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It's Chapter 11 for Forever 21
It's Chapter 11 for Forever 21

It's Chapter 11 for Forever 21

Retailer calls bankruptcy filing a 'deliberate step'

(Newser) - Low-cost fashion retailer Forever 21 says it has filed for bankruptcy protection—but that doesn't mean it is doomed. In a letter to customers Sunday, the 35-year-old chain said it will be business as usual during reorganization and filing for Chapter 11 protection "is a deliberate and decisive...

Ariana Grande Wants $10M From Forever 21

After an endorsement deal went nowhere, the singer alleges they used her image anyway

(Newser) - Ariana Grande has a $10 million bone to pick with Forever 21. That's how much she has sued the company for, according to documents filed in California Monday. The issue, allege Grande's lawyers, is that after Grande turned down an endorsement deal involving the company and its beauty...

Forever 21: 'Oversight' Wasn't Meant to Body-Shame

Retailer sent diet bars out with orders of plus-size clothing

(Newser) - Most people wouldn't complain if an extra treat was included with their clothing order, but some Forever 21 plus-size customers are miffed at what they're calling a "body-shaming" inclusion. USA Today reports that free samples of Atkins snack bars were found along with customers' delivered attire, with...

The 10 Worst US Employers
The 10 Worst
US Employers

The 10 Worst US Employers

Alorica hasn't really charmed its employees

(Newser) - Companies focused on keeping customers happy should perhaps focus a bit more on their own employees. According to 24/7 Wall St. , some of the worst US companies to work for are customer-oriented. The site used Glassdoor reviews from employees to give US employers a rating out of five. The 10...

Chrissy Teigen: I Was Too 'Fat' for Forever 21

Model recalls the time retailer fired her over her weight

(Newser) - During an interview and cover shoot with Du Jour , model Chrissy Teigen let slip this little story in a behind-the-scenes video spotted by Business Insider :
  • "I actually was fired from a job. Forever 21. They booked me directly when I was much younger. I showed up on set, they

Forever 21 Threatens Blogger Who Mocks It

Apparently, clothing retailer can't handle being poked at

(Newser) - Forever 21, the "fast fashion" store known for its cheap designer knockoffs, is threatening to sue the creator of the website WTForever21 —because, among other reasons, the store doesn't appreciate being associated with the "F-word." Rachel Kane, who created the satire blog, talks to the...

Forever 21 Glamorizes Teen Pregnancy
 Forever 21 
 Teen Pregnancy 

Forever 21 Glamorizes Teen Pregnancy

New maternity line was not a good move

(Newser) - Forever 21, the “fast fashion” chain that became a $2 billion brand by selling cheap, trendy clothes to teens and tweens, recently started…a maternity line. If you’re not already shaking your head, it gets better: The line, called Love 21, “is premiering in five states, three...

Fashion Designers See Signs: Curves Ahead

Shops offer more trendy, form-fitting clothes to full-figured shoppers

(Newser) - Full-figured women and girls once had fewer fashion options than their size-0 counterparts, but that’s changing as more designers cater to shoppers who want to flaunt their curves, the New York Times reports. Options for the plus-size fashionista range from pink leggings to—gasp!—horizontal stripes. “Some...

Cheaper 'Fast Fashion' Booms in Japan

Recessionistas head to cheaper chain stores in once-superstylish district

(Newser) - In Tokyo’s Harajuku district, designer brands are making way for cheaper “fast fashion” stores, where $100 buys an outfit, bag, shoes, and accessories. The most recent chain to debut, Forever 21, drew massive crowds—in a scene reminiscent of November, when 2,500 did the same thing next...

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