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College Student Finds Quite the Wedding Dress Bargain

Emmali Osterhoudt stumbled upon a $6K Galia Lahav gown for just $25 at an Alabama Goodwill

(Newser) - Emmali Osterhoudt is a nursing student who doesn't see herself getting married (or even engaged) anytime soon, but when she came across a wedding dress at Goodwill during a recent thrifting expedition, she knew she had to grab it. In a TikTok video posted earlier this month, she gushed...

Burberry 'Deeply Sorry' for Hoodie With Noose

'Suicide is not fashion,' model says

(Newser) - The chief executive and chief creative officer of luxury fashion powerhouse Burberry have apologized for putting a hoodie with strings tied in the shape of a noose on their London Fashion Week runway. The knotted strings surfaced after Sunday's show when a model hired to walk (but not wear...

Balenciaga's $1K Bag Looks Just Like Its Free Paper Ones

The French designer also released a mock IKEA bag in April

(Newser) - Is French designer Balenciaga making fun of its wealthy clients, or does it just know a thing or two about brand loyalty? Whatever the case, the Sun reports the fashion house is selling a mock white paper shopping bag for £876, which works out to roughly $1,110, and...

Women Have Surgery So Designer Heels Fit Better

When Hitchhiker's Toe and Christian Louboutins clash

(Newser) - How far are women willing to go for fashion? According to the New York Times , pretty far. The newspaper walks a mile in the shoes of a handful of LA- and NYC-based podiatrists who perform procedures specifically designed to help women fit comfortably into designer heels. What types of surgery...

Chanel 'Supermarket' Looted After Paris Show

Karl Lagerfeld thinks the supermarket is 'the pop art of today'

(Newser) - Chanel's show at Paris Fashion Week yesterday had a somewhat pedestrian theme: The Grand Palais, where the show was held, was turned into a Chanel supermarket. There were rows of food and household items, all with Chanel-branded names like Coco beer and Tweed cola, and models pushed shopping carts...

Catfight Alert: Giorgio Armani vs. Anna Wintour

Designer slams 'Vogue' editor for skipping his show

(Newser) - Rowr: After Anna Wintour failed to show up at Giorgio Armani's autumn/winter 2014 fashion show yesterday in Milan, Armani did not hide his displeasure. "There are some who prefer to snub the Giorgio Armani show and go to Paris," he said at a press conference after the...

Lagerfeld, Chanel Trade Heels for ... Sneakers

Couture collection offers a surprise

(Newser) - The footwear at Chanel's summer 2014 couture collection unveiling in Paris yesterday caused the audience to actually gasp, and the New York Times to lead its review with: "Look at the shoes! Look at their SHOES!" What could the models possibly have been wearing? Sneakers. "Flat,...

New Trend: DIY Louboutins

 New Trend: DIY Louboutins 
recession chic

New Trend: DIY Louboutins

Can't afford 'em? Then just paint your cheap shoes

(Newser) - Can't quite afford a pair of Christian Louboutin's famous high heels? Then do what UK ladies are doing: Buy some red paint and turn your ordinary heels into Louboutins by painting the soles red. "I bought a [$30] pair of plain black shoes and a tester pot...

PETA Freaks Out Over 'Trollsen Twins' $17K Bag
PETA Freaks Out Over
'Trollsen Twins' $17K Bag

PETA Freaks Out Over 'Trollsen Twins' $17K Bag

Mary-Kate, Ashley 'trolls' for using fur, group says

(Newser) - PETA is irked by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's new designer backpack—and not because it costs nearly $17,000, although you have to admit that is irksome. No, the animal rights organization is upset because the luxury backpack is made with fur, E! reports. "If it looks like...

Louboutins Hurt? Louboutin Doesn't Care

 Louboutins Hurt? 
 Doesn't Care 

Louboutins Hurt? Louboutin Doesn't Care

High heels 'pleasure with pain,' designer explains

(Newser) - Your Christian Louboutin high heels giving you blisters? Don't expect any sympathy from Christian Louboutin. "High heels are pleasure with pain," he tells Grazia magazine. "If you can't walk in them, don't wear them." In the interview, picked up by the Telegraph , the...

