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Brothers Convince Drugged Sister Zombie Apocalypse Is Upon Us

Video has gone viral

(Newser) - In an awesome new video that's gone viral, three brothers convince their sister—who was still a little high after getting her wisdom teeth removed—that the zombie apocalypse is imminent. The sister proves to have much of her logic intact even while high, noting at one point as...

Guy With Zombie Baby as Passenger Gets $136 Ticket

He was in the HOV lane, but no one else (alive) was in the car

(Newser) - A Washington man tried to use his Halloween decor in an innovative way Tuesday morning, but it didn't work out so well for him. "A trooper stopped this #HOV lane violator this morning near #Tacoma...At least he's in the [Halloween] spirit. #TrickOrTicket," tweeted the Washington...

Man Kills 'Zombie' Friend After Walking Dead Binge

He used guitar, microwave in beating, police say

(Newser) - A New Mexico man watched so much of The Walking Dead—and drank so much malt liquor—that police say he became convinced his friend was a zombie and acted accordingly. Police say Damon Perry, 23, beat, kicked, and stabbed his friend Christopher Paquin, also 23, to death after the...

Town to Man: Take Down Zombie Nativity

Township says he's in violation of zoning regulations

(Newser) - A suburban Cincinnati township has ordered a man to kill off his large "Zombie Nativity" scene. Sycamore Township has sent Jasen Dixon two notices of zoning violations after, officials say, they received complaints about debris at the home and upon inspection concluded the nativity violates rules on size and...

For Sale: $24K Zombie Survival Kit
For Sale: $24K Zombie Survival Kit

For Sale: $24K Zombie Survival Kit

It sounds like a very serious product

(Newser) - If you're like us, you lie awake each night wondering, "Am I properly supplied in the event of a zombie apocalypse?" If your answer to that question is anything other than a resounding, "Yes!" then maybe you should consider getting the ZERO (Zombie Extermination, Research and...

Woman Busted Thanks to 'ZOMBIE' License Plate

You're not too hard to find when you're cruising in a car advertising the undead

(Newser) - One Pennsylvania woman's apparent affection for the undead has led to some unforeseen consequences. Yardley Joy Frantz allegedly ran into a man and his nephew with her car around 7pm on Friday. When the man's son came to help and confronted her, she reportedly zapped him with a...

Paramedics Called to Gory Zombie Accident

12 zombies hurt on ' Resident Evil' Toronto set

(Newser) - Emergency workers called to the site of an accident on a film set in Toronto yesterday morning initially thought there had been a gruesome catastrophe, but soon realized that most of the people there were meant to be hideously mangled: It was the set of the next Resident Evil movie....

'Occupy' Protesters to Dress as Zombies

...that eat Monopoly money instead of brains

(Newser) - Halloween is coming early for the Occupy Wall Street protesters. In what can only be described as a brilliant move that will help them be taken seriously, organizers are urging protesters to dress up like corporate zombies and eat Monopoly money, so that Wall Street denizens can “see us...

Man Demands Town Reveal Zombie Invasion Plans

City council has yet to respond to Freedom of Information Act request

(Newser) - A man in Leicester, England, has submitted a vital Freedom of Information Act request to the city council. “Can you please let us know what provisions you have in place in the event of a zombie invasion?” Robert Ainsley asked, according to the Telegraph . “Having watched several films...

CDC: Get Ready for Zombie Apocalypse

Or, you know, a hurricane

(Newser) - The CDC wants to make sure you’re prepared … for a zombie apocalypse. In a blog posting Monday that quickly became the organization’s most popular ever, Assistant Surgeon General Ali Khan offers helpful tips to prepare for the invasion of “flesh-eating zombies.” Conveniently enough, many of...

In South Carolina, Road Sign Warns 'Zombies Ahead'

Watch out for hunters and tanks, too

(Newser) - Undead ahead! Drivers in South Carolina were warned to be on the lookout for hunters, tanks, and zombies yesterday. Two electric signs near the town of Fort Mill on Highway 160 had apparently been tampered with: They flashed messages that read "Zombies Ahead," "Watch for Hunters" and...

'Zombie Ants' Found in Brazil
 'Zombie Ants' Found in Brazil 

'Zombie Ants' Found in Brazil

Fungus takes over brain, forces ants to relocate

(Newser) - First, the fungus takes over the ant’s brain. Then, it uses “mind control” to force the ant to move to a new location—an ideal location where the fungus can grow and its spores can spread. Finally, the fungus kills the ant—and then grows out of its...

Arrested, Jailed Zombies Get $165K From Minneapolis

Group was protesting consumerism

(Newser) - Minneapolis learned a lesson today: Don’t mess with zombies. Police arrested seven friends dressed as the living dead in 2006, after noticing they were carrying bags with wires sticking out that apparently looked like a bomb. It turned out to be sound equipment, and the group was never charged,...

The Crazies Is a Scary Blast
 The Crazies Is a Scary Blast  

The Crazies Is a Scary Blast

Horror remake a stylish tribute to 1973 original

(Newser) - Mike Hale of the New York Times dismisses The Crazies—Breck Eisner's remake of the 1973 George Romero flick—as "not crazy enough." But just about everybody else seems sufficiently freaked by this B-movie tale of bio-weapons gone wrong in small-town America:
  • Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune

Gentlemen Prefer Zombies
 Prefer Zombies 

Gentlemen Prefer Zombies

Vampires are sensitive wimps

(Newser) - Give a guy a good, old-fashioned zombie any day over a vampire. "Dudes don't dig bloodsuckers because vampires pretty much look like girls," writes John DeVore in The Frisky . "We prefer zombies, because we love chainsaws, flamethrowers, and samurai swords." But primarily, guys realize their "...

Fast-Food Customer Punches Out 'Zombie'

Man's nose broken by attacker freaked out by living dead

(Newser) - A man at a fast food restaurant in Iowa called another customer a zombie and punched him—twice. The victim was slugged in the eye as he stood at the counter to order food near the University of Iowa campus in Iowa City. As he called police on his cell...

Zombieland a Gory 'Joyride'
 Zombieland a Gory 'Joyride' 

Zombieland a Gory 'Joyride'

Woody Harrelson is great in one of the best new comedies, critics agree

(Newser) - Zombieland is gory, but most critics think it's a rollicking good time. A sampling:
  • “Zombieland is a romance, a comedy, a road movie, and a freewheeling schlock horrorfest, all in one,” writes Stephanie Zacharek for Salon. “Its growling, groaning zombie villains aren't particularly menacing. This isn't so

A Zombie's Worst Enemy: Canadian Math Geeks

Scholars devise method to eliminate pesky Hollywood bugaboo

(Newser) - Decades of terrorizing sleepy towns in grade-B horror flicks hasn't prepared zombies for their newest foe: Canadian math geeks. Scholars in Ottawa have formulated a mathematical model to combat a zombie outbreak, dismissing quarantines and cures: “The most effective way to contain the rise of the undead is to...

Festival Aims to Slay Zombie Record

Moviemakers invite music fans to shamble along for record-breaking zombie walk

(Newser) - A British music festival is planning the biggest night of the living dead in history, reports the Telegraph. Organizers of the Big Chill have invited all festival-goers to appear as zombie extras for a scene from the upcoming movie I Spit on Your Rave. They hope to send the existing...

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