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Jumanji Tops the Charts Again With $20M

It's the third week in a row for the family adventure film

(Newser) - Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle outdid another weekend's worth of newcomers to top the North American box office for the third straight weekend, making the surprise hit the fifth-highest grossing film of all time for Sony Pictures. Jumanji sold $20 million in tickets, according to studio estimates Sunday, bringing... More »

10 Stars Who've Saved Lives—for Real

Some have saved multiple lives

(Newser) - Some actors do more than just play action heroes on screen— The Stir rounds up stars who are action heroes in real life. Here are 10 who likely saved lives:
  1. Mark Harmon: The NCIS star saw a car crash and catch on fire in 1996, and broke the window with
... More »

13 Celebs With Odd Body Parts

Clubbed thumbs and third nipples and missing fingertips, oh my!

(Newser) - Just because a celebrity is cover-model gorgeous doesn't mean all of his or her body parts are 100% normal. Radar rounds up 30 stars with odd body parts, and we highlight 13 here:
  • Megan Fox: Clubbed thumbs (the condition is called brachydactyly). They're short and wide at the
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The Croods Swings to $44.7M

'Olympus' marks end of Gerard Butler's slide, 'Admission' struggles

(Newser) - DreamWorks' prehistoric comedy The Croods grabbed the weekend win, reports the AP , with a muscular $44.7 million in its opening weekend. Gerard Butler's terrorist thriller Olympus Has Fallen was close behind, with $30.5 million, notes the Hollywood Reporter , allowing the actor to save a little face after... More »

Butler's Playing Flops as Bond Reclaims No. 1

Gerard Butler isn't having much luck with rom-coms these days

(Newser) - Gerard Butler's Playing for Keeps might be "soulless" and "sexist," but at least it was a total failure at the box office on its opening weekend, marking the fourth flop in just a pair of years for the actor. Butler's rom-com was the only movie... More »

Playing for Keeps Soulless, Sexist

Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel rom-com: 0% on Tomatometer

(Newser) - Playing for Keeps is generic Hollywood fare, but one thing makes it stand out: As of this writing, it's managed to score a 0% at Rotten Tomatoes, despite a star-studded cast that includes Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel, Uma Thurman, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Here's what critics are saying about... More »

Gerard Butler Survives Accident in Surf 'Boneyard'

Actor saved from Mavericks waves while filming

(Newser) - A safety worker on a jetski saved actor Gerard Butler from dying at a northern California surf spot that has claimed the lives of pros. Butler, 42, was filming a scene at Mavericks for upcoming movie Of Men and Mavericks when a freak set of waves, some higher than 12... More »

10 Celebs Accused of Animal Abuse

Yes, even the Dog Whisperer made it on the list.

(Newser) - Kim Kardashian is PETA’s latest target, but her crime (holding a kitten by the scruff of the neck) is tame compared to what other celebrities have been accused of. The Frisky rounds up nine more who are in the doghouse with animal rights organizations:
  • Paris Hilton: She has a
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Jen Just Too Old for Rom-Coms

It's time to rethink your career choices—and love life

(Newser) - Bounty Hunter is well on its way to being a flop, just like Jennifer Aniston’s last two romantic comedies (Management, sigh)—which means it's probably time for a new career direction. “She's aged out, no matter the yoga and the highlights. She just can't do America's sweetheart next... More »

No Rewards for This Bounty Hunter

Aniston, Butler lack chemistry in action romance

(Newser) - Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston star as a bounty hunter and his wanted ex-wife in action romance Bounty Hunter. Critic's reactions range from "passable" to "somebody needs to hunt down the people who made this movie."
  • An OK concept gets lost in "lame jokes and predictable
... More »

10 Grossest Ladies' Men

How does a dork like Zach Braff score a hottie like Liv Tyler?

(Newser) - Some celebrity pairings involve guys so ugly, skeevy, or just plain douchey that it makes you wonder what’s wrong with the world. Amelia McDonell-Parry runs down Hollywood’s 10 ickiest ladies men for The Frisky . Check them out in the photo gallery; for even more eww details, click here... More »

Critics Can't Abide Citizen

Film combines unnecessary gore with pseudo-insight

(Newser) - Movie critics are nearly unanimous in their disgust with Law Abiding Citizen, a grisly revenge drama that's as much a moral failure as a cinematic one.
  • The film is "an exercise in illogic and Death Wish cribbing," writes Peter Travers of Rolling Stone, featuring gratuitous gore and an
... More »

Butler May Be Aniston's New Beau

Would-be songbird Jen shares romantic dinner with Scottish co-star

(Newser) - When Jennifer Aniston said in a recent interview she still believed in love, she apparently had a specific reason: Scottish actor Gerard Butler. Aniston and her co-star in The Bounty met up for a romantic dinner this week, and they "appeared incredibly affectionate with one another," the New ... More »

Ugly Truth Is Pretty Bad

(Newser) - Battle-of-the-sexes comedy Ugly Truth combines the worst aspects of male-friendly gross-out comedies with the worst aspects of female-friendly romantic comedies and the results aren't pretty, say unimpressed critics.
  • Refer Guzmán, Newsday: The movie "does a disservice to both genders. Its crass sex jokes feel like chum for mentally
... More »

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