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We're Not Talking About a Major Sex Assault Problem

NPR looks at assaults against those with intellectual disabilities

(Newser) - Amidst the #metoo movement, NPR reports on a group of Americans who may have more reasons than most to utter those words—and yet have been kept in the shadows. Joseph Shapiro reports that people with intellectual disabilities are assaulted seven times more than those without such disabilities, a finding... More »

German Rape Victims Now Don't Have to Prove They Resisted

New law has potential to improve country's low reporting of rapes

(Newser) - German lawmakers passed a bill Thursday that will make it easier for victims of sex crimes to file criminal complaints if they rejected their attacker's advances with a clear "no." German law previously required victims to show that they physically resisted attack before charges for rape and... More »

Brock Turner Judge Was Harsher in Similar Case

Latino man's sentence was 6 times longer

(Newser) - The Brock Turner controversy rumbles on: A defendant from a very different background than the former Stanford student received a much harsher sentence from the same judge in a similar case, the Guardian reports. According to court records, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky oversaw a plea deal... More »

1K Cops in 6 Years Lost Badges for Sex Misconduct

AP investigation highlights a system rife with underreporting

(Newser) - In a yearlong investigation it calls "jolting," the AP takes a look at instances of sexual misconduct among the nation's law enforcement and finds at least 1,000 police officers who lost their badges over a period of six years for offenses ranging from rape and sex... More »

Prince Accused of Calif. Sex Assault Escapes Felony Charge

Could still be hit with a misdemeanor

(Newser) - The Saudi prince accused of sexual assault at the Beverly Hills compound he was renting last month will not be charged with a crime, at least not by Los Angeles County prosecutors. A female worker says Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud, 29, tried to force her to perform oral sex on him,... More »

Study on Women in Marines 'Flawed': Military Researchers

Weaknesses in design, overgeneralizations show 'clear intent to keep women out'

(Newser) - Some of the results from a Marine Corps study of an experimental gender-integrated unit were released last month, and they were less than flattering in many cases: Women service members were found to be injured more than men, all-male units were found to have more accurate shooting scores, and all-male... More »

Egypt Throws Book at 9 for Tahrir Square Sex Assaults

Court hands out life sentences in apparent crackdown

(Newser) - Faced with rampant and public sex assaults over the last three years, Egypt today threw out a decisive deterrent and sentenced nine men to hefty jail terms, reports the Guardian . Seven men were given life sentences—three of those received multiple life sentences, notes the AP —while another two... More »

Reports of Military Sex Assault Surge, But...

...male victims still aren't speaking up, Pentagon data finds

(Newser) - The encouraging news: After a concerted effort to get more victims to come forward and report instances of sex assault, Pentagon data shows such reports by members of the military increased 50% in the last fiscal year to 5,061. And one official says there's "no indication" that... More »

Accused Rapist's Defense: My Twin Did It

Aaron Lucas says his brother perpetrated sexual assaults

(Newser) - An Army lieutenant accused of sexually assaulting several young girls will be allowed to make an unusual defense at trial: his brother did it, the AP reports. DNA samples have linked the officer, Aaron Lucas, to three of the crimes, but the siblings share the same DNA. "I have... More »

Military Chiefs: Sexual Assault 'Like a Cancer'

But commanders must keep their authority, they say

(Newser) - Lawmakers are attempting to deal with the apparent epidemic of sexual assault in the military, and some of the proposals currently wending their way through Congress would see commanders stripped of some authority. But at a Senate hearing on the matter today, though military leaders agreed that sexual assault within... More »

Military's Latest Sex Scandal: Recruiters

Defense Dept. has promised to address

(Newser) - The latest sex crime scandal for the military involves recruiters, the Washington Post reports in a detailed look at some of the cases of sexual assault and rape found in its ranks recently. One example: An Air Force recruiter is charged with raping or committing other crimes over three years... More »

Travolta Masseur Case Skips Trial, Heads for Mediation

Both sides agree to have case heard by a judge: source

(Newser) - Maybe the John Travolta massage scandal will quietly fade away after all: First the lawyer for the first masseur accusing Travolta of sexual assault dropped him as a client , and now Radar reports that the lawsuit filed by the second masseur will not go to trial. However, a judge will... More »

Travolta Accuser: I Got Date Wrong, but It Still Happened

Plus, a third man comes forward

(Newser) - Quite a bit of evidence has been released indicating John Travolta was not actually in Beverly Hills when he was to have allegedly sexually assaulted a masseur there, and his accuser explains why: The purported victim cited the wrong date. But the plaintiff says the incident did happen, just... More »

Sex Assault on Chihuahua Gets Ex-Convict 10 Years

Robert Edward De Shields must also register as sex offender

(Newser) - A wheelchair-bound California parolee has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexually assaulting an eight-month-old Chihuahua. He must also register as a sex offender in what could be the first such requirement in an animal abuse case. Robert Edward De Shields was renting space in a Sacramento house... More »

DSK: Maid Gave Me a Look That Said 'Quickie'

It was 'consensual, but stupid,' Strauss-Kahn says in new biography

(Newser) - Dominique Strauss-Kahn said when he stepped naked from the shower to see the Manhattan hotel maid who later accused him of rape, their eyes met and he read an invitation to "precipitous but consensual" sex, says a new biography out today. But he still considers the encounter "stupid"... More »

UK Denies Assange's Extradition Appeal

WikiLeaks founder likely headed to Sweden within 10 days

(Newser) - Julian Assange is likely headed to Sweden after a British court today rejected his claim that extraditing him to face sex assault charges there would be "unfair and unlawful." Charges of rape and sexual coercion, stemming from alleged incidents last August, await the WikiLeaks founder in Sweden. "... More »

Sheriff to Women: Pack a Pistol to Shoot Rapists

Gun control is getting your barrel on a target, says SC lawman

(Newser) - Ladies, if you want to stop rapists, start packing heat. That's the advice from a South Carolina sheriff who reassures women that "you ain't got to be accurate; you just have to get close." Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright was moved to encourage local gals to... More »

Maid Sues 'Sadistic' Strauss-Kahn

Seeks unspecified damages in civil lawsuit

(Newser) - A hotel maid who accuses ex-IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault sued him today over what she calls a "violent and sadistic" attack that left her life "in shambles." Lawyers for Guinean immigrant Nafissatou Diallo wrote that Strauss-Kahn "intentionally, brutally, and violently sexually assaulted Ms.... More »

Warren Jeffs' Panting 'Sex Tape' Played for Jurors

Cult leader utters 12-year-old 'bride's' name in heavy-breathing audio

(Newser) - A panting "sex tape" of polygamist Warren Jeffs allegedly raping his 12-year-old "spiritual bride" while uttering her name was played for a Utah jury yesterday before prosecutors rested their bigamy and sex assault case against the cult leader. As the tape ends, Jeffs proclaims: "In the name... More »

Dem Wu Won't Seek Reelection

Hasn't decided whether to serve out remainder of term after sex allegation

(Newser) - Surprise! Mere hours after Nancy Pelosi called for an ethics investigation into a young woman's claim that she had an "unwanted sexual encounter" with tiger-suit-wearing David Wu, the Oregon Democrat is confirming that he won't seek reelection. Wu apparently hasn't decided whether to serve out the... More »

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