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Feng Shui Master Charged Over Billionaire's Forged Will

Hong Kong slap Tony Chan Chun-chuen with forgery charges

(Newser) - Hong Kong police today lodged forgery charges today against a feng shui master who tried to inherit the multibillion-dollar fortune of late developer Nina Wang. Tony Chan Chun-chuen appeared in a Hong Kong court and he was freed after his brother posted a bond of $2.6 million. Chan was...

Cabbie Charges Tony Chan $800K for Ride

...but the feng shui master is so rich he doesn't notice fraud

(Newser) - OK, we knew New York cab drivers like to overcharge tourists , but this is ridiculous. A Manhattan driver allegedly racked up a whopping $794,986 on Hong Kong megamillionaire Tony Chan’s credit card after picking him up at the airport, the New York Post reports. The cabbie allegedly kept...

Fortune of Asia's Richest Woman Goes to Charity
Fortune of
Asia's Richest Woman Goes
to Charity
crazy court battles

Fortune of Asia's Richest Woman Goes to Charity

Billions go to trust, not her feng shui lover

(Newser) - Following a twisted series of sometimes bizarre court battles dating back to the '90s, a Hong Kong court today ruled that the $4.2 billion estate of Asia's richest woman will go to a charitable trust—and not to her feng shui master lover. Tony Chan claimed Nina Wang carried...

Battle Over Hong Kong Billionaire's Will Turns Bizarre

(Newser) - The legal battle over the fortune of late billionaire Nina “Little Sweetie” Wang has gotten a little… odd, the Wall Street Journal reports. Tony Chan, a bartender-turned-feng shui master, says he carried on a passionate 15-year-affair with the pigtailed tycoon, and that she left him everything—including her pigtails....

4 Stories