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More Than 1M Dropped From Medicaid
More Than 1M
Dropped From Medicaid

More Than 1M Dropped From Medicaid

Feds worry some states are carrying out post-pandemic purge too quickly

(Newser) - More than 1 million people were dropped from Medicaid in the past couple of months as some states moved swiftly to halt health care coverage following the end of the coronavirus pandemic. Most were dropped for not filling out paperwork. Though the eligibility review is required by the federal government,...

This Could Be First State to Pay Addicts to Stay Sober

'Contingency management' bill sits before California state assembly

(Newser) - Frustrated by out-of-control increases in drug overdose deaths, California's leaders are trying something radical: They want the state to be the first to pay people to stay sober. The federal government has been doing it for years with military veterans, and research shows it is one of the most...

Pandemic Helps Swell Medicaid Enrollment
Medicaid Rolls Hit
an All-Time High

Medicaid Rolls Hit an All-Time High

More than 80 million Americans are covered by the programs designed as a safety net

(Newser) - More Americans are enrolled in Medicaid than ever, new data show, after a jump in signups during the pandemic. Almost 9.9 million people were added to Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program between February 2020 and this January, the Wall Street Journal reports, a rise of 13....

Oklahoma's Medicaid Expansion Is Unlike Any Other State's

After Tuesday's vote, state's Constitution will be amended

(Newser) - Oklahoma voters narrowly decided on Tuesday to expand Medicaid health insurance to tens of thousands of low-income residents, becoming the first state to amend its Constitution to do so. With 100% of precincts reporting unofficial results, State Question 802 passed by less than 1 percentage point. The Oklahoman notes that...

Couple May Divorce to Pay for Daughter's Health Care

Maria and Jake Grey are considering an unpleasant option

(Newser) - Six-year-old Brighton Grey has a rare illness that costs her parents $15,000 a year and may force them to file for divorce, KTRK reports. Maria and Jake Grey make sure Brighton has full-time care because her rare disorder, Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, limits her vision and hearing and keeps her at...

Kentucky's Medicaid Work Rule Blocked by Federal Judge

The new requirements were scheduled to take effect Sunday

(Newser) - A federal judge has blocked Kentucky's work requirements for Medicaid and has ordered the Trump administration to reconsider the program, reports the AP . US District Judge James E. Boasberg ruled the Trump administration did not adequately consider whether the work requirements and other changes would help the state give...

House Takes Aim at US Opioid Addiction

New legislation encourages states to expand treatment through Medicaid

(Newser) - The House has overwhelmingly approved legislation designed to give health-care providers more tools to stem an opioid crisis that is killing more than 115 people in the United States daily, the AP reports. The legislation passed Friday by a vote of 396-14. It incorporates dozens of opioid-related bills that lawmakers...

Maine Governor Defies Voters on Medicaid Expansion

Paul LePage is flouting ballot initiative, hindering efforts to implement ObamaCare program

(Newser) - Nearly 60% of Maine's voters gave the green light to Medicaid expansion in their state in a November ballot initiative, and individuals are supposed to become eligible for coverage starting July 2, per that mandate. But there's a wrench in the works in the form of Gov. Paul...

On Medicaid? You Can Get a Discount on Amazon Prime

Industry analysts say Amazon is trying to woo low-income shoppers

(Newser) - Amazon has taken another step to woo low-income shoppers to its site and away from rival Walmart. The online retailer opened its discounted $5.99-a-month Prime membership on Wednesday to people on Medicaid, giving it an even bigger pool of potential shoppers who may otherwise have been unable to pay...

New Requirement Could Push 95K Off Medicaid in Kentucky

State is first to get greenlight for work requirement

(Newser) - Kentucky has become the first state to require many of its Medicaid recipients to work to receive coverage, part of an unprecedented change to the nation's largest health insurance program under the Trump administration. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced the approval on Friday, reports the AP...

Under Trump, States Can Make Medicaid Recipients Work

Major policy shift announced Thursday

(Newser) - In a major policy shift that could affect millions of low-income people, the Trump administration said Thursday it's offering a path for states that want to seek work requirements on Medicaid recipients. The AP reports the plan will likely face strong political opposition and even legal challenges over concerns...

