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In Italy, a Winning Logo With Historic Connotations
In Italy, a Winning Logo
With Historic Connotations
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In Italy, a Winning Logo With Historic Connotations

Party of Giorgia Meloni, poised to be first female PM, uses symbol associated with Mussolini

(Newser) - The results aren't official, but it's a certainty that the far-right Brothers of Italy party has won the most votes in Italy's election on Sunday, reports the AP . That means party leader Giorgia Meloni is now the favorite to become the next prime minister, which is notable...

Ukraine Apologizes to Japan Over Pic of WWII Emperor

Video tweeted out by Ukraine government account showed Hirohito's photo next to Hitler, Mussolini

(Newser) - Ukraine has a brand-new word —"ruscism," roughly translated as "Russian fascism"—to describe what's happening now within its war-torn borders. But its thoughts on defeating fascism went a little awry over the weekend, after a government account tweeted a video that compared Japan's...

Mussolini's Granddaughter Is in a Throwdown With Jim Carrey

And that's not all Alessandra Mussolini had to say to the Canadian comedian

(Newser) - It's hard to call something a Twitter "feud" when only one side is frenetically tweeting insults. So let's just say Alessandra Mussolini—granddaughter of Benito Mussolini—was having an online monologue of sorts on Sunday, directed at Jim Carrey after the actor posted a cartoon he'd...

Beneath a Roman Obelisk, Mussolini Left a Letter to the Future

1,200-word eulogy describes Mussolini as rescuing Italy with his 'superhuman insight'

(Newser) - Like most leaders with any sort of an ego, Benito Mussolini wanted to be remembered. But the Italian fascist wasn't leaving his legacy up to chance, according to researchers who say they've found a Latin text hidden under the Mussolini Obelisk in Rome that eulogizes his feats during...

Mussolini's Secret Bunkers Are Opened

Visitors can now immerse themselves in 'darkest pages of our history'

(Newser) - As many as 12 World War II bunkers have been identified beneath the city of Rome, thought to have been built for Benito Mussolini or other party leaders, reports Business Insider . Three are now set to open to the public on Halloween; two were opened for a short time in...

Mussolini's 'Most Secret' Bunker Revealed

 'Most Secret' 

Mussolini's 'Most Secret' Bunker Revealed

It was found in 2011, and will open to public this summer

(Newser) - You'll soon be able to visit a manifestation of Benito Mussolini's paranoia: his "most secret" bunker, unearthed beneath his Rome headquarters in 2011 and just revealed. During the restoration of the 15th-century Palazzo Venezia, architect Carlo Serafini came upon a trap door, reports La Stampa by way...

Berlusconi: Mussolini Wasn't So Bad

He did a lot of 'good' for Italy, sided with likely WWII winner, Hitler

(Newser) - On the occasion of today being a day that ends in "y," Silvio Berlusconi said something asinine and offensive : Speaking to reporters at a ceremony commemorating the Holocaust, the former premier decided it was the perfect venue to expound on all the "good" that one Benito Mussolini...

Pope Statue No Longer Looks Like Mussolini

Monument reworked to look friendlier

(Newser) - Rome was not happy after last May's unveiling of a statue of Pope John Paul II, which many decried as looking more like dictator Benito Mussolini (or, according to others, a Star Trek alien) than the late pontiff. Now the 16-foot bronze statue has been reworked to give it...

Developer Takes Down Mussolini iPhone App

It generated legal questions, protests —but might return

(Newser) - The developer of an iPhone application featuring Benito Mussolini—which became the most popular app in Italy—is withdrawing it over legal questions about the fair use of video and audio clips. Luigi Marino’s iMussolini also sparked not only protests from Jewish groups and others, but also hand-wringing from...

Mussolini iPhone App a Hit
 Mussolini iPhone App a Hit 

Mussolini iPhone App a Hit

iMussolini seizes control of Italian sales charts

(Newser) - An iPhone app that offers the full text of over 100 speeches from Benito Mussolini has been selling briskly in Italy. The iMussolini application has been downloaded over 1,000 times a day since its launch last week, and is in second place in popularity on the Italian version of...

Lovers Dish on Sex With Berlusconi, Mussolini
Lovers Dish on Sex
With Berlusconi, Mussolini

Lovers Dish on Sex With Berlusconi, Mussolini

Turns out El Duche was a douche

(Newser) - Benito Mussolini and Silvio Berlusconi: Both charismatic leaders of Italy, both wildly popular, both…voracious sexual omnivores. The Independent takes a look at two recent publications—a diary by Mussolini’s mistress, and a memoir by a prostitute who supposedly spent two nights with Berlusconi. A sampling of the salacious...

British Intelligence Had Mussolini on WWI Payroll

Dictator-in-training got $9,500 a week to help convince Italians to keep fighting

(Newser) - Britain’s overseas intelligence service helped Benito Mussolini finance his first forays into Italian politics, newly uncovered documents show. Hoping to keep Italy on its side in 1917, during World War I, MI5 gave Mussolini, then 34 and editor of a right-wing newspaper, the equivalent of what’s now $9,...

Napoleon's Novella Reveals His Sappy Side

It's on the romantic life of an ambitious soldier

(Newser) - Before Napoleon the ruthless emperor came Napoleon the romance-writing softy—and his masterpiece is due out in English this fall. Clisson and Eugenie is a novella about a triumphant soldier who returns home to marry his lady—of the same name as Napoleon’s first love. The manuscript, penned when...

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