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Kids in Sailing School Get Unexpected Lesson

5 children had to be rescued from waves off Santa Cruz, Calif., on Sunday

(Newser) - Five children had to be rescued from waves off Santa Cruz, Calif., over the weekend after their boats capsized during a sailing lesson. Several small sailboats flipped as a large wave struck near the mouth of Santa Cruz harbor around 4:30pm Sunday, per NBC News . Though an initial call...

It's Official: She Died at Sea. Now, Her Husband's Sentencing

Lewis Bennett to be sentenced amid uncertainty on how exactly Isabella Hellmann died

(Newser) - The declaration of his wife's presumed death at sea has arrived two years after Lewis Bennett requested it , but under very different circumstances than he might've then imagined. A judge has declared May 14, 2017, as the death date for Isabella Hellmann—who was on a sailing honeymoon...

Stanford Expels Student Embroiled in Admissions Scandal

Student had falsified sailing credentials, the university says

(Newser) - The only Stanford student known to be associated with the massive college admissions scandal has been expelled from the university, the Stanford Daily reports. The female student, whose identity hasn't been released, was admitted through the standard process—not as a recruited athlete—but her application included falsified sailing...

Requests After 212 Days Sailing Around Globe: Bath, Steak, Beer

Jean-Luc Van Den Heede wins Golden Globe Race without modern instruments

(Newser) - The solo around-the-world yacht race took out all but five of its 19 competitors. For awhile, Golden Globe race champion Jean-Luc Van Den Heede thought he was doomed, too. After setting out in July, the 73-year-old Frenchman suffered a damaged mast in a storm in the Southern Ocean in November....

157 Days Into Race, Her Boat Turned End-Over-End

UK's Susie Goodall is awaiting a rescue

(Newser) - The only woman in a 30,000-mile solo race around the globe saw the "total loss" of her boat—with help two days away. One of 18 skippers, Brit Susie Goodall was in the 4th place 157 days into the Golden Globe Race when her 35-foot vessel was pitchpoled...

US Alleges British Sailor Sank Boat to Hide Wife's Murder

The FBI first picked up Lewis Bennett on a smuggling charge that's since evolved

(Newser) - Prosecutors say a British sailor initially arrested on charges he was smuggling gold and silver coins while on a voyage to Cuba now includes murder charges. The FBI believes Lewis Bennett killed his wife, Isabella Hellman, as they plied the Atlantic last year, the Guardian reports. After Bennett was rescued...

This Is the Longest Line You Can Sail Without Hitting Land

It goes more than 19K miles, from Pakistan to Russia

(Newser) - Feel like getting away on the open sea for a long while? Get yourself a boat and head to Pakistan's coastal town of Sonmiani. From there, you can embark on the longest sailable straight line possible, reaching Russia's Karaginsky District some 19,940 miles away, according to researchers....

FBI: Man Murdered Wife on Their Sailing Honeymoon

Investigators say husband saved tea set from boat, didn't look for wife

(Newser) - A man who claimed his wife disappeared at sea when their boat collided with an unknown object near the Bahamas was charged Tuesday with killing her and intentionally trying to sink the vessel to cover his tracks, the AP reports. British citizen Lewis Bennett, 41, is charged with second-degree murder...

Couple Sells Everything, Buys Boat That Then Sinks

$11K raised so far for pair who admit they're new to sailing

(Newser) - Tanner Broadwell and Nikki Walsh sold most of their possessions, bought a sailboat, and moved from Colorado to Florida with plans to explore the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. It was a longtime dream dashed—at least temporarily—just a day after they set sail. While navigating through John's...

2 Eagle Scouts Dead in Sailing Electrocution

Another boy, 11, is hospitalized in Texas

(Newser) - Two Eagle Scouts were fatally electrocuted over the weekend while teaching a younger Boy Scout how to sail. Authorities in East Texas say the mast of their catamaran apparently struck a power line on a lake Saturday afternoon, reports NBC News . The older boys, ages 16, and 18, were found...

