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Photog in Crazy Fight With ... Suri?!

The littlest Cruise upsets a paparazzo

(Newser) - A big, tough paparazzo proved recently that 7-year-old Suri Cruise is no match for him. In an undated video from Fishwrapper , Suri is seen walking to a waiting SUV with mom Katie Holmes and a friend—and she's not happy. She yells at the gathered paparazzi to "stop... More »

Halle Berry Testifies for Bill to Rein In Paparazzi

Actress says photographers stalk her daughter

(Newser) - Halle Berry testified today for a California bill that would limit the ability of paparazzi to photograph the children of celebrities and public figures. "My daughter doesn't want to go to school because she knows `the men' are watching for her," Berry told an Assembly committee. "... More »

Now Justin Bieber Flips Out on Photog

Leaving hospital, pop star threatens to beat paparazzo

(Newser) - Evidence keeps mounting that Justin Bieber is losing it : After passing out onstage last night (and then tweeting a shirtless photo of himself in his hospital bed), this morning in London Bieber flipped out on a photographer, reports pretty much every gossip outlet . Bieber was leaving the hospital when his... More »

Hawaii Senate Passes 'Steven Tyler Act'

Bill allows lawsuits over press invasion of privacy

(Newser) - When Steven Tyler speaks, lawmakers in Hawaii listen. The state Senate has passed an anti-paparazzi billed dubbed the "Steven Tyler Act" after the Aerosmith frontman kicked up a stink about unauthorized photos of him and his girlfriend taken inside his Maui home by a paparazzo with a telephoto lens,... More »

Chris Brown Totals Porsche in Paparazzi Chase

Says photogs were 'ruthlessly' pursuing him, caused him to lose control

(Newser) - Chris Brown might want to think about a nice Volvo in the wake of his latest run-in with the paparazzi, which CNN reports ended with his black Porsche Turbo smeared against an LA wall as his rep says he was "ruthlessly pursued by paparazzi." Brown was uninjured in... More »

Oops: Bieber Caught Happy and High After Photog Killed

Pop star sort of apologizes on Twitter

(Newser) - Caught laughing away and getting high on the day after a paparazzo died trying to snap shots of him, Justin Bieber semi-apologized on Twitter: "Everyday growing and learning. Trying to be better. U get knocked down, u get up," he wrote today. "I see all of u.... More »

Paparazzo Died Trying to Get Bieber Pot Scoop

Said he saw Bieber toking while driving

(Newser) - A celebrity-chasing photog died in a failed attempt to get a shot of Justin Bieber in Los Angeles yesterday, after he spied the Bieb's Ferrari at a traffic stop and crossed a freeway to take photos. Police told the man to return to his car and he was struck... More »

Judge Says Paparazzi Have Right to Chase Bieber

Deems charges unconstitutional in case involving pop star

(Newser) - Two charges were tossed yesterday against the paparazzo who allegedly chased Justin Bieber when the pop star was pulled over for crazy speeding in July—because the LA judge found California's anti-paparazzi law unconstitutional, the Los Angeles Times reports. The landmark law punishes paparazzi who drive recklessly in order... More »

France to Arrest Pap Who Snapped Kate Pics: Report

Sources say photographer's identity has been given to police

(Newser) - Fallout from the Kate Middleton topless photo debacle continues: French police are about to arrest the paparazzo who took the pictures, sources claim. The photographer’s name has been given to investigators, and he’s “expected to be held for questioning imminently,” a source tells the Mirror . Police... More »

Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive Is ...

Hottie Mila Kunis, who also gives good quotes

(Newser) - Move over , Rihanna: Esquire 's new Sexiest Woman Alive not only turns heads, she gives a pretty darn good interview. Quotes from the mag's chat with actor Mila Kunis:
  • The Biz: "People in this industry lie so much, they believe their lies. That's what I
... More »

Cops Investigating Bieber Over Scuffle

Singer allegedly hit photographer outside mall

(Newser) - A sweet trip to the mall with his girlfriend took a turn for the criminal for Justin Bieber yesterday, or so says a paparazzo. The Los Angeles Times reports that police are investigating the photographer's claims that the Biebs hit him after he took a photo of the singer... More »

Pippa Laughing Off Gungate: Pal

Lawyer who pointed gun represents gun maker for US firm

(Newser) - Her Royal Hotness is still chuckling about a pal who pointed a gun at paparazzi pursuing their car in Paris, reports the Daily Beast . Pippa Middleton thought it was "very funny," says friend Marcy de Soultrait. "We are funny people, it's what we do," he... More »

Russell Brand Arrested

Celeb accused of tossing photographer's iPhone through window

(Newser) - Russell Brand is a wanted man no more: He turned himself into New Orleans police today to face charges that he grabbed a paparazzo's iPhone and threw it through a window, reports the Times-Picayune . The misdemeanor warrant for simple criminal damage to property was issued last night, TMZ reports.... More »

Photogs Mistake 'Blondie,' 66, for Lindsay Lohan

Debbie Harry fools the paparazzi

(Newser) - Photographers clamored around Debbie Harry on Sunday as she left the Mercer Hotel, not because they are huge fans of her band Blondie, but because they believed the 66-year-old was actually Lindsay Lohan, age 25. A picture snapped of a platinum-haired Harry wearing aviator sunglasses does look startlingly similar to... More »

Rowling: Reporter Put Note in Daughter's School Bag

She and Sienna Miller tell UK ethics panel about media 'siege'

(Newser) - The media ethics panel set up in Britain in the wake of the News of the World phone hacking scandal is getting an earful today from some high-profile witnesses:
  • JK Rowling: The Harry Potter author complained that a journalist once slipped a note into her 5-year-old daughter's school bag
... More »

Snitching Pays in South Korea

Government rewards have turned spying on neighbors a lucrative job

(Newser) - Crime really does pay in South Korea—at least it does for anyone within lens-range of the criminal. Government rewards and ubiquitous technology have turned Korea into a nation of snitches—or paparazzi, as they are sarcastically called locally—with people able to earn a good living reporting on their... More »

Inside the $3B 'Gossip Machine'

Authorities want to protect privacy, but thwarted by a 'river of cash'

(Newser) - The behemoth gossip industry relentlessly ferrets out any and all scurrilous details about celebrities, churning out "rivers of cash" that amount to about $3 billion a year, and often tossing privacy laws by the wayside, reports the New York Times in a lengthy look. And thanks in part to... More »

Russell Brand Arrest: Paparazzi Shooting Up Katy Perry's Skirt

He's charged with simple battery

(Newser) - Russell Brand is free on bail today on charges of simple battery after he allegedly roughed up members of the paparazzi at LAX airport. The reason? He told cops upon his arrest that photographers were trying to shoot up fiancée Katy Perry's skirt, reports TMZ . Katy herself confirms the... More »

The Tabloid Pic Stalling Wills' Engagement

But fear not: Wedding is apparently still on track

(Newser) - For all you rabid royal-watchers wondering why Prince William didn’t announce his engagement to Kate Middleton last week like Tina Brown said he would , she's got the story behind the delay over at the Daily Beast . Turns out Wills and Kate are having a bit of a tiff about... More »

Sean Penn Must Get Anger Management

He cops a plea after roughing up a photographer

(Newser) - Sean Penn will undergo 36 hours of anger management and then live in peace and harmony with the paparazzi. That's the plan, anyway, after he copped a plea for roughing up a photographer last year, reports People . He also gets 3 years of probation and 300 hours of community service,... More »

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