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Photog Sues Sean Penn Over Alleged Death Threat

Paparazzo claims actor broke his camera, menaced him

(Newser) - Sean Penn is already facing criminal charges in the wake of a run-in with a photographer in October, and the actor is now the defendant in a civil case about the incident as well. Jordan Dawes alleges that the volatile actor kicked him and broke his camera, then said, "... More »

Tiger Woods Apologizes to Daycare

Woods and Nordegren sorry for paparazzi attention

(Newser) - Tiger Woods did a little more apologizing today, this time to the parents of the other kids at the daycare his daughter attends. Woods and Elin Nordegren released a letter offering a “personal apology” for the media scrutiny now surrounding the school, reports Florida's WFTV . “We hope that... More »

Polanski Sues Media for Privacy Invasion

Director seeks end to media spotlight

(Newser) - Roman Polanski and his wife are suing several French publications for invading their privacy during the film director's house arrest. The photographs the couple object to include one of Polanski standing at the window of his Swiss chalet, and one of Polanski's wife, Emmanuel Seigner, walking down a street. The... More »

LiLo Involved in LA Hit-and-Run

Lindsay Lohan's driver becomes subject of assault probe

(Newser) - A car in which Lindsay Lohan was a passenger struck and injured a paparazzo early this morning outside a Los Angeles nightclub, then quickly left the scene, police say. The BMW "sped away at a high rate of speed and hit a paparazzi photographer causing an injury to his... More »

Why Robert Pattinson Smells Awful

Twilight, New Moon star is really just fending off the paps

(Newser) - Robert Pattinson has a reputation as more than just every tween’s heartthrob: He apparently stinks, and New York finally found out why. “If he doesn’t change his clothes and the paparazzi get pictures of him in the same outfit all the time, then they can’t sell... More »

Tyson Arrested in Bloody Run-In With Paparazzi

Boxer in custody after incident at LAX

(Newser) - Boxer Mike Tyson is in police custody tonight after a violent incident with paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport that, according to a TMZ source, left “blood on the ground.” A rep for Tyson, 43, said he was defending his wife and 10-month-old child from an overly aggressive... More »

Pitt OK After Motorcycle Mishap

He falls off while maneuvering near a red light

(Newser) - Brad Pitt is OK after banging up his brand-new motorcycle today. Despite early reports of paparazzi involvement, it turns out to be fairly mundane: He tried to squeeze between a parked car and another at a red light when his handlebars clipped the parked car and he fell over. Nobody... More »

Governator: 'Swift Action' for Wife's Serial Car Phone Use

But TMZ catches Maria Shriver on cell behind wheel after Schwarzenegger promise

(Newser) - California’s ban on using cell phones (other than hands-free) while behind the wheel is loosely enforced at best, but Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is promising “swift action” after TMZ brought wife Maria Shriver’s serial violations to his attention today. Schwarzenegger made the promise via Twitter to TMZ boss... More »

Photogs Sue Tom, Gisele Over Bodyguards' Gunshots

(Newser) - Two photographers have sued Tom Brady and his supermodel wife for $1 million, saying they were shot at during a party in Costa Rica. The two men, one from AFP and the other from a Costa Rican newspaper, say Gisele Bundchen's bodyguards shot at their car and just missed their... More »

ESPN's Andrews to 911: I'm Being Treated Like Britney

(Newser) - As if being videotaped in hotel rooms weren't bad enough, ESPN's Erin Andrews now has to deal with reporters outside her Georgia home, the New York Post reports. "I'm being treated like f---ing Britney Spears and it sucks," she complains to a 911 dispatcher. After describing herself as... More »

Death Threats Spook Chris Brown

(Newser) - Chris Brown has beefed up his security detail after receiving death threats over his alleged beating of ex Rihanna, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Insiders say Brown is surrounded at all times by three beefy bodyguards and three or four “incognito” protectors who are often women “easily as tough... More »

SJP Fears for Surrogate's Safety

Expresses excitement in first interview since announcement

(Newser) - Sarah Jessica Parker slammed the paparazzi for the “unsavory things” they’ve done to her twins’ surrogate mom. “She’s had her phone hacked, her personal computer information hacked, she’s had threats against her and true harassment,” Parker told Access Hollywood in an interview that aired... More »

Fawcett: False Tab Reports Add Pain to Cancer

Actress describes sting designed to catch leakers to Enquirer

(Newser) - Farrah Fawcett’s battle with the prying media runs a close second to her battle with cancer. In an August interview with the Los Angeles Times published today, the actress slammed the National Enquirer’s often-inaccurate reporting of her condition and describes a sting she and her doctors designed to... More »

Winehouse Wins Photog Ban

(Newser) - A British court has granted Amy Winehouse a 100-meter paparazzi-free zone when she returns from the Caribbean to her new house in London, the Guardian reports. Claiming harassment, the singer won an injunction against the pap agency Big Pictures and any "persons unknown" who try to photograph her there.... More »

Buff, Shirtless Obama Graces Mag Cover

(Newser) - If Barack Obama gets sick of being president, maybe he could work a career as cover-boy beefcake. The Washingtonian, a DC-area style/culture magazine, has plastered a picture of the topless Obama on the cover of its May issue, ABC News reports. The pic supposedly illustrates the No. 2 reason (among... More »

Obamas Keep Celeb Media on Short Leash

Obamas polish image through careful offering to celebrity mags

(Newser) - As the nation gets to know the first family, it may seem as if we're watching "a reality show set on the glorified soundstage at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.," the Los Angeles Times reports, but what we're seeing is in fact a meticulously crafted image. Information about the Obamas... More »

Madonna Fell All By Herself: Photog

Paparazzo and cops say he left before Madge's horse dumped her

(Newser) - A photographer Madonna blames for a weekend tumble off her horse in the Hamptons claims he had nothing to do with the accident—and local cops back his version, reports the New York Daily News. A spokeswoman claims Madonna was thrown when her horse was startled by a paparazzo, but... More »

Madge Thrown From Pap-Spooked Horse

Second fall for devoted equestrian

(Newser) - Madonna was thrown from a horse in the Hamptons after camera-wielding paparazzi jumped from the bushes, spooking the animal, reports the New York Daily News. The longtime equestrian was rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment of her bruises and minor injuries. This is the second tumble for Madge, who... More »

Photogs Say Gisele Guard Opened Fire

Bullet allegedly hit paprazzi's Jeep at second wedding

(Newser) - Two paparazzi say Gisele Bundchen's guards shot at them for snapping pics of her Costa Rica wedding to Tom Brady this weekend, the Boston Globe reports. After a stand-off with security, the paps scrambled back to their Jeep, where a bullet pierced the back and front windshields. "I could... More »

Lilo: Back Off, 'Believe in Me'

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan wants people to get off her back, E! Online reports. “I move forward and I change,” the actress said. “If people would just leave my personal life alone—because it's really not that interesting—then I could land a great role. But all the sicko... More »

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