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Changes at Apple Opened Door to Ive's Departure

Cook's shift in focus left design chief frustrated

(Newser) - Apple announced the upcoming departure of design chief Jony Ive last week, but this was a separation that had been in the works for some time. Ive withdrew from the company's leadership over a period of several years as CEO Tim Cook emphasized business operations over product design, the...

Steve Jobs' 'Spiritual Partner' Is Leaving Apple

Jony Ive designed iPhone, iPad, iMac

(Newser) - The man Steve Jobs once called his "spiritual partner" at Apple is leaving the company after nearly 30 years. British industrial designer Jony Ive—who became Sir Jonathan Ive in 2012—designed the iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, among other products. He joined the company in 1992...

Why the Apple Watch Will Flop
 Apple Watch Is Doomed to Fail 

Apple Watch Is Doomed to Fail

It's a Newton, not an iPod, Mark Wilson says

(Newser) - With Apple set to announce new details on the Apple Watch , including a release date, Mark Wilson at Fast Company says he has the courage to say what a lot of people are thinking: The watch is going to be a big flop. The device has more in common with...

Apple's iOS 7 Overhaul Likely Sleek—and Late

New design guru giving software a makeover

(Newser) - Apple's next mobile operating system, iOS 7, is supposed to be in the sweaty palms of Mac fanboys as early as September. But—at least within the company—deadlines are being pushed back as the company's new design visionary, Jonathan Ive (who recently made the Time 100 list),...

Reason Apple Exec Got Fired: No Maps Apology

Scott Forstall wouldn't sign company letter

(Newser) - Now we know why Apple canned iOS guru Scott Forstall : He refused to sign a letter apologizing for iOS 6's much-maligned map app, sources tell the Wall Street Journal —a letter that CEO Tim Cook wound up signing himself . Forstall was close with Steve Jobs, and indeed was...

Apple Unveils New Macbook Pro, iOS 6

Tweaks include Siri upgrades, Facebook integration, map upgrades

(Newser) - Expectations were high going into Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco today, and the company didn't disappoint, rolling out a dramatic refresh of its MacBook Pro, and a new version of iOS brimming with new features. Here are the most important details: The New Macbook Pro
  • It'

Apple's Design Chief Is Now a Knight

British native Jonathan Ive earns honor in homeland

(Newser) - Apple's lead designer has a new title: Knight Commander of the British Empire. Or just Sir Jonathan if you like. Jonathan Ive has been awarded a knighthood in his native England, reports the BBC . The 44-year-old worked closely with Steve Jobs and has played a large role in creating...

How Apple Will Go On Post-Jobs
 How Apple Will 
 Go On Post-Jobs 
Analysis Roundup

How Apple Will Go On Post-Jobs

What's next for America's top tech company

(Newser) - The death of Steve Jobs has everyone wondering: What’s next for Apple? Can it maintain its killer momentum without its visionary? Here’s what people are saying:
  • Don’t panic too much: Before dying, Jobs helped shape a product roadmap that covers at least the next three years, sources

Vanity Fair Unveils 'New Establishment' List

Mark Zuckerberg tops it, along with other tech execs

(Newser) - Vanity Fair put another feather in Mark Zuckerberg’s cap today, naming him to the top spot in its “ New Establishment ” list for the second year in a row. What’s the “New Establishment” you ask? Well, in the magazine’s words, it’s “an innovative...

The Most Creative Minds in Business
 The Most Creative 
 Minds in Business 

The Most Creative Minds in Business

(Newser) - Creativity is a tough thing to put your finger on, but Fast Company takes a shot at picking world’s top 100 business innovators. The first five:
  • Jonathan Ive: Apple’s design chief—responsible for the iPhone, iPod, MacBook, and iMac—ushered in an era of “design perfection” that

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