser) - Tony Hayward's lips are flapping again, which usually doesn't bode well for Tony Hayward. In his first in-depth interview since his departure from the company's helm, BP's vilified ex-CEO is unrepentant about wanting his life back and going sailing as the Macondo well gushed, and generally feels like he "... More »

Laura Dekker Sets Sail

Dutch teen slips quietly out of Portuguese port

(Newser) - Fourteen-year-old Laura Dekker quietly slipped out of an undisclosed Portugal port today, beginning her controversial quest to become the youngest person to sail around the globe. The Dutch teen began her journey, expected to take at least a year, on a nearly windless day, notes the AP. "She said... More »

Mom of Dutch Sailor, 14: OK, She Can Go

Laura Dekker gets greenlight for around-the-world trip

(Newser) - The mother of a 14-year-old Dutch girl who wants to sail solo around the world has given up her opposition to her daughter's planned trip. Laura Dekker's dream of becoming the youngest person to sail alone around the globe has been thwarted by a Dutch court that last year made... More »

Abby Sunderland Reunited With Brother

Zac Sunderland meets teen sailor off coast of Africa on way home

(Newser) - In a bittersweet reunion today, 16-year-old Californian sailor Abby Sunderland hugged her brother Zac as she teared up and defended her family against criticism that she had been too young to try to sail around the world alone. "I knew what to do. I was well-prepared for anything that... More »

Sunderlands: Parents Who Should Be Shot

Teen plans to try again

(Newser) - At first it looked like an inspiring tale of a plucky teen sailor trying to circumnavigate the globe alone, rescued from storm-tossed seas in a big-hearted Australian government operation. But anger continues to mount as Abby Sunderland's near-death experience underscores the dangers she faced because her parents "allowed her... More »

Missing Teen Sailor Alive and Well

Searchers talk to her via radio

(Newser) - Missing teen solo sailor Abby Sunderland has been located and is alive and well, her team revealed. Sunderland told searchers aboard a Quantas airbus, commissioned by the Australian government, that she's OK and has plenty of food, reports MSNBC . "Wild Eyes is upright but her rigging is down. The... More »

Aussie Teen Completes Solo Voyage Around World

16-year-old sailor is the youngest person to do so

(Newser) - After 210 days at sea, 16-year-old Australian Jessica Watson sailed into Sydney Harbour today to complete her solo and unassisted circumnavigation of the globe. She's the youngest person ever to make such a trip. Australia's ABC reports that thousands of cheering locals crowded the shore to welcome Watson, who, after... More »

Teen Forced to Quit Round-the-World Sail

Broken auto pilot ends Sunderland's record hopes

(Newser) - California teen Abby Sunderland has been forced to abandon her attempt to become the youngest person ever to sail solo around the world without stopping. The 16-year-old, who set off in January, is headed toward Cape Town for emergency repairs to her 40-foot boat's navigation system, ABC News reports. She... More »

US Wins Back America's Cup

After 15-year drought, Eliison's BWM Oracle trimaran defeats Swiss Alonghi

(Newser) - Larry Ellison's space-age trimaran BMW Oracle won back the America's Cup for the United States by speeding across the Mediterranean and routing two-time defending champ Alinghi of Switzerland in a two-race sweep. The 65-year-old software tycoon was onboard his incredibly fast craft today, after sitting out Race 1 due to... More »

Teen Sailor Can Stay With Dad

Ruling paves the way for another attempt at round-the-world sail

(Newser) - A Dutch court ruled today that 14-year-old sailor Laura Dekker can remain in her father's custody after she ran away from home and traveled alone to the Caribbean. The ruling clears the way once again for Dekker to pursue her goal of becoming the youngest person to sail solo around... More »

Runaway Sailor Laura Dekker Found Safe in Caribbean

14-year-old disappeared from the Netherlands

(Newser) - Laura Dekker, the Dutch teen sailor who apparently ran away from home, has been found in St. Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles. Police on the Caribbean island have her in custody, and she is "safe and sound," a Dutch government spokesman tells the BBC . Dekker, 14, wants to... More »

Dutch Sailor, 14, Goes Missing

Court had blocked Laura Dekker's attempt at round-the-world sail

(Newser) - A teenage Dutch sailor who made headlines when she went to court to fight for the right to sail solo around the world has gone missing, police said today. Laura Dekker's boat, Guppy, is still moored at its usual berth and the 14-year-old appears to have left her father's home... More »

Pirates Hijack Yacht, Kidnap UK Couple

Brits reportedly safe after yacht seized off Somalia

(Newser) - A British couple whose yacht went missing in the Indian Ocean four days ago is being held by Somali pirates. The couple was captured during a round-the-world trip while sailing from the Seychelles to Tanzania; five international warships were searching hundreds of miles off the African coast for the pair.... More »

Aussie Sailor, 16, Starts World Trip

Girl leaves on 8-month trip as Aussies debate safety

(Newser) - A 16-year-old Australian steered her bright pink yacht out of Sydney Harbor under gray skies and slightly choppy conditions today to start her bid to become the youngest person to sail solo and unassisted around the world. Jessica Watson's 23,600-mile journey through some of the world's most treacherous waters... More »

How to Tell If You're a WASP

(Newser) - Being a WASP is a lot more than being just white, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant. Author Tad Friend expounds at length on the criteria for true WASP-hood in his upcoming book Cheerful Money: Me, My Family, and the Last Days of WASP Splendor. Vogue offers the highlights:
  • Your refrigerator "contains
... More »

Dutch Move to Block Teen's Around-the-World Solo Sail

(Newser) - Dutch authorities have gone to court to demand custody of a 13-year-old girl to block her planned solo sail around the world, reports the BBC. The girl's parents have already been denied permission for her to miss two years of school for the adventure. Laura Dekker, who has sailed since... More »

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