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Emails: Ensign Pulled Strings for Lover's Husband

Evidence mounts that Ensign may have crossed ethics lines

(Newser) - John Ensign tried to get a Las Vegas energy firm to hire his lover's husband as a lobbyist, according to new emails making the rounds at the FBI and a Senate ethics panel. The emails, which a source passed off to the New York Times , represent the first written evidence...

Ensign Facing an Ethical Hot Potato, but no Legal Case (Yet)

Ex-lover would have to make accusation

(Newser) - The husband of John Ensign’s ex-mistress has accused the Republican senator of sexual harassment and wrongful termination—but there can be no legal case unless Cindy Hampton herself accuses Ensign of unwanted advances or creating a hostile work environment, experts tell Politico. Thus far, she’s the only one...

Ensign's Parents Gave Mistress' Family $96K

(Newser) - Yet another twist in the John Ensign scandal: The Nevada senator's parents gave his mistress and her family nearly $100,000 when their son's affair came to light, reports the Las Vegas Sun. The Ensigns gave the money to the Hamptons in the form of gifts under $12,000 each...

Ensign Blamed Wife in Letter to Mistress

Husband releases note, raises possible felony charges

(Newser) - For those keeping score, John Ensign is the senator whose affair made national headlines before Mark Sanford. He may have thought he was done with the spotlight, but the husband of his former lover is having none of it. Doug Hampton has given the Las Vegas Sun a letter that...

Fox, Handed Ensign Affair, Commits Ugly Fumble
Fox, Handed Ensign Affair, Commits Ugly Fumble

Fox, Handed Ensign Affair, Commits Ugly Fumble

(Newser) - Fox News had the bombshell about Sen. John Ensign’s affair in its lap and didn’t do anything with it, Howard Kurtz writes in the Washington Post. A Fox producer tells the Huffington Post the network never received a letter Douglas Hampton, the husband of the Republican’s mistress,...

Husband Outed Ensign Affair to Fox News
Husband Outed Ensign Affair
to Fox News

Husband Outed Ensign Affair to Fox News

Hampton's lawyer made 'exorbitant demands': senator

(Newser) - The husband of John Ensign’s mistress sent a letter detailing the affair to Fox News just days before the senator’s public admission, the Las Vegas Sun reports. A spokesman said Ensign acknowledged the affair because Doug Hampton had approached “a major television news channel.” The senator's...

Ensign Helped Aide's Hubby Get Pair of Jobs

Mistress' spouse worked for two firms with tight ties to senator

(Newser) - Doug Hampton stopped working for Sen. John Ensign—who was having an affair with Hampton’s wife—in April of last year; he then took jobs with two firms with very tight ties to his former boss, Politico reports. Said an Ensign rep: “Just as he has done for...

Questions About Blackmail, Earlier Affair Shadow Ensign

(Newser) - John Ensign says he revealed his affair with a former staffer earlier this week because of an extortion attempt by the woman and her husband, but no blackmail investigation is under way, law-enforcement officials tell the Las Vegas Sun. The conservative senator's surprise confession also revives earlier speculation that his...

Aide's Salary Doubled During Affair With Senator

Woman's husband, son were also on senator's payroll

(Newser) - Campaign treasurer Cynthia Hampton's salary doubled after she began an affair with her boss, Sen. John Ensign, the Las Vegas Sun reports. Federal election documents show that pay for Hampton—whose husband and son also worked for Ensign—jumped from around $1400 to $2800 a month early last year.

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