Marc Jacobs Sends Girls, 14, Down Runway

'There is no controversy,' he declares as he flouts industry standards

(Newser) - Designer Marc Jacobs is flouting fashion industry recommendations by sending 14-year-old models down his catwalk. “I do the show the way I think it should be, not the way somebody tells me it should be,” Jacobs told the New York Times after his Manhattan presentation. "There is...

Karl Lagerfeld: Adele 'Too Fat'
 Karl Lagerfeld: Adele 'Too Fat' 

Karl Lagerfeld: Adele 'Too Fat'

And Lana Del Rey has a lot of implants, says fashion designer

(Newser) - It's always fun when Karl Lagerfeld opens his mouth , which he did quite a bit during a recent stint as guest editor of Metro . His most buzz-generating quote is about Adele: "The thing at the moment is Adele," he says. "She is a little too fat,...

Olsen Twins' $39K Backpack Sells Out—Quickly

Apparently ridiculously expensive luxury items perform well in a recession

(Newser) - The solution to America's endless economic woes is apparently the Olsen twins' $39,000 backpack. In a Women's Wear Daily interview from last week just getting some attention , Ashley explains why she and her sister thought extreme luxury might sell: "During our last economic crisis in the...

Dictator's Daughter Lands NYC Fashion Week Show

Human rights activists not happy about it

(Newser) - Gulnara “GooGoosha” Karimova may be the daughter of a hated dictator who once boiled an enemy alive, but that didn’t stop organizers from allowing her to unveil her new fashion line during a show at New York’s upcoming Fashion Week. Karimova, 39, is a high-ranking official in...

Vivienne Westwood Has Harsh Words for Kate

Designer slams her eye makeup, for one...

(Newser) - Kate Middleton is a style icon, right? Wrong, says fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. The Duchess of Cambridge projects the image of an "ordinary woman," not the "extraordinary woman" she should be, Westwood complains to Britain's Sunday Times Magazine in an interview picked up by Australia's...

Why True Religion, J Brand, and Other Premium Jeans Cost $300
 Why Those Jeans Cost $300 

Why Those Jeans Cost $300

One big reason: They're made in America

(Newser) - Ever wondered how a pair of jeans, even great-looking ones, could possibly cost $300 or more? The Wall Street Journal has the answer—and in large part, it’s because the fancy pants were made in America, writes Christina Binkley. If a pair of $300 True Religion jeans had been...

Knock-Off Bags May Boost Sales of Real Thing

Counterfeit items seem to have an unexpected effect

(Newser) - A New York City councilwoman is trying to make it illegal to own a knock-off designer bag in her district of Chinatown, on the grounds that it hurts business for the real designer. Not so fast, writes Ray Fisman at Slate . Counterfeits may actually help those businesses by essentially acting...

It's True: Designer Labels Will Make Your Life Better
It's True: Designer Labels
Will Make Your Life Better
in case you missed it

It's True: Designer Labels Will Make Your Life Better

But only if it's obvious you're wearing a designer logo

(Newser) - It's true: Wearing designer fashion will very likely improve your life. But not because the clothes are so attractive, oh no: It's the label that matters. A new study shows that designer logos bring benefits including more cooperation, job recommendations, and even money from others. In one experiment, when presented...

Working in New Jersey Led to Breakdown: Lawsuit

Elie Tahari manager's $2M suit also alleges discrimination

(Newser) - In what is quite possibly the most amusing lawsuit ever filed, a top Elie Tahari manager is suing the design house for $2 million because, he says, he suffered a mental breakdown … after being exiled to New Jersey. His complaints: the smog, the "depressing" commute, "horrendous" traffic,...

Fanny Packs Are Back
 Fanny Packs Are Back 

Fanny Packs Are Back

And they have a new designer twist

(Newser) - They have names like "hands-free bags," "belt bags," and "apron wraps," but there’s no skirting the truth: Designers are embracing the fanny pack. Though Isaac Mizrahi once said the fanny pack conjured up images of "scary American tourists at the Louvre,"...

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