Camden Yards

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Weird: Orioles Win Inside Empty Stadium

Baltimore riots meant fans had to stay away

(Newser) - The Baltimore Orioles beat the Chicago White Sox 8-2 today in a game notable for this announcement at Camden Yards: "Today's official paid attendance is zero." This week's Baltimore riots resulted in an unprecedented fans-free contest described by the AP as "one of the strangest...

Yanks' $1.5B Park a Big Strikeout So Far

New stadium draws small, bitter crowds, opponent home runs

(Newser) - With its $1.5 billion price tag, you’d think the new Yankee Stadium would be pretty much perfect, right? But even the most loyal fans are griping as the “Taj Mahal” isn’t turning out to be everything it promised. From outrageous ticket prices to questionable outfield dimensions,...

2 Stories
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