Maine Votes to Expand Medicaid, Gov. Vows to Block It

It's not clear whether he actually can

(Newser) - Maine took an unprecedented step Tuesday when residents overwhelmingly voted to expand the state's Medicaid program—but Gov. Paul LePage quickly said he'd block the immediate implementation of the expansion. A statement Wednesday says the referendum, which was approved by a margin of 59% to 41% and would...

Voters Could Set Precedent for Medicaid Expansion

If Maine referendum passes, Gov. Paul LePage can't block Medicaid expansion under ACA

(Newser) - On Nov. 7, Maine will take an unprecedented step for a state when it allows residents to vote on expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, the New York Times reports. Maine is one of 19 states where Republicans have blocked Medicaid expansion available under the ACA. The Maine legislature...

Some States Will Be Big Winners Under ObamaCare Repeal Bill

But there will be 31 losers, according to federal report

(Newser) - There will be some big winners and plenty of losers under the latest effort at ObamaCare repeal, according to a Trump administration internal report. The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services predicts that reallocation of funding in the bill from Republican Sens. Bill Cassidy and Lindsey Graham will cause...

Medicaid Semantics Fight: Is It Being Cut or Not?
Is Medicaid Being Cut?
Depends Who's Counting
the rundown

Is Medicaid Being Cut? Depends Who's Counting

Democrats say it's being gutted, but Republicans say it's increasing

(Newser) - The weird new fight regarding the Senate GOP's health care plan is one of semantics. Democrats insist that Republicans are slashing Medicaid, while Republicans say that Medicaid is actually increasing. Witness President Trump's tweet on Wednesday: "Democrats purposely misstated Medicaid funding under new Senate bill - actually...

Even Some Republicans Say Trump's Budget Is 'Draconian'
Even Some Republicans Say
Trump's Budget Is 'Draconian'
The Rundown

Even Some Republicans Say Trump's Budget Is 'Draconian'

Proposed budget includes deep cuts to Medicaid, food stamps, and more

(Newser) - The $4.1 trillion budget sent to Congress Tuesday by President Trump claims it will erase the national deficit by 2027, the AP reports. It will do this by drastically cutting programs for the poor, including Medicaid and food stamps, as well as decreasing funding for medical research, highways, and...

Tougher 'Able-Bodied' Work Rules Expected for Benefits

Trump budget calls for cuts in food stamps, Medicaid

(Newser) - President Trump unveils his first detailed budget plan on Tuesday, and word leaking out in advance suggests he wants big cuts for Medicaid and food stamps. The Washington Post reports that Trump's budget slashes Medicaid by $800 billion over 10 years, meaning he's on board with the House...

Senators Vow to Write Their Own Health Bill
Senators Vow to Write 
Their Own Health Bill

Senators Vow to Write Their Own Health Bill

They say they're not going to be rushed

(Newser) - ObamaCare is "dead," President Trump declared after the House narrowly passed the American Health Care Act Thursday—but before he can sign the death warrant, a bigger battle looms in the Senate. Republican senators say they're going to craft their own ObamaCare replacement bill, and with the...

Dentist Offered Unusual 'Standard of Care': Investigators

Alaska's Seth Lookhart allegedly pulled patient's tooth while riding hoverboard

(Newser) - What falls under the category of "unlawful dental acts" in the state of Alaska? Pulling a sedated patient's tooth while on a hoverboard, per an investigation that involved the FBI, DEA, and a couple of state departments, the Alaska Dispatch News reports. Clear Creek Dental's Dr. Seth...

Parents: Dentist Harmed 131 Kids, Made Millions Doing So

Dr. Howard Schneider may face criminal trial

(Newser) - A Florida mother says she brought her then-6-year-old daughter in for a dental appointment to get a tooth extracted with Dr. Howard Schneider in 2014—but, instead, she came in to the procedure room to find her daughter "face-first" on the bloody floor with scratches, bruises, and all eight...

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