Inside One of Worst Sailing Disasters in US History

'Hundreds of moments that went wrong, for everyone'

(Newser) - When the storm hit with enough force to knock a 57,000-ton, 600-foot oil tanker aground, Alabama's Mobile Bay was filled with much smaller vessels. Smithsonian , in a harrowing look at one of the worst sailing disasters in US history, reports 125 boats with 475 sailors and guests—some...

Sailor Beats World Record With 'Incredible' Time

Thomas Coville sails around world solo in 49 days

(Newser) - A French sailor has just destroyed the world record for the fastest time around the world on a solo voyage. Thomas Coville reached the finish line in the English Channel precisely 49 days, 3 hours, 7 minutes, and 38 seconds after he started out, reports France24 . That beats the mark...

Couple Abducted by Pirates—Again
Couple Abducted
by Pirates—Again

Couple Abducted by Pirates—Again

Sabine Merz reportedly killed, Jürgen Kantner seized in Philippines

(Newser) - A German couple who's spent four decades sailing the world has apparently been abducted by pirates for a second time, with what appears to be a fatal result. Jürgen Kantner and Sabine Merz—who were held by Somali pirates for 52 days in 2008, until a six-figure ransom...

Author's Atlantic Odyssey Dooms Boat, Saves Marriage

Michael Hurley's trip doesn't exactly go according to plan

(Newser) - South Carolina author Michael Hurley set sail for Ireland hoping to do some research for his next novel. Instead, he lost his sailboat, had to be rescued by students, and failed to reach his goal by about 2,000 miles; but he came back with a story he probably couldn'...

In Rio's Olympic Waters: Corpses, Sewage

Rio has a long way to go in clean up of Guanabara Bay

(Newser) - With the clock ticking on Rio's 2016 Olympics and tongues wagging about its lack of preparedness , the New York Times today turns to a rather disgusting item on the Games' checklist that Brazil seems to have missed: Guanabara Bay, the site of the sailing and windsurfing events. Despite Brazil'...

Sailing Family Won't Be Charged for Baby's Rescue

Cost of rescue operation is not yet known

(Newser) - It took three federal agencies, a fixed-wing aircraft, a Navy warship, and scores of personnel (including four California Air National Guard members who parachuted into the water and swam to the boat) to rescue an ill baby girl and her family from their broken down sailboat 900 miles off the...

Why I Sail the World With My Child
 Why I Sail the World 
 With My Child 


Why I Sail the World With My Child

Diane Selkirk defends the 'Rebel Heart' sailing family

(Newser) - Diane Selkirk has heard the criticism of the Kaufman family , who decided to sail around the globe with their two young children only to see one of them fall ill and need to be rescued . But on Slate , she explains why "adventure sailing with young children," while risky,...

Sick Child's Parents Defend Round-the-World Sail

Kaufmans insist they 'prepared as well as any sailing crew could'

(Newser) - Eric and Charlotte Kaufman, the parents who took their young daughters on what was supposed to be a round-the-world sailing voyage, are defending that decision after their 1-year-old daughter became ill, their boat stalled, and the family had to be rescued by the US Navy. "We understand there are...

Navy Rescues Ill Toddler Off Coast of Mexico

Family was on round-the-world sail when 1-year-old became sick

(Newser) - American sailors rescued a family with an ill 1-year-old baby from a disabled sailboat hundreds of miles off the Mexican coast and today were headed to San Diego to get the girl medical treatment. The girl, along with her family, were helped onto an inflatable raft and then taken aboard...

'Reckless' Captain Sunk HMS Bounty: Report

Surviving crew members disagree with NTSB

(Newser) - The missing and presumed dead captain of the HMS Bounty takes the blame for the tall ship's sinking in a newly released National Transportation Safety Board report. The wooden replica of an 18th-century sailing ship sank 125 miles off the North Carolina coast during Hurricane Sandy, and the NTSB...

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