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Report: Kim Bans 'Decadent' Skinny Jeans, Mullets

North Korean leader is said to have outlawed these 'decadent' symbols of Western culture

(Newser) - What could help bring about the downfall of North Korea if they're not reined in, according to state media? Mullets and skinny jeans, among other things—which is why Kim Jong Un has apparently banned them, reports Yahoo News . The outlet cites a recent editorial in the state-run Rodong ...

Pandemic May Have Changed Thinking on Blue Jeans

'New denim cycle' may be here: goodbye skinny jeans, hello mom jeans

(Newser) - Of all the changes wrought by the pandemic, a shift in blue jeans fashion may not seem of great importance. But it certain circles, it's leading to serious-sounding pronouncements like this one, from Levi Strauss CEO Chip Bergh to the New York Times : "It's very possible that...

Columnist Turns Child's Tragic Death Into Story About Jeans

Says it's 'unseemly' for reporter to wear jeans during story on Jacob Wetterling

(Newser) - "I gave that newscast every single shred of hope and love I had for Jacob," KARE's Jana Shortal writes on Facebook . "You made it about my pants." Shortal reported on the final moments of 11-year-old kidnapping and sexual abuse victim Jacob Wetterling's life on...

3 Stabbed in Skinny Jeans 'Hate Crime'

Sacramento musicians say man yelled homophobic slurs during attack

(Newser) - Police say three musicians were the victims of a hate crime in Sacramento on Sunday when a man yelled homophobic slurs, then stabbed them for wearing skinny jeans. Alex Lyman of the band Slaves writes on Instagram that he suffered injuries to his throat and arms, and a 2-inch-deep cut...

Woman's Skinny Jeans Landed Her in the Hospital

Case study says that after hours of squatting she literally fell over

(Newser) - "Rhabdomyolysis and bilateral peroneal and tibial neuropathies" are as uncomfortable as they sound, and they can be caused by wearing skinny jeans for the wrong jobs, doctors say. According to a case study in the journal Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry , an Australian woman who wore skinny jeans while helping...

At Mormon University, a Battle Over Skinny Jeans

Do the pants violate BYU-Idaho honor code?

(Newser) - Sorry, hipsters, your style may be too risqué for Brigham Young University's Idaho affiliate. That location of the Mormon school is tussling over skinny jeans, after the school's Student Review reported Monday that the university's testing center had begun a campaign against them, complete with a flier...

Skinny Jeans Are Ruining Our Men
 Skinny Jeans 
 Are Ruining 
 Our Men 

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Skinny Jeans Are Ruining Our Men

The 'over-feminization' of America is destroying masculinity

(Newser) - “Real men don’t wear skinny jeans.” They also don’t wear V-necks, “accessorized scarves,” or the colors pink and purple, and the very thought of male waxing makes them “nauseous.” All this according to Jane Gilvary, who bemoans the death of the manly...

Toddlers Squeeze Into Skinny Jeans

Diaper-friendly styles for kids setting retail trend

(Newser) - Chubby diaper-wearers and skinny jeans don't sound like a great combination but retailers say their lines for little kids are selling fast. Adult-style clothes for kids, including skinny jeans for tots as young as 3 months, have been helping keep the children's apparel sector healthy amid declining sales elsewhere. Retailers...

Skinny Jeans Don't Excuse Rape
 Skinny Jeans 
 Don't Excuse Rape 
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Skinny Jeans Don't Excuse Rape

The latest court trend is disturbing for women

(Newser) - At least two men have recently been cleared of rape charges because their alleged victims were wearing “skinny jeans”—and it’s time to “call bullshit” on the idea that women can’t possibly be victimized if their pants are difficult to remove. “Hear me loud...

Thick Thighs Decrease Heart Disease Risk

Researchers suggest beefing up skinny legs with exercise

(Newser) - Take off the skinny jeans and beef up those thighs, or you could be bound for an early grave. People whose thighs had a circumference less than 23.6 inches were more likely to suffer from heart disease and premature death than those with more sizable gams, according to a...

Skinny Jeans Craze Puts the Squeeze on Guys

Style trumps comfort as trend hits not-so-hip

(Newser) - The market for skinny jeans is expanding, as more and more men looking to show off their assets are pouring themselves into tight fitting styles, the Wall Street Journal reports. But as they target a crowd beyond the usual hipsters, skaters, and hip-hoppers, manufacturers are giving customers a bit of...

'Size Nazi' Designers Lash Back at Vogue

It's not all our fault, they say

(Newser) - Designers have lashed back at a Vogue editor who accuses them of forcing ultra-thin models on magazine covers by sending "minuscule" photo-shoot clothes no normal woman can wear. British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman complained in a letter to top designers that the clothing is so tiny magazines are forced...

Skinny Jeans: Health Hazard
 Skinny Jeans: Health Hazard 

Skinny Jeans: Health Hazard

(Newser) - Skinny jeans might be crushing nerves in the very thighs they’re supposed to flatter, MSNBC reports. Experts say they’ve seen a spat of young women suffering from meralgia paresthetica, or “tingling thigh syndrome,” caused by wearing ridiculously tight jeans. It occurs whenever constant pressure is applied